Social media platforms have taken the world by storm over the past decade. With smartphones and tablets, millions of people are using social media apps each day. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are three of the most commonly used apps and websites. This article discusses the differences between these sites and the benefits that each one provides.


Twitter is a platform that is much more focused on sharing information. Some people compare Twitter to a social gathering or party. When you want to find gossip, news, crisis information, and other stories, Twitter is the go-to place. Most major news outlets and entertainment outlets use Twitter to keep millions of people updated on the hottest stories.

One negative aspect of Twitter is that contains a lot of noise and clutter. With so many people using the site, it can become difficult to navigate the search results. For example, say you searched for “One Direction” to find news about this band. You’d also find tons of search results from random fans. This can make it time-consuming to find the information you want to see.


Most people involved in internet marketing and social media marketing say that Facebook is the best platform for connecting with people on a more in depth level. This comes down to the way the platform is designed, and the conversations that can take place there.

There is a lot of space on Facebook which can be used for questions and replies, as well as images and videos. This leads to better connections over time, and the Facebook users seems to like this, and respond to this.

As such, to build a following and boost traffic on Facebook, you need to be offering valuable information on a regular basis, instead of just sending out sales messages, or trying to close people on your products and services. This is the best way to use it.


Instagram is a platform that is much more focused on sharing photos and videos. It is used by everyday people, celebrities, and major brands alike. As the name suggests, it allows users to instantly snap and share videos and photos in mere seconds. Instagram also allows users to connect their profiles to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. This means they can easily share their media throughout multiple channels.

The search feature on Instagram is a bit more refined than it used to be. You can sort your search results by hashtags, usernames, and other options. This makes it easy to find the photos and videos you are looking for. However, it has not always been this simple. The search feature used to be a bit cluttered like Twitter is.

For social and business purposes, Twitter and Instagram both offer numerous benefits. Overall, the apps and sites are pretty easy to use when it comes to sharing content. Use Twitter to share and find text-based information, and use Instagram to share and find photos and videos. You get the best of both worlds when using both platforms.

Overall, these are the primary differences and benefits of Twitter and Instagram. Create an account for free on these sites to explore them for yourself. You may find benefits and differences of your own that you enjoy.

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