Cool Minecraft seeds are everywhere! There’s so many great choices out there that it’s hard to narrow down to 5 seeds we deem the “coolest”.

Fortunately players around the world share their experiences and finding with us all the time. We’ve seen plenty of great seeds online and some shared right on some Minecraft forums.

One problem is a lot of the websites are showing seeds for older versions of Minecraft etc. This makes it harder to find ones up to date.

So, we’ve decided to share 5 cool Minecraft seeds that are up to date! I’ve got to keep you update you know? I know… where would you be without me?

Before I spill the beans and let these cool Minecraft seeds out of the bag remember this. These seeds are not in any particular order of “coolness” and each one is just as amazing as the last in my eyes.

Cool Minecraft Seeds

Our first 3 seeds work on Minecraft 1.8 for the PC and the rest for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Triple Dungeon Seed

2138374464889032671 – Triple Dungeon Seed

This seed spawns you right next to 2 villages which is a great start. What’s even better is you have 3 CONNECTED dungeons right nearby as well. Go to X: -856 Y: 56 Z: 267 to find the triple dungeon.

Cool Minecraft Seeds

7352190906321318631 – Double Ravine with Stronghold

If you’re looking for a quick stronghold this will do the trick. This seed has a nice double ravine connected to a stronghold. The ravine can be found at  236 34 -668. The end portal is located at 230 37 -671. Lastly there’s some diamonds at 186 36 696. You’ll have a walk just a bit to get to the ravine, but it’s 100% worth it.

Cool Minecraft Seeds

BUNKER2 – Amazing Cliffs

If you’re looking for an amazing view then here you go! There’s a nice water fall and lava fall off the side of this naturally formed beauty. To bad there aren’t more natural spawns like this throughout other biomes.

Cool Minecraft Seeds for PE

Cool Minecraft PE Seeds

849366215 – Stronghold Village

Right after spawning turn right and run to the Mesa biome. Once you meet the Mesa biome turn left and run straight until you see a nearby connecting village. The stronghold is near the village!

Triple Village Seed

mamaMOOSE – Triple Village with Two Dungeons

You don’t have to look hard to find these villages. You’ll spawn right in front of the villages. They’re crazy with broken housing and mixed up patterns. Enjoy!

Your Thoughts

There you go! Five cool minecraft seeds. Three for PC and two seeds for the pocket edition.

Let me know what you think about these seeds and if you liked them. Share this post with your friends and let us know your favorite seeds by commenting below.


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