The best Minecraft Seeds for Xbox One seem to be hard to find. We’ve done quite a bit of research looking into what seeds are the best and offer a lot to the player and their friends. Oddly enough there seems to be a limited selection online which really convert into a good Minecraft seed for Xbox One.

The seeds we’ve found cover a lot of different options which will appeal to you. We’ve found epic village seeds, water dungeons, crazy biomes, and much more. Our goal was to compile the best list that’s good for not only solo play, but for when you’re playing with friends.

You’ll get to challenge yourself on some great survival island Minecraft seeds for Xbox One and explore some wildly dungeons. Lets get into the meaty part and get these seeds laid out for you.

10 Great Minecraft Seeds on Xbox One

witch hut seed

This seed has a very unique spawn of a witch hut. This witches hut is spawned on top of a huge stilt. Something we’ve never seen before in a world generation.

The hut will be south west of where you spawn on the map. A short little travel and you’ll quickly see the hut. We recommend claiming it as your own and turning it into your unique find and treasure.

dungeon seeds

Looking for a dungeon adventure with your friends for your Minecraft seed on Xbox One? Here’s our seed of choice in this aspect. Here’s a list of nearby dungeons:

Spider Dungeons

  • X:-151, Y:56, Z:198
  • X-382 Y:57 Z:1167

Zombie Dungeons

  • X:-235, Y:41, Z:148
  • X:-355, Y:13, Z:125
  • X:-338, Y:57, Z:100
  • X:2438 Y:57 Z:-1506
  • X:-408 Y:56 Z:953
  • X:16 Y:58: Z:282

Skeleton Dungeons

  • X;-248, Y:24, Z:328

sand village seed

Are large mountains and sand villages something that appeal to you? This seed has you covered. You’ll spawn right near this village which has a lot of nice starting items to get you moving along quickly.

Not far from the village are high mountains which make a beautiful formation. A great spot to begin a base right near the savanna. Lots of animal spawns and things to keep you on your feet.

jungle island survival

A great survival island Minecraft seed for Xbox One. Enough wood here to get going that you should bring your friends. Tackle these islands together and turn them into something nothing short of amazing.

A unique play would be to split the island into sections with your friends. Fortify the area and turn it into an amazing PvP experience. Or if you would rather join our modded PvP experiences for the PC you should check our modpacks out.

hardcore survival island xbox one

I think you mentioned you really like a challenge? This is our hardcore survival island for Minecraft seeds on Xbox One. This island doesn’t help you with much of anything.

It does however begin with a couple animals, but there’s no trees! You’re definitely going to have to struggle to turn this world into something great. You might even hold a competition between friends to see who can survive the longest.

A lot of fun memories can happen on a seed such as this. I tend to find the harder seeds more entertaining. Let me know with a comment below if you enjoy the harder seeds or prefer a more casual experience with normal seeds.

water temple seed minecraft seed xbox one
Seed: -7988622718145143006

Are the newer water temples all you can think about? This seed has a temple located at 190 60 162 that you’ll be able to quickly travel to. The surrounding area also makes for a rather decent base of operations.

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I really like the water temples myself and this seed was a lot of fun when I played it. Hope you enjoy.

the best minecraft seed xbox one ever

This seed was popularized on Reddit. There was a huge search for the seed which had all the biomes and the most villages closest to its spawn point. This seed is the winning one from that search.

All biomes and 9 total villages are within 2,000 distance from the spawn point. That’s so nuts! You and some friends will be able to have so much fun on this map. One of my top 10 favorites by far.

village seeds

Want an epic minecraft seed on xbox one that’s going to give you a huge head start? This seed comes with 5 villages and 2 desert temples near the spawn point. Take a quick trip gathering the goodies and you’ll be set on this seed.

There’s more than enough for you and some friends so make sure to bring them with you.

minecraft seed xbox one

Multi biomed village right at the heart of this seed. It’s definitely an exciting seed to be apart of. Luscious land, hot desert, and epic mountains all right near you for your exploring enjoyment.

Also if there’s a temple here -218 68 68 that you can get some extra loot fromThe seeds that combine a village between different biomes tend to be some of my favorites. There’s just something about the diversity that I find beautiful.

jungle temple seeds

Some of us have a weird attraction to the Jungle Temples. If you’re one of them this will be one amazing minecraft seed on xbox one for you. There’s fourjungle temples all right near each other.

Jungle temple number one is located at 51 72 115, Temple number two can be found at -361 78 324, third temple is standing at these coordinates 167 81 518, and 153 76 -169, you will find the fourth jungle temple!

That’s four amazing jungle temples you’ll be exploring and getting some very epic loot from.


That’s your 10 Epic Minecraft Seeds for Xbox One. I hope you get tons and tons of playtime out of these seeds and really enjoy them. Finding these seeds were more difficult than we expected, but I think you’ll really like them.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you thought. Let us know some other really great seeds in the comments as well.


  1. The reason for that is we are in 1.14 now so the seed biomes and generation have changed if u look at when this was released it is still during 1.13 so u would need ur client to run through 1.13

  2. I’ve tried doing the survival island seed but it doesn’t load the right one up, and it just sticks me in a random jungle. Do they not work anymore?

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