It can be a challenging and unsettling experience starting over in a new place no matter what your age. I hope that I can give you five suggestions that can be helpful. These ways are: Meetups, Join a club, Join a gym, get a dog, and take a college class.

1. Join Meetups

These Meetups start online and can easily be found on – just search by your interests. There are organizations from wine tasters, sports enthusiasts to social causes. It is not hard to find a meetup that suits you. Once you join online, you will be invited to physically meet others in your meet up choice. This should not be confused with joining a club.

2. Join a club

What is your favorite hobby? If you like to dance, play trivia games, get competitive over a game of air hockey, play chess, or whatever your passion there are others who share the same thing. Google your favorite passion, and you will find addresses and phone numbers for places to go where people meet to share the same passion. There are also clubs that are oriented around parents and found children. These are Mommy and Me clubs. Some people like religion oriented clubs that have lectures on art and other issued that will concern your religion.

3. Join a Gym

Not only is a gym a great place to exercise and become fit, but you will also meet other people and be able to strike up a conversation in the locker room or by the exercise equipment. Some of these gyms have little cafes where members can snack, have lunch, and socialize. Many of these fitness centers have swimming pools where many members not only swim, they also like to socialize. Some of these gyms have pool exercise programs. If you have a disability that impairs your walking, the pool fitness program is a great equalizer.

4. Get a Dog

It will surprise you how much attention you attract when you are out walking your dog. Not only will you attract people without pets you will attract other pet owners. Your dog will let the world know that you are a loving, compassionate person worth getting to know. Dogs are excellent conversation pieces and ice breakers. You and your new friends and fellow dog owners can help each other become excellent pet parents. You will also be surprised what other interests you and your fellow dog owners share.

5. Take a College Class

You do not need to apply to a large university. Somewhere in your new city, there is a community college. As long as you have a GED or a high school diploma you have a more than 90 percent chance to be accepted. Not only are there first two-year college classes, but there are also classed that can improve your skills and give you new ones. You can learn a new language, take up SCUBA diving, take a tax class, or a gourmet cooking class. You can even learn how to dance. No matter what you take, you will be out in the world with people you meet on a weekly or few times a week basis. There will plenty of time to cultivate a new friendship or several.

I have shared with only five of the many different ways to make friends. Happy socializing!

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