What do we love most? It is when we get things for free! Web series is essentially a shorter version of television series since the producers usually use their own money for productions. Hence, if you like these web series you should donate some amount of money to show your support for these YouTubers.

  1. Carmilla

Carmilla utilized the novel of the same name written by Sheridan Le Fanu. It is a Canadian web series created by Jordan Hall and starring Elise Bauman as well as Natasha Negovanlis. It was initially uploaded by VerveGirl but was later rebranded to KindaTV on YouTube.

Laura (played by Elise Bauman) was a first year student studying in Silas University which is located in Styria, Australia. She wants to be a journalist and hence the series is based on her Vlogs. Following the disappearance of her roommate, Laura investigates this matter as it is not taken seriously by the Silas University. To make things even more worst for Laura, Silas University assigned Carmilla (played by Natasha Negovanlis) as her new roommate.

This is a completed web series so it saves you the agony of waiting each week for an episode. If you are new to this don’t let that Season 0 mislead you. You should watch Season 1, Season 2, Season 0 and Season 3 in that order. Start binging here.

  1. Last Life

Are you a fan of witches? If you are, then this is the right series for you. Last Life toys with the idea of reincarnation, Bible and witches. It is created by Elasha Barnette and starring with Kathy DiStefano and Nancy Cooney.

The storyline of Last Life focused on Sloane getting back together with her soulmate, Taylor. They have shared many lifetimes together but Sloane did something wrong and now it is her last life. There are a lot of challenges preventing them from reuniting. The two covens in here are the Blood Born and The Alina which represent evil and good respectively.

It is available for free to watch thanks to Puma Squad. As of now, there is only 2 seasons available but Puma Squad is working on Season 3 so stay tune. Watch now from this link.

  1. ‘Till Lease Do Us Apart

This is a humorous series directed by Sarah Rotella and written by Adrianna DiLonardo. Sarah and Adrianna are the faces of the Unsolicited Project for those of you who don’t know them you should check them out. The premise of ‘Till Lease Do Us Apart is quite short since it focusses on two exes who are living together getting back to the dating world. There are some pretty good lines from here that I crack me up such as ‘It doesn’t even have a fourth wall or a door.’ You can watch this series here.

  1. Derek and Cameron

So the previous 3 are all lesbian couples. This series is for those of you who ship gay relationships. This series is directed by Branden Blinn and starring Brandon Crowder and Thomas Adisi. The story focuses on Derek and Cameron’s love for each other which is something pure. It also further emphasizes that in order to maintain a relationship you not only need the love and care for each other but also honesty, communication and connection. It explores Derek’s sexuality as he struggles to come into terms that he is a homosexual since he has never in his 26 years of life thought about men sexually nor romantically until he met Cameron. Click here to start watching Derek’s journey.

  1. Husbands

Husbands adopts the normal newlywed comedy that is typically between a man and a woman premise to this web series that has the main characters as gays instead. It is written and directed by Brad Bell and Jane Espenson. As usual if 2 celebrities from get married, the media will be wild with speculations and filled with judgements. It is even worse when one of them is a well known TV star while the other is the first openly gay professional baseball player. Want to know what happen? Click here to find out for yourself!

I hope you like this list! What is your favorite web series if it is not on this list?

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