Both Periscope and Meerkat streaming services are similar but they are not the same. There are distinctions that you need to know about so you can decide which of these video streaming services to choose to best suit your purposes.

Periscope Snuck Up On Us
Periscope lives up to its name. One day it seems it came up for air and made an appearance. It has made a big splash, as many Internet sensations have made their way thanks to Periscope.

Periscope is a favorite among internet marketers for several reasons. It shows performance statistics on the number of viewers retention and even the average viewing time after the video stream ended. The drawback is that older comments get sacked in order to make room for newer Commons. So there is not that same ability to search out comment as a Meerkat.

Periscope was under development an entire year before it went live while Meerkat merely took 8 weeks for its development process to take shape. This is most evident in the fact that Periscope leads in its visual appealing interface and the high standard of its video. Periscope allows you to save videos even after the live streaming has come to an end. You can see who is viewing the video, but it opens over the video making it harder to view it.

Periscope is one of Twitter’s own babies, and it is therefore fully integrated with Twitter. You can decide whether or not you want to share your live streaming video on Twitter or not.

What is Periscope?

Twitter users can now enjoy Twitter’s all-live, streaming video service named Periscope. Periscope is very user-friendly, and allows users to watch live streaming video feeds from anywhere in the world all by smartphone, meaning that you can watch a live stream of effective first date ideas to seeing videos from potential first dates at the click of a button.

Unlike Meerkat, another live-stream app, Periscope allows users to save video streams once the stream has ended, making them accessible for viewing for up to 24 hours after completion. On Meerkat’s platform, once the video stream ends, it disappears and is no longer available for viewing. Meerkat and Periscope are not the first live-streaming apps, but they learned from the mistakes of previous apps that are now outdated and no longer utilized. With the expansion of 4G networks and more and more people utilizing WiFi connections, live streaming applications seem set to stick around, and make connecting with others around the world a lot easier and less complicated.

How Does The Periscope App Work?
Both IPhones and IPads as well as a host of other mobile platforms have the ability to record onto Periscope. Once a stream has started, it can be viewed from other smartphones as well as either desktops or laptops. Periscope feeds can be accessed either through Twitter’s site or through the Periscope app directly. Users can press the TV icon located on the lower left of the Periscope screen to gain access to current live streams or recent broadcasts housed on the system.

Downloading Periscope:
Since Periscope is Twitter’s live-stream app, users must have a valid Twitter account in order to use it. To get the Periscope app, users can visit the App Store. Once downloaded, new Periscope users have the option of subscribing to broadcasts on Periscope that are based off of followed Twitter users. Every time a stream begins from one of the selected subscriptions, users will be notified. Messages can be sent to the hosts of live-streams from within the stream itself. Users can also send “hearts” to indicate approval or appreciation. This app can be a great addition to a private level dating site, and has multiple potential uses across multiple websites and services.

The Basic Characteristics Of Meerkat
Meerkat allows chat function for the sharing of both links and comments among followers. It is a good way to stay in touch with your followers. Anything posted in the chat forum is automatically posted to your Twitter profile

What’s cool about Meerkat is that it shows the icon for the individuals who are at the moment watching your videos. This makes interacting with your followers easier. As soon as the live streaming goes away then the video is also gone. Video cannot be saved.

People are able to easily search and find their comments long after they have been posted. People really enjoyed how this platform work so well with Twitter. For instance, on Meerkat, it is easy to see who is also a Twitter user. In addition you can find out who is following you who is also a meerkat user. There’s someone who would a follower from Twitter was streaming on meerkat an alert would show up in Meerkat. However since Meerkat no longer uses Twitter social graph that functionality is going away.

Those are the basic benefits of Meerkat vs. Periscope. Do you have a favorite?

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