Minecraft adventure maps have become a very popular thing in this block based world. They give you a unique play through that’s tailored to you. Minecraft adventure maps are somewhat mini-games in there own respect. Some are designed to lead you on a magical journey, some reflect other popular games today, and others just a unique spin on this style of playing Minecraft.

What an adventure!

Minecraft Adventure Maps

There’s a lot of different adventure maps out there. I’ll cover some of my favorites and later I’ll show you where you can find more of your own. Here’s 10 awesome Minecraft adventure maps for you!

Cops & Robbers 4

Minecraft Adventure Maps

This map has some rules called “honor rules”. These are rules that are not hardwired into the game, but are for you and your friends to follow while playing. This map also has 4 different versions to choose from. When visiting the page for this map scroll to the bottom of the description to find them. ( Cops & Robbers 4 )

Survival Map: Underground

Awesome Adventure Map for Minecraft

This minecraft adventure map will push your limits. It provides you a great and unique challenge by placing you underground from the start. What really makes this map cool are the challenges the creator has made for you to go along with the map. There’s farming, mining, crafting, etc.. challenges for you to complete. ( Underground Survival )

Kingdom of Galekin

Kingdom of Galekin

This map is a medieval styled map. It’s complete on a island with a port, castle, and kingdom. I think this map makes a great medieval knight & role play map. The creator has done a great job on this map. ( Kingdom of Galekin )

The Walking Dead

Minecraft The Walking Dead Map

How many of you are a fan of “The Walking Dead”? If you’re a fan of the show you’ll love this map! It’s a great play through and very enjoyable. It brings the Walking Dead into Minecraft for you and does a great job. Several hours of fun packed into a zombie filled world! ( The Walking Dead Map )

Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros Minecraft

Minecraft adventure maps aren’t always telling a story. Sometimes the adventure is reliving a game like Super Mario Bros, but in a much different way. This creator mixed the parkour of Minecraft with Super Mario and it turned out great. This pack does require a mario themed texture pack to get the complete feeling, but you’ll be able to find one on the same site. ( Super Mario Parkour )

The Elder Scrolls V: Minerim: Skyrim’s Downfall

Skyrim Minecraft Map

I know someone reading this right now has to be a fan of Skyrim. Well this is for you! This map is very well done and is molded to give you that Skyrim feel in Minecraft. It’s complete with a background story, intro video, and more. Check it out! ( The Elder Scrolls V )

The Silent Hills

Silent Hills Minecraft

Do you enjoy what goes bump in the night? This adventure map is a recreation of Silent Hills. It’s a great map equipped with the lore and unique aspects from the game such as the radio always playing etc. It’s a good map if you’re looking for something scary. ( Silent Hills )

The Dropper

The Dropper Adventure Map

This is a unique spin on minecraft adventure maps. You have to survival the falls through the map and make it to the end. To me it’s a good mix of adventure map and mini-game. A very enjoyable experience. ( The Dropper )

Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2 Adventure Map

Here’s a really cool map! Toy Story 2 is a great theme for a map and each room becomes a different level for this one. Comes with in game instructions and rules for you to follow and enrich your experience. ( Toy Story 2 )

Dragon Survival

Dragon Survival

This is a survival map with quests and a travelers since of adventure. It’s a larger map than most and is designed across several different types of terrain. A lot of work went into this map and it looks like a really fun adventure! ( Dragon Survival )

Installing The Maps

Installing a map is a pretty simple process. Just navigate to your Minecraft folder and locate the world saves. Drag and drop these files you downloaded into one of your world saves. Make sure you remove any files inside the current save before dropping the new content in.

Just set your Minecraft version to the same version of the map you’re running. So if your map is 1.7.10 make sure you launch in that version of Minecraft. Here’s a quick video showing you how to install these maps as well.


That’s it for the 10 Awesome Minecraft Adventure Maps and I hope you found everything you’re looking for! These maps can be a lot of fun both solo and with a friend. Have fun and happy gaming!

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