The “Old Kids” on the block

Sir Ian McKellen

Probably one of the most widely known gay actors, with roles from Gandalf to Magneto, Sir Ian is still playing big roles in Hollywood blockbusters. In the upcoming Beauty and the Beast adaptation starring Emma Watson, he plays Cogsworth the uptight, talking clock. While the two-time Oscar nominee is slowing down the acting, he puts a lot of time and effort into political and social activism.

Luke Evans

Also found in the new Beauty and the Beast movie, Evans gets to voice Gaston, the hunky antagonist. 2017 looks to be a busy year for him, with 3 other movies and a TV show appearance. Best known for Dracula Untold and The Girl on the Train, he has always been open, while quiet, about his sexual orientation.

The “New Kids” on the block

Noah Galvin

Currently starring on the ABC sitcom The Real O’Neals, he’s stirred up some controversy in the LGBT community recently. In an interview, he was very candid about gay actors in TV and film, as well as straight actors playing gay roles. He has since apologized for various things that were said in the interview, but he started a media conversation about various aspects of sexuality and lifestyle in Hollywood. Like the show he stars in, expect Noah to be breaking ground and boundaries in 2017.

Rowan Blanchard

The young star of Girl Meets World, she is proudly and openly bisexual. She’s a positive influence for young LGBT community members, especially young girls. She’s outspoken and active in pressing issues, such as human rights, gun violence and feminism. While this 15 year old is only starting her career on the Disney Channel, it is only a matter of time before she’s showing up everywhere..

The “Old Kids” on a new block

Kristen Stewart

She recently came out last year as bisexual and has been seen dating women since, most recently model Stella Maxwell. Clouds of Sils Maria, a drama from 2014, landed her loads of awards and nominations in 2016. She’s someone to watch for in indie flicks and blockbusters, and she may very well show up in the tabloids for her “scandalous” (so 2004) same-sex relationships.

Aubrey Plaza

She’s been all over the TV and movies, it’s not a surprise she might also be all over the spectrum of sexuality. She’s been oddly open about her preferences, which happen to be pretty wide ranging. Love can be felt for girls and guys, she claims, and she likes to embrace both masculine and feminine aspects of her personality. Regardless of what she likes, she’s a staunch supporter of LGBT rights and can only stand to get bigger in the next year.

Colton Haynes

Haynes has always been a point of speculation for his legion of fans. He’s supremely attractive and is idolized as an ideal husband among thousands of young gay men. He recently came out after decades of conflict with his family, peers, communities and himself. Many would say it’s not much of a surprise, but having another open ally and role model is never a bad thing. He’s been showing up a lot on TV, don’t expect that trend to stop any time soon.

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