The Summertime Saga is one of the most famous visual novels and adventure games for adults. The game was developed by Patreon and you can download it for free.

Also, if you want to have a more extended version of it, there is an option to buy locked features.

The game’s story begins in a small town Summerville, where the male protagonist is trying to find the truth about the death of his father. However, mysterious circumstances around the death of his father are only the beginning of his problems.

He also figures out that his family is in debt to a group of criminals, he needs money for college, and he does not have a girlfriend to go to a prom night together. The game is fun and full of adventures.

If you have already solved the quest and looking for alternatives to The Summertime Saga, here is the list of similar games we highly recommend.

1. Always Remember Me

Just like The Summertime Saga, it is a great dating simulation offering an exciting blend of dating simulation elements. anime characters, and visual novel.

always remember me game

The main character is a young girl Amy, who works in an ice cream shop and spends her time with a boyfriend named Aaron. However, a car accident happens, after which Aaron does not remember her anymore.

Now, Amy’s goal is to make her boyfriend to remember her again or start a new relationship with someone else.

2. Dual Family

It is one of those life simulation games that depict true love. The game tells about the crisis of relationship, which most families fall into at some point.

dual family game

It offers players plenty of choices – they can choose the person they want to be and, which is even more important, the woman to love.

The game is full of exciting scenario-based choices that will have an impact on the relationship of the characters.

3. Momoiro Closet

Another exciting visual novel is Momoiro Closet that tells a story about romantic relationships of ordinary Joe and a student council president.

momoiro closet

It is also a choice-based game that takes its players to different interesting places based on the choices they make during the game. Since the main concept of the game is lust, you can be sure that you will have a lot of fun playing it.

The only disadvantage is that it is not free and you have to buy it from Steam.

4. Waifu Academy

The plot of this game is very similar to The Summertime Saga, which means you will definitely enjoy it. The action takes place in the fictional high school Sazaki Academy.

waifu academy game

One of its students finds out about the death of his father and vows to find out the truth. However, his journey is not smooth and easy – it is full of disturbing moments, problems to solve, and challenges to overcome.

The game is appreciated for its stunning 3D graphics and over 30 characters.

5. The House Party

If you are looking for a high-quality PC game that is similar to The Summertime Saga, The House Party will be a perfect choice.

the house party game

It is an interactive game with the choices that give multiple possible endings.

The concept and the sense of humor of this game were inspired by such popular adventure games of the 80s and 90s as Monkey Island and Leisure Suit Larry but the difference is that it is rendered in the full-3D first-person concept.

6. Snow Daze: The Music of Winter

The gameplay of this game is almost identical to The Summertime Saga but the storyline is completely different. The main character is a young person, who lives in a bossy family.

snow daze game

The game starts when he is ready to leave the house but suddenly there is too much thick snow around that leaving becomes impossible. Now, the main character, who hates indoors, has to stay in the house with his family.

The game has multiple endings, which makes it more intriguing and interesting.

7. Coming Out On Top

If you are a gay man searching for a game similar to The Summertime Saga, Coming Out On Top will not disappoint you. It is a totally man’s game full of male interactions and opinions.

coming out on top game

The storyline is very engaging because it covers different aspects of man’s life and shows the challenges that every man has to go through. The name of the main character is Mark Matthews who has come a long way in finding significance in his life.

Now, he is ready to find some guys and start a new journey to change his fate.

8. Sisterly Lust

It is an intense game with a tragic and strong storyline that has millions of followers, who are mostly females. The game starts when the main character’s father loses a case in custody.

As a result, the character is separated from her mother and sisters. Since the father considers the daughter a burden, he treats her very poorly.

Fortunately, the character’s mother rescues her and she returns to her mother’s family. However, within a few days of her absence, the sisters have become sexier, which makes the main character feel inferior.

What can she do? It is an interactive game, in which you have to make decisions that will dictate the future.

9. Dreaming of Dana

Even though the gameplay is different in this game, the theme is similar to The Summertime Saga. In this game, you receive the role of a spoiled child of a rich father.

dreaming of dana game

You join the family business, and during your office hours, you meet a sexy and hot girl named Dana. Every day you are dreaming about her but you do not know how to impress her.

You have multiple choices before taking any action, so it is totally up to you what the story is going to look like. The game also consists many mini-games that allow you to move to the next level.

10. Amber’s Magic Shop

If you are a fan of The Summertime Saga, you will definitely like Amber’s Magic Shop. The main character of the game is  Amber, an elf chemist.

ambers magic shop

The game starts in the city of Isilia, where Amber continues her mage educational course. The real beauty of the game is that being an elf chemist does not really stand out from the rest.

Amber’s life is exciting and full of adventures. The game is well known for its interesting plots that make the game addictive and hook you on the phone for hours.

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