suzie carr bookA while back, when this site was, I received a copy of Suzie Carr’s The Journey Somewhere in exchange for a review. At the time, I was traveling overseas and just never got around to getting a review up, despite finishing the book not long after I was contacted by the author.

This was not my first time reading a book by Suzie Carr, and while I didn’t love the previous book I’d read, it was still enjoyable. So, I expected about the same from this one.

If you’re considering picking up this book, know that it is a sequel to Tangerine Twist. Now, the author maintains that you don’t really need to read the first book cause this is a standalone novel. Honestly, I think you do need to read the first one so that you get a better understanding of what’s going on in this book.

Before reading any further, know that the review below contains some minor spoilers.


I knew that I was in for long haul when … honestly, there was never really a point in this book where I was sucked into the story to the point that I wanted to immerse myself in it. The truth is that I kept reading it because because the other book I’d read by the author was decent and because I said that I would read this one.

Style snippet …

About a week after Becca declined our dinner invite, I met my best friend, Margie, for lunch at McFadden’s Pub. It was the place where Becca made her debut appearance as a musician. Margie walked in and was glowing with her golden mane of hair cascading past her shoulders. Her teeth sparkled and her cheeks appeared fuller. Even her eyes looked bigger. She was the only woman I knew who, at five months pregnant, could still fit into her size four jeans without unbuttoning them.

I sat across from her with my hands folded. “So how’s life?”

She drummed her manicured fingers on the table. “How’s life you ask?” She chuckled. “That sounds like a cliché amongst strangers, doesn’t it? Then again, I guess we’re sort of heading in that direction, aren’t we? It’s been what, like a month since you’ve answered my call?”

“Life is just so crazy busy right now. You run a day spa. You know how it is.” I could never tell her the real reason I blew off her invites. How do you tell your best friend that your fiancée finds her annoying? What choice did I have but to ignore her calls?

“Yet, miraculously, I still shift things around so I can be here for my best friend.”

Joe, the owner, popped up beside our table, saving me from further grief. He greeted us with two waters and a bowl of popcorn. “Hey, you’re early. Becca doesn’t go on until nine tonight.”

The blood drained from my face. “Becca?”

“Yeah.” He stood tall. “She didn’t want any publicity so I haven’t advertised it. It’ll be a surprise for anyone who’s here.” A smile crept on his face. “I think she wants to get her feelers out there as a soloist before she tells her fans that she’s back.”

“We’ll be coming back.” Margie squeezed her lemon in the water. “Well, Marc and I that is. Kelly over here is too busy watching television with her new fiancée to get out anymore.” Margie tossed the wilted lemon into her water and took a sip.

What surprised me about this book … is how unlikeable the main character is. We see her cheating and sneaking around with her ex-girlfriend. She is just really not portrayed as a pleasant person, yet I think we are actually supposed to be cheering her on as we’re supposed to want her to get back together with the ex. Maybe if I’d read Tangerine Twist I’d feel differently, but I just don’t know.

My favorite character … is the BFF. She was really a fun character cause she was the friend but she was also kind of protective. And, she has a little bit of sass, which is always fun to read.

After finishing this book, I was struck by how odd it is that both this book and the other Suzie Carr book I’d read feature a main character that cheats on her partner. So, I looked to see if that is a trend in all of her books and I actually found some people on a message board complaining about that being the case. I just want to mention that in case you’re looking for a good lesbian romance but are not interested in cheating as part of the storyline.

That being said, I do believe that Suzie Carr is one of the better writers in lesbian fiction these days, but I’m afraid that he stories just are not for me. I urge you to read the full excerpt of this book on her website and determine if you might be interested in reading it. You can also see a longer preview on Amazon and Smashwords.

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