When I was a young lad on holiday with my family, the Air Hockey Table was one of my favorite games to play. On an evening or a wet and windy day I would ask to visit the arcade to play a game with my dad.

Today, you no longer need to wait until you’re on holiday or to visit an arcade. You can purchase an air hockey table for the home and play as many games as you like with your friends and family.

Before buying, there are a few key things you need to know. There are numerous versions and sizes to choose from. There are free-standing, fold away, light weight and heavy tables for you to consider depending on the skill level, age of player, available space and budget.

This guide will focus free standing air hockey table. If you are searching for a table top game our best tabletop air hockey table guide will be more relevant.

Best Air Hockey Tables For The Money

Best Air Hockey Table Reviews

Below are what we consider some of the best air hockey table options if you are looking for a budget table, a great all-rounder or a table pro players would be happy to play on. We have also included a buyers guide of what to look at for and a frequently asked questions section.

1. NHL Air Powered Hockey Table

NHL Air Powered Hockey Table

  • Outstanding scoring system.  With the LED scoring lights and professional level sound effects the scoring system on the NHL Air Powered Hockey Table is one of the best for games in this category.
  • Scratch-resistant. The NHL Air Hockey Table has a patented scratch-resistant, GlazeTek playing surface that shines, performs and lasts.
  • Difficult assembly.  According to a small percentage of those who have purchased the NHL Air Powered Hockey Table, the game is a bit difficult to assemble.

If you are looking for a professional style air hockey system that can handle fast play and stand up to wear, you simply must check out the NHL Air Powered Hockey Table.

This slick, expertly-made table is not only sleek and incredibly fast, it is also completely scratch-resistant, guaranteeing that you, your family and friends will have years of fast-paced play on this durable and creatively designed playing surface.

One of the best features of the NHL Air Powered Hockey Table is the elite and technologically advanced scoring system. This superb addition ensures players are constantly updated on their score and playing stats; and the arcade-like sounds create an atmosphere in which you are constantly engaged and smack dab in the action.

Those who make the smart decision to bring the NHL Air Powered Hockey Table into their man cave, rec room, garage or game room will receive everything they need to play the game right out of the box.

This includes 4 aerodynamic pucks, 4 well-built air hockey mallets (for when you want to play doubles) and an intelligent storage system that keeps all of your accessories neatly stored and consistently handy.

Measuring 7-feet by 4-feet—the standardized size for a game of this type—the NHL Air Powered Hockey Table is very easy to assemble and play and a must-have for anyone looking for a fast-paced game to complete the décor of their man cave.

2. MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table

MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table - Available in Multiple Styles

  • Sturdy.  Made with only the finest materials, including its hefty steel legs, the MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table is exceedingly sturdy and durable.
  • True Arcade Feel.  The overhead scorer on this air hockey table offers both sights and sounds that provide a true arcade experience.
  • Complete Package.  The MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table comes with everything you need to play, including two air hockey mallets and an extra puck.
  • Size & Style. The table comes with multiple size and style options.
  • Bulky.  The same strong materials that make the MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table very sturdy and durable also make it a bit heavy and awkward to move.

With a number of size options include 7 feet by 3.5 feet or 7.5 feet by 4 feet, the incredibly versatile MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table is sure to add plenty of fun and excitement to your man cave or game room, turning every get-together into a sure-fire party.

Very durable, the air hockey table is made from only the finest materials, including bold steel legs that are arched for the best in stability. The oversized 6-inch levelers add incredible balance to the unit, even during very fast-paced and highly-competitive games.

In addition to the high-quality, scratch-resistant table, the MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table comes with a wealth of great features, including an overhead scoring system that not only tracks each player’s score, but also plays realistic arcade sounds during match play.

The 110-volt underside motor blows cool air up and through the table’s tiny symmetrical holes, allowing the pucks to virtually levitate over the playing surface as they are batted back and forth.

Purchasers of the MD Air Hockey Table will receive everything they need to play the game right out of the box, including two air hockey mallets and two pucks; and installation is made easy thanks to the colorful instruction manual and all the included hardware.

3. ESPN Air Hockey Table Game

ESPN Sports Air Hockey Game Table: Indoor Arcade Gaming Set with Electronic Score System and Sound Effects - Available in Multiple Styles

  • Great scoring system. Featuring an overhead LED scoring system (rather than the LCD scoring system found with other similar games), the ESPN Air Hockey Table Game is sure to light up your playing experience.
  • Stable.  Thanks to the thick leg supports and six-inch levelers, this air hockey table game by ESPN is extremely well-built, steady and durable.
  • Fast.  The high-gloss playing surface on the ESPN Air Hockey Table Game, coupled with the 120-volt blower, will ensure extremely fast puck speeds and fast-paced games.
  • Premium priced.  Given the well-built design of the ESPN Air Hockey Table Game, along with all the bells and whistles it offers, this table may not be ideal for the budget-conscious consumer.

The ESPN range starts at 5ft and ends at 8ft options. Those looking for an air hockey table that is jam-packed with coveted extras should really check out the ESPN Air Hockey Table Game.

This tournament-quality table features the very best in speed and puck control, thanks largely to the ¾-inch high-gloss playing surface that makes every shot smoother than the one before.

With this game, the fast-moving pucks seem to levitate over the board—a feature that is directly attributed to the bottom-mounted 120-volt motor that provides a consistent, even breath of air flow to the surface above.

The LED electronic scoring system on ESPN’s Air Hockey Table Game ensures an arcade-like atmosphere during every game—an atmosphere that must be experienced to truly appreciate.

Not only is each high-velocity goal instantly displayed via the state-of-the-art scoring system, but the collective bells and whistles, such as lights and sounds, are guaranteed to keep both players in the contest happily engaged.

Finally, from a construction standpoint, it’s hard to beat the sturdy build of the ESPN Air Hockey Table Game, which features half-inch thick leg supports and six inch levelers that are supported by a reinforced apron for the best in stability.

4. Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table

Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table

  • Low profile.  The low profile design of the Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table makes the game look ideal in any room of the house and offers shorter individuals the opportunity to play with their taller competitors.
  • Aluminum rails. The state-of-the-art aluminum rails on this game system facilitate great bank shots and inspire creativity during game play.
  • Endorsed.  The Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table has been endorsed by a number of professional air hockey players—people who know what a great game looks and feels like.
  • Premium priced.  Give all its top-notch features, this particular gaming system may not be ideal for the budget-conscious consumer.
  • Heavy.  Weighing in at over 350 pounds, the sturdy and durable Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table is a bit heavy and cumbersome to move.

Looking to bring a life-like representation of true hockey into your man cave or rec room? If so, the Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table, which is designed and endorsed by true air hockey champions, may be the system for you.

This amazing air hockey table will look great in any game room, man cave or even the garage, providing hours of fast-paced fun and action for you, your family and friends.

One of the true highlights of the Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table is its scratch-resistant and wear-proof playing surface—a laminate top that is certain to provide many months and years of excitement and durability.

With its low profile, not only does this air hockey table look amazing in any room, it is also incredibly sturdy and long-lasting, able to withstand even the toughest game play. Boasting sleek aluminum rails, the Gold Standard table truly shines while also offering the most prolific bounce factor and offering players the opportunity to create amazing bank shots.

The decals on the Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table will make you feel as if you are standing at center ice in a genuine hockey rink—decals that include a well-defined center line and face-off circles that bring about the best in competitive play.

5. Harvil 5 Foot Air Hockey Table

Harvil 5 Foot Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults with Dual Electric Blowers, Leg Levelers and Free Pushers and Pucks.

  • Upgraded features.  The new and improved Harvil 5-Foot Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults has an updated fan blower for super-fast games and a technologically-advanced scoring system that keeps track of the score and lights up with every goal.
  • Nice warranty.  This great air hockey system comes with a 90-day, no questions asked warranty.  If you are not satisfied with the game after three months, just send it back for a full refund.
  • Small.  Those looking for a regulation sized, 7-foot table should pass on the Harvil 5-Foot Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults.

Even though the Harvil 5-Foot Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults has a space-saving design, which allows it to fit perfectly into any man cave, garage or game room, the actual playing surface is quite spacious, making players feel as if they are playing on a full-sized air hockey table.

This table also comes with a number of new and upgraded features, including a state-of-the art scoring system that promises to keep players engaged with its lights and arcade sounds.

Also new is the blower fan that comes with this model, a powerful fan that enables the puck to move more effortlessly across the playing surface.

Perhaps one of the best features to like about the Harvil 5-Foot Air Hockey Table is the manner in which it is designed.

The table is mounted on four super sturdy L-shaped legs for added stability, and boasts 6-inch leg levelers to ensure the table is always level and preventing one player or another from having a decided advantage.

The Harvil 5-Foot Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults comes complete with everything you need to play including several regulation-size pucks and two 75mm mallets with top-mounted handles for easier play.

The game is very easy to set-up and assemble, and even comes with the 2 AAA batteries that are needed to operate the great scoring system.

6. GYMAX 54″ Ait Hockey Table


  • Dual scoring system.  The GYMAX 54-inch Air Hockey Table has both an LED scoring system and a manual way to keep score when that system is down or unavailable.
  • Powerful motor.  The blower motor on the GYMAX 54-inch Air Hockey Table packs a whopping 12 volts, which is more than enough to propel a consistent flow of air to the table through the symmetrically aligned holes on the top of the playing surface.
  • Not available in regulation size.  The 54-inch GYMAX Air Hockey Table is not available in the regulation 7-foot size.

One of the best looking game systems on the market today, the GYMAX 54-inch Air Hockey Table boasts a sleek and dynamic profile. The slick, all-white playing surface includes vivid NHL-like markings and graphics; and the powerful bottom-mounted blower fan ensures pucks slide like glass over the table when struck.

The GYMAX 54-inch Air Hockey Table is equipped with a state-of-the-art 12-volt motor + adaptor, both of which generate a consistent and prevalent flow of air that allows the pucks to almost float above the table and promising lightning fast gaming action.

Made from only the best MDF and PVC materials, the table is incredibly strong and durable—a table that resists the shaking and shifting found on some of the other air hockey tables in this class.

The bottom half of the GYMAX 54-inch Air Hockey Table is just as impressive as the top, a lower half with features that make the table extremely long-lasting and strong. It is equipped with 4 full-panel legs with levelers, ensuring a smooth and even surface.

The scoring system is also quite noteworthy, an innovative LED system that keeps an always-accurate account of the score and tracks various player stats in real time.

Even better, the game also has a manual scoring system located on either side of the table, allowing players to keep playing even in the event of a power outage or low battery life.

Air Hockey Table Buying Guide

To help you choose the best air hockey table for the money we have pulled together a buying guide on things to consider and look out for when searching and purchasing a new or second-hand air hockey table.

Types of Table

We like to categorize the tables into three headings:

The tabletop version is exactly how it sounds. It is a version that sits on top of a table, floor or other flat surface. It will not have large legs like the free-standing versions but they will have small sometimes adjustable legs of a few centimeters.

These tables are great if you have limited space and want to quickly set it up and store it away after use. In my opinion these games are aimed at the kids market or someone who just wants to have some quick fun occasionally.

Free Standing
The free-standing versions will have self-supporting legs. The majority of them will not be fold-away and they can come a range of sizes.

They also come in a range of price tags based on the size, the build quality and whether they are for the home use market, arcade style market or the professional / tournament market.

The multi-game air hockey table is where the game table is a mixture of games for example, an air hockey table, a pool table and a ping pong table. It does this by either flipping the table to reveal a different game on the underside or by adding a layer on top of the table.

There are some great options available however if you are looking for the best air hockey table for your money and you are not worried about other games – this may not be the best choice.

Size and Available Space

When looking for a top rated air hockey table you need to be aware of the space you have available. You need to ensure that not only the table fits in the space, but there is adequate space for a person to stand at each end of the table to hit the puck.

Therefore add at least another 18″/24″ either end.

Table Construction

There are several things to consider when looking at the construction elements of the table.

Many of the tabletop or small free-standing tables are made of plastic and board materials. The larger tables will be more solidly built and the best air hockey table manufacturers and professional tables will be made from metal and solid wood.

The more you pay tends to equate to better built tables.

You will notice that the puck glides when playing air hockey. This is due to air that is pumped through little holes on the playing surface.

The air is powered by a motorized fan. Therefore, the better the motor, the more power it will have. This will distribute the air evenly across the table, will be, which means the puck will glide better, resulting in a great game.

Leg Levellers
Not every surface is perfectly flat or level. This is why the many options will have leg levellers attached to the bottom of the legs.

This will help ensure you play the game on a flat surface even if your floor isn’t.

Skill Level

Although a beginner can play on any type of table, personally we would go with either a tabletop of 4ft / 5ft home type table. This way you can purchase a table without breaking the budget and trade up later if you or your family enjoy the game.

Just remember the lower end tables may not put up with prolonged every day use.

The intermediate player will be better suited to a mid-range table that is a little more sturdy due to the construction materials. These tend to be bigger.

If you got the room, we would recommend a 7ft table.

For the advanced player, the tables mentioned above will be great however, if the budget will stretch, we would recommend the GOLD MEDAL table above. The reason being that it is designed by professional players and world champions who know how an air hockey table should play and respond.

These tables are made from solid materials and are built to be played and enjoyed daily.

Age Range

A great starting point for kids would be a tabletop version or perhaps a 4ft free-standing table.

These models are not very expensive and if the kids really enjoy playing on a regular basis you move up to a larger better quality table at that point.

Although anyone can play the smaller tables. teenagers may require a larger, more sturdy table.

Teenagers tend to play the game a bit harder than kids and you will require a table that is up to the task.

If you are looking to play regularly at home or perhaps at the office then a well made 7ft table or pro table is probably the correct choice.

As we get older we tend to get more competitive and play the game ‘harder’. If this sounds like you are your family, then you will require a robust table than can handle a more vigorous style of play.


At the end of the day, many purchase decisions comes down to finding the best you can for the budget you have available. Many of the tabletop and 4ft air hockey games are within the budget range.

As the table size increases so will the costs. The costs will increase further again as the construction materials improve.

Therefore my advice to you is pick a budget, read the reviews above and see if any of what we consider to be the best air hockey tables for each category will satisfy your needs.

Common Air Hockey Questions

1. What is Air Hockey?

Air hockey is a game played by two people standing at each end of a table (similar in size to a pool table) that has a flat playing surface. Air is used to help the puck (flat disc) glide across the table. Think of a hovercraft gliding across the water. The object of the game is to score a goal by hitting the puck with a mallet / paddle into the opposition goal.

2. What is the official Air Hockey Table Size?

Air hockey tables can come in various shapes or sizes however the approved tournament size tables by the USAA (United States Air Hockey Association) and the AHPA (Air Hockey Players Association) are 8 foot tables. One of the best know approved tables is the Gold Standard.

3. Is Air Hockey a Sport?

Yes – Tournaments are held throughout the world and there is an annual world championship. Two of the larger associations are (USAA (United States Air Hockey Association) and the AHPA (Air Hockey Players Association).

4. What are air Hockey Pucks Made from?

Most home use air hockey pucks are made from heavy-duty plastic. The official pucks are made from lexan polycarbonate resin. The plastic pucks will cost you less and should be fine for home use. Just remember to buy the right size and weight puck for your table length.

5. How to Stop Air Hockey Pucks Flying off the Table

One of the most frustrating parts of playing air hockey is when the puck flies off the table. If you have played air hockey more than once or twice then I am sure you know what I mean…

Picture this – You are in the middle of a great rally, the point can go either way, you see an opening and go on the offensive. You see the opportunity and you set up a bank shot and bam, the puck hits the side wall and flies off the table.

Or, you just hit the puck far too hard and it bobble across the surface and then leaves the table. No matter how it happens, it stops the game and you need to start again. Plus, if this happens regularly, it takes all the fun out of this great game.

Below are a few reasons why this happens and tips to help you reduce the chance of the puck leaving the table when playing air hockey.

  • Don’t use damaged pucks. Always ensure your pucks are in good condition. You should aim to strike the puck cleaning. If your pucks are chipped or cracked it will increase the likelihood of a poor connection which can result in the puck leaving the table.
  • A clean table. Make sure there is no debris on the table before starting a game. This is an obvious tip, however even the smallest bit of debris can affect a pucks gliding ability and could create the puck to jump.
  • The weight of the Pucks. Always ensure the puck is the correct weight for the size of table and the air pressure it exerts. If the pucks are to light for the table it will inevitably result in more pucks bouncing and air getting beneath them. If you think this could be the problem you could glue / attach a small metal washer or coin to the top to test it. It’s time to invest in some new pucks if this results in less bobbing and bouncing off the table.
  • The size of the Pucks. Are your pucks too big or too small for the table that you play on? Pucks that are too small is a similar problem to pucks that are to light. Play with the manufactures recommended puck weight and size.
  • The Table – is the air flow too powerful or not powerful enough ? Does your table have a damaged surface? If the your air hockey table is coming to the end of it’s life span, it may be time to upgrade. Our air hockey table reviews above can help inform your decision if that’s what you require. However, I would exhaust the options highlighted before spending money on new table.
  • Hitting the puck too hard. Are you trying to smash the puck through the opposite wall every time you hit it? Although there are power shots, the strike should be a clean strike. The contact you make with the mallet will determine the direction of travel and how the puck reacts. Below is a great video on how to play air hockey and hitting the puck correctly.

The above should help you keep the puck on the table, resulting in better rallies and lot’s more fun. If you are still deciding on what table to buy then take a look at our best air hockey table guide above which provides details of different types of tables included our top rated models.


The game is great fun for all the family. You can play it from a very early age and through adulthood. It can be as quick and as competitive as you want to make it and the better models can be a real feature of any room or man cave.

We know there are numerous tables to select from. Which one you choose will depend on the age of the player, the skill level, your available space and of course your budget.

We hope the tables above provide you with a great number of options to make your decision easier when reviewing the best air hockey table for your particular needs.

If you would like more information on any of the above air hockey table reviews or would like us to review a specific product, simply complete the contact form and we will get back to you.

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