How to Learn Glassblowing

Artistic expression can take many forms. In addition to painting and sculpting, art may be in the form of clothing, blankets, or decorative household items. One of the most beautiful and practical uses of art is in the form of glassblowing, which can be mastered by almost anyone with the right instruction. And after seeing …

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How to Start Doing Stand-up Comedy

Were you the “class clown” throughout most of your school years? Can you make people laugh? Have you ever wondered how those stand-up comics are able to make money doing something they love? While big-name comics are rare, almost anyone can start doing stand-up comedy! First, watch the masters. Check out Netflix and YouTube for some great stand-up comedy …

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Tips to Give You an Edge in Getting Into Film School

Aspirations of getting into film school is a lofty one. There are many young, talented and upcoming artists with dreams of becoming producers, directors and who have hopes of a career in the film industry. Getting an edge or “leg up” on the competition when it comes to getting into film school can make all …

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Easy DIY Canvas Quotes

Inspirational quotes have always been around, but now we have a way of putting them on canvas to create artwork for your home.  DIY canvas quotes are very easy to make and only take a few supplies.  Just about anyone can make them and once you try it, you won’t be able to stop.  The …

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