One of the most notable things in all of Super Smash Bros is always the final smashes. These are all cinematic scenes, some with cutscenes and some that take place on the stage, that can inflict a ton of damage to opponents along with a few other characteristics on special ones such as launch power and being able to heal, sometimes capable of instantly knocking out opponents.

Among them are some of the coolest animations in the game that can turn around a match and looking stylish while doing it. This is the Top 10 Coolest Looking Final Smashes in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

10. King K. Rool Blast-o-Matic

King K. Rool Blast-o-Matic

In the final smash of the Kremling King, King K. Rool, he dashes forwards to hit whatever enemies are in front of them and then sits in the throne in his island with a laser known as the Blast-o-Matic.

He charges it up and fires it and Donkey Kong’s Island, blowing it to pieces and apparently, the fighters with it, damaging them and launching them once they get back to the stage.

This is an incredibly cool looking final smash solely due to the sheer power in watching the entirety of Donkey Kong’s island go up in a massive flame.

9. Young Link/Toon Link Triforce Slash

Young Link

A pair of attacks that are very similar in appearance, with slight swings of the sword being different. Both of these attacks have Young and Toon Link flashing a hitbox in front of them that will hit all enemies inside of it.

Toon Link Triforce Slash

With these hits, they will trap the opponent in the Triforce and slash endlessly hitting them many times, then charging up one final lunge forward launching the enemy.

These hits are one of the few that doesn’t have a cutscene in this list but manages to be a very cool looking final smash either way. Sometimes the attack doesn’t have to be flashy as long as it can “strike” the hearts of many.

8. Ganondorf Ganon, the Demon King

Ganondorf Ganon, the Demon King

A final smash throwing back to a boss not only in SSBU but all the way back to the Nintendo 64, Ganondorf transforms into Ganon, the Demon King, and rushes forwards attacking everything in the process.

This attack has two different outcomes based on where you are hit. When the final smash is started, Ganondorf will transform into the Demon King with both of his glowing gold swords.

He roars and swings the swords downwards, hitting any enemies underneath them. If the enemies are off-stage, this attack spikes sending them straight downwards with very little hope of returning.

After the initial swing, Ganon will rush forwards running into any opponents and causing a daunting amount of damage and knockback, capable of killing quite easily.

7. Shulk Chain Attack

Shulk Chain Attack

In this attack, Shulk is joined by Dunban, Riki, and Fiora to deliver multiple attacks to the foe caught in this attack. This attack has a few variants, caused by Shulk calling out for different characters, changing the lines said during the attack.

This attack is changed by the Monado that Shulk currently has active, which means that more damage or further launching power is possible. This attack causes an outright flurry of attacks that is incredibly fun to watch and even more fun when you hit it.

6. Incineroar Max Malicious Moonsault

Incineroar Max Malicious Moonsault

The grand slam wrestle Pokémon Incineroar shows off the power of his hits by rushing forward and grabbing an enemy, throwing them against the ropes of a wrestling ring, and hitting them with various attacks to launch them into the air.

At the peak of the attack, Incineroar jumps up head first and slams his head into the opponent, dragging them right back into the ring. Once they hit the ground, the ring explodes into fire and launches the opponent.

This newcomer shows off his moves proudly creating one of the most fury filled final smashes in the game.

5. Ridley Plasma Scream

Ridley Plasma Scream

One of the first final smashes capable of an insta-kill, Ridley goes over the top with his final. Ridley dashes forwards and hits up to 2 enemies with this attack, who get launched to Samus’ ship and followed by Ridley.

Ridley fires a plasma beam that shoots straight through the ship, which spikes opponents straight down into the stage or if they are at 100%+ damage before the cutscene ends, instantly KOs the opponent.

As an extra detail, you can watch Samus’ ship go down in the background, although only aesthetic.

4. Zelda Triforce of Wisdom

zelda Triforce of Wisdom

Another very simple final smash that contains a ton of power and a godly amount of range (pun fully intended). This final smash has Zelda summon the Triforce of Wisdom that pulls enemies in towards the center of it, before absorbing them inside.

Once inside, the enemy takes constant damage before Zelda seals the Triforce, launching opponents, or alternatively sealing them inside to instantly KO them if they have more than 100% damage. From the princess with godly power, we expect nothing other than an attack full of beauty, power, and potential.

3. Mega Man Mega Legends

Mega Man Mega Legends

A hefty homage to the fans of the Mega Man games, this final smash starts by Mega Man firing a Black Hole Bomb from Mega Man 9 that sucks in enemies and starts the cinematic. This attack summons various Mega Man versions for one glorious attack.

This attack includes 7 robots many have come to love: the classic Mega Man, X from Mega Man X, MegaMan.EXE from Mega Man Battle Network, MegaMan Volnutt from Mega Man Legends, Star Force Mega Man from Mega Man Star Force, Proto Man, and Bass.

They all join for a charged beam attack that hits the opponent and launches them.

2. Bowser Giga Bowser Punch

Bowser Giga Bowser Punch

The last of our non-cinematics that shows off Giga Bowser in all his glory. When this final smash activates, Bowser disappears and grows into Giga Bowser winding up for a punch that he can use on any part of the stage, seen through a crosshair on the screen.

This crosshair can be aimed to hit any fighter of the players choosing, causing a lot of damage and sending them quite far. This is a straight forward final smash but even from any pictures of it, it is very compelling to look at, even if you are the opponent in sights.

1. King Dedede Dede-rush

King Dedede Dede-rush

The final smash of King Dedede, the king to Dream Land swings his hammer forward into opponents to knock them into a cage fight where he fires missiles into the enemy, launching them into the side of the cage.

After this, we see the famed Masked King Dedede from past Kirby games.

King Dedede Dede-rush

After he pulls back the hammer, he goes into a full-on windmill spinning towards the enemy and slamming the hammer into the enemy, destroying the cage and launching the enemy.

This attack fuses everything that makes a good final smash: incredibly powerful attack, a strong knock-back hit, and one of the coolest looking attacks in the game.

So that’s it, thank you for reading me make a tangent list of the top 10 coolest looking final smashes in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

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