chasing mr wright bookLooking a for sweet romance novel that features two guys as the main couple?

Then you need to get acquainted with Grayson Wright and Chase Rivers of Chasing Mr. Wright by author Aimee Nicole Walker.

This is the first book in her The Fated Hearts Series. Unfortunately, at this time is the the only one of the series that you can buy. However, the author does have one other M/M romance book on the market.

Here’s the description for Chasing Mr. Wright:

Grayson Wright is a man who knows how to do many things. He knows how to follow his dream and create a company, Wright Creations, alongside his brother. He knows how to be a good son, brother, friend, and employer. Grayson doesn’t know how to fix his toxic relationship with his long-time boyfriend.

Grayson decides to throw his boyfriend a surprise birthday party as a last ditch effort to rekindle the old spark, but it’s Gray who gets the surprise of his life when he turns on the lights and learns the ugly truth about his life. Now at age 32, he re-evaluates who he is, what he wants out of life, and the kind of man he wants to give his heart to.

Chase Rivers has an MBA from Georgetown with a minor in marketing. His life starts looking up when he accepts an entry level position at an ad agency. It isn’t his dream job, but it’s a great start and it just feels right to him. He hopes this new beginning in his professional life will spill over into his personal life.

Chase is unlucky in love and draws every loser, liar and cheater like a magnet. He’s an expert at finding the perfect mate for his friends, but strikes out every time for himself. He gives up on finding Mr. Right and agrees to a date with Mr. Right Now out of loneliness and desperation. Chase didn’t expect Mr. Right Now to lead him to the doorstep of his very own Mr. Wright.

If their first meeting was a fluke, then what was the second and third? Twisted fate? Bad luck? Fated hearts? Buckle up for a bumpy ride as these two men travel down a broken road of heartache and discovery.

Now that you know what this gay romance novel is about, here’s a little excerpt from the first chapter…


Chapter One

Chase Rivers

I’ve always told people to trust their gut. Go with their instincts. So why didn’t I follow my own advice, you ask? I was lonely and horny.

I met Devon Bellows while tending bar at Bottoms Up. He was a great mix of sexy and sweet with a heaping side of flirty. My lonely heart revved up every time he came in. It took him months to talk me into going out with him, because I just had a niggling suspicion he was involved in a relationship. It wasn’t anything obvious like a tan line on his ring finger; it was more subtle like the randomness of his visits to the bar, as if they coincided with his partner being out of town.

 Don’t think I didn’t share my observations with Devon, because I did. He was adamant that he wasn’t in a relationship and his visits coincided with his traveling for work, not a phantom lover. So, I finally agreed to go on a date with him, even though I wasn’t convinced.

Again, you ask why didn’t I listen to my gut, follow my instincts? I already told you I was lonely and horny, and I was, but there’s so much more to the story. Buckle your seatbelts, because it’s a bumpy ride. 

I looked across the table at Devon Bellows, my eyes taking in every lovely feature of his face. He really was a very good looking man. I didn’t normally find myself attracted to the preppy type, but there was something about Devon that got to me. Maybe it was his lively, pale blue eyes that shined when he smiled.

He brought me to a swank, new restaurant called Olivia’s, where the wait staff treated us like royalty. The wine was amazing, the food was out of this world, but the company…not so great. He spent most of the evening on his cellphone and quite honestly I’d had enough. This was the guy who pursued me relentlessly for over four months, never wanting to accept “no” for an answer. I finally relented and agreed to go out with him and for what? To be ignored?

I removed my linen napkin from my lap and set it on the table beside my plate. I took one last sip of the delicious wine before I scooted my chair back and rose to my feet. That got his attention. I reached into my pant pocket and pulled out my wallet.

“What are you doing?” He asked while I started pulling enough bills out to cover my portion of the dinner.

“I’m going home.”

“No,” he said, reaching across the table to grab my hand. “I’m so sorry about all of the interruptions, Chase. I’ve been terribly neglectful. Please stay.”

He looked sincere and contrite, but my gut told me to walk out the door and not look back. “Tell me one good reason why I should stay?”

“It’s my birthday.”

“Oh,” I said, not expecting that answer. “I didn’t know or I would have bought you a gift.”

“You are my gift.” This was said in a low, seductive voice. Those twinkling, devilish eyes did very funny things to my stomach. “All those interruptions were text messages and Facebook notifications from friends and family wishing me a happy birthday.” Devon released my hand to turn off his phone. “I’m all yours now. No more interruptions. Please stay and have some dessert and coffee.”

Those eyes. That voice. I caved.


For a longer excerpt, visit the author’s website here.  Or, go ahead and get yourself a copy of this book from Amazon!

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