I am sure you all feel the need for a distraction once in a while. What better way to do so with movies at the comfort of your own home? Although LGBT movies used to have ‘shock value’ during the 1980s, throughout the years, movies with LGBT themes are increasingly more prevalent. Here are some of the movies you should check out:

  1. G.B.F

GBF is short for Gay Best Friend. It is a high school comedy directed by Darren Stein and released in 2013. The movie is about 2 closeted teenagers in high school, Tanner Daniels (Michael J. Willett) and Brent Van Camp (Paul Icano). When Tanner was being exposed to being the first gay in North Gateway High, he instantly became the top 3 popular girls target as it is a trend to ‘have’ a G.B.F.

This movie is a good twist of the classic Clueless and Mean Girls but with updated funny and witty slangs used throughout the movie. Additionally, both of the actors, Michael and Paul are actual gays in real life. Check out the trailer here!

  1. Carol

Set in the Christmas of 1952, this movie is about well you guessed it, Carol. The movie was released in 2015 and was directed by Todd Haynes. Carol depicts how lesbians were seen as an abomination during that time. The lead actresses were Cate Blanchett who played as Carol Aird and Rooney Mara acted as Therese Belivet, Carol’s love interest. It is slow burn love story and it is considered a remarkable movie. With 250 industry and critics nominations and 70 awards, it is safe to say you will not be disappointed with this movie. This is the link to the trailer in case you aren’t convinced.

  1. Weekend

If you love British accents and hot guys portraying as gays, you will definitely enjoy this movie. Weekend is a British film directed by Andrew Heigh and starred with Tom Cullen and Chris New enacting two men Russell and Glen respectively. The movie was released on 2011. They met in a gay bar and the two hit it off. However, the conundrum arises when Glen an art student planned to attend an art course for 2 years. With just 2 days of friendship from a casual hookup, will they maintain their relationship? This movie has won several awards such as the SXSW Film Award, Oslo Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and from Frameline. Just click here to see Weekend’s trailer.

  1. The First Girl I Ever Loved

Coming out from the closet especially when you are the softball star is not going to be easy. This film is about Sasha (Brianna Hildebrand), a softball star realizing that she has feelings for the school’s yearbook editor, Anne (Dylan Gelula). Karem Sanga directed this movie and it hit the cinemas last year in 2016. The film is rated 85% fresh by Rotten Tomatoes and it won the 2016 Audience Award by Sundance Film Festival as well as Outstanding Perfomance by Dylan Gelula for Sarasota Film Festival 2016. Here is a link to trailer.

  1. Tomboy

Tomboy is a refreshing movie based on the ambiguous gender identity of a 10-year-old Laure played by Zoé Héran. Laure moved to Paris with her family and when she met with another girl, Lisa, Laure introduced herself as Mickäel. Céline Sciamma directed this brilliant masterpiece and it was released in 2011. The film has won several awards such as the Jury Award by Teddy Awards for the best film with LGBT themes at the Berlin film festival and Best Feature Film at the 2011 Philadelphia QFest Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. If you are interested to see the trailer, simply click here.

I hope you will have a wonderful time checking out these films and let me know what is your favorite movie with LGBT themes!

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