Tips to Give You an Edge in Getting Into Film School

Aspirations of getting into film school is a lofty one. There are many young, talented and upcoming artists with dreams of becoming producers, directors and who have hopes of a career in the film industry. Getting an edge or “leg up” on the competition when it comes to getting into film school can make all …

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quotes art

Easy DIY Canvas Quotes

Inspirational quotes have always been around, but now we have a way of putting them on canvas to create artwork for your home.  DIY canvas quotes are very easy to make and only take a few supplies.  Just about anyone can make them and once you try it, you won’t be able to stop.  The …

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halloween yard decor

6 DIY Halloween Decorations

There is more to Halloween decorations that tying a sheet to a tree and piling pumpkins on top of hay bales.  Be creative with your decorations and place them inside and out for a true Halloween experience.  Many decorations can be made without buying expensive materials and you might just have some of them around …

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halloween gravestones

DIY Halloween Props

Every neighborhood has that one family that decorates to the extreme for Halloween.  Some of their Halloween props, or decorations, might be pretty over the top.  They may go out and purchase  animated props.  The following are a few DIY Halloween props That don’t take a great deal of skill or money to make.  Still, …

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