New Hitman Announced at E3

One of the other, completely exciting things (at least for me) that happened during the E3 Sony conference was the reveal of a new Hitman.  I love Agent 47, he’s right up there on my fangirling list with just about anything Assassins Creed.  Except for those two games in that short, dark period.  You know which ones I mean, we don’t talk about those.

A Bit of Hitman History

Anyway, Hitman is a thinking girl’s game.  And what do you know, I like it when my brain has to work.  I thought the last one was it for 47, since he sliced his bar code off with a straight razor at the beginning of it.  Yes, he did.  Yes, it was rather wince inducing to watch.

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For those not familiar with Agent 47 and his shenanigans, 47 is an assassin.  He has a number, not a name and has no problem telling you that.  The gameplay is so intriguing, because you have to be careful and not leave witnesses or evidence behind, because if you do, your next job will be harder because eventually, people will start to recognize you.

47 has been through a lot over the last few games.  He died.  Then he wasn’t dead anymore, and had to rescue a young girl that they’d set up to basically become was he is, a machine.  He might have settled into what he is, but he doesn’t want it to happen to anyone else.  The man is amazing.  Like, I have a crush on him, I swear.  Anyway.

The trailer, right.

Honestly, it doesn’t tell you much.

There’s snow.


Lots of snow.


And 47 is taking a jog in it, looking all deadly and 47ish.


There are some scenes of decadence and fanciness.


Perhaps some foreshadowing as to what the overlying issue for this particular game is.


This guy grabs a glass of wine, poisons it and then promptly drinks it.  I can’t explain that one.  Why in the world would you do that?  I thought he was prepping the wine for one of the people shown up to that point, but apparently not.  So, he died.


There he is!  Apparently getting ready to snipe a man during a runway show.


The guy from the hotel room that has the TV shot of the foreshadowing gets a bomb in his luggage, and dies.


This guy, who just got himself some, bites it via a point blank shot.  Then 47 catches the expended shell, because he is a badass.

hit12 hit13

Then we’re back to the snow, where 47 reaches the end of the jog and stops, as a female voice in his ear tells him that it’s good to have him back.


Aaaaand that’s it.

That is all we know, which is just as little as we knew beforehand.  We know that it launches for PC, Xbox One and PS4 on the same date, which is December 8th.  Meaning we can all have it in time for Christmas.  But as far as the story, what has happened between Absolution and now, why 47 is back with the Agency or why he is killing all the people, we know bupkis.  I guess we have to wait until closer to the launch to find out more.  In the meantime, here is the Hitman site, a link to the trailer and the Hitman YouTube Channel.  There’s gameplay for this version, and a taste of the Sniper mobile game as well.

Happy assassinating!

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