Do you run a business? Want to know how to use BLAB to market it? If you do, then continue to read on.

1. Offer Live Customer Service– Find out what questions are commonly asked by your customers, and then host a session to answer those questions. After you have done the live BLAB, feel free to use the video as content on social media sites. You can also use BLAB to hose a Q&A session, and this is where you can answer questions asked by prospects and customers, who submitted them via messaging, or you the users can submit their questions if they are participating in the video-feed.

2. Showcase New Products And Services– You can use video to showcase a new product you’re selling or a service you’re offering, and best of all BLAB allows you to combine up to 4 video feeds at a single time. This means you can use use one feed to show the product and another feed can be the narrator, while another feed can be a customer sharing their comments. This allows you to both showcase your product and show the best practices to the people viewing your video.

3. Incorporate Your Customers In The Process– Many companies don’t allow their customers to be apart of the process when it comes to how they should add new products or when it comes to figuring out how to streamline their products. BLAB can be useful because it allows you to receive feedback in real-time, but keep in mind that you will be taking a risk if you receive feedback in real-time. The good news is it can have a huge positive impact on your business.

4. Share Insights– You can use BLAB to update customers and potential customers about the latest things going on with your company. You can also provide them with insights on the top trends in the industry. Another thing you can do is conduct interviews with loyal customers or employees, and you can provide people with useful content in order to promote your company

5. Test Replacing Types Of Digital Marketing– BLAB can be used to test various methods that may be able to replace the current methods you’re using. Some examples include using BLAB for webinars or using it as a podcast. You can even turn your blog posts or social media posts into a BLAB, and this can come in handy if you are more of a visual presenter than you are the typing type.

Also, not only can you embed your file onto a blog/site post, but feel free to re-purpose it and use it as an Instagram video. You can choose to do nothing with the video. You also have the option to publish it on YouTube, but the choice is completely up to you, but feel free to edit and publish your video, as this will help you get the most from it.

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