When you first start playing Bloons Adventure Time TD, some boards are reasonably easy – long tracks with the invading bloons traveling twice around them.

Other boards, not so much.

It can be quite challenging (near impossible) to unlock Flame Princess or Marceline with starting characters alone (especially before leveling up).

Later in the game, as you level up and unlock more powerful characters, the boards become considerably easier to beat. But it can still be difficult (even impossible) to beat an impoppable level with just your base party of ten.

These situations are where Bloons Adventure Time TD allies come most into play. Depending on your level, allies increase your number of fighters from 10 to 20, to 30, to 40, and beyond.

Allies are necessary on many impoppable boards and make you much more effective in the Martian Games.

By harnessing the power of your allies, and knowing where and when to place them, you can absolutely dominate Bloons AT TD adventures (even on impoppable) and the Martian Games.

Here are the five most effective Bloons Adventure Time allies you can get from wish orbs (minus Martian Games exclusives) and five that almost made the list.


When first placed, COBRA brings a fair amount to the table. Especially on impoppable levels and in the Martian Games where more money buys more (much-needed) firepower.

His attack is weak, slow and relegated to a single bloon at a time, but he starts dropping suitcases full of cash immediately.

Upgraded, COBRA is a game-changing force. While his first upgrade does little, simply increasing his attack speed, his second upgrade weakens all MOABs on the board by measures, and his third upgraded reduces all activated ability cooldowns.

That means, with an upgraded COBRA, MOABs take fewer hits to destroy and activated abilities can be used more rapidly for those serious bursts of damage to big bloons.

Place him early and start racking up the cash.

Dr. Monkey

Like COBRA, Dr. Monkey provides something absolutely essential when it comes to building a strong Bloons army – cold, hard cash. Unfortunately, he has to be fully upgraded to get it.

The good news is Dr. Monkey is a pretty powerful fighter too. Upgraded once, he slows bloons, making it easier for other placed characters to destroy them.

Upgraded twice, Dr. Monkey can handle many non-MOAB bloons entirely on his own by damaging them over time.

Upgraded a final time, Dr. Monkey turns bloons gold and the cash starts pouring in.

Place him early and at the very start of a track for the most damage and profit.

Hunson Abadeer

Hunson Abadeer isn’t just a powerful Bloons ally. If you are playing an “allies only” board on Martian Games he is absolutely essential.

Once upgraded, Hunson sucks the souls from even MOABs (everything except the Big Airship of Doom), slowing them down and making it much easier for your solid attackers to take them down.

More importantly, Hunson can see camo and suck the soul from Dark Dirigible Titans (D.D.T.s). Once soul-sucked, D.D.T.s slow and become visible to all characters, which is virtually the only way allies can see them.

Place him three-quarters of the way through the track before D.D.Ts come out with enough time to fully upgrade.

Technological Terror

When it comes to straight-up destruction, no ally serves up more damage than the Technological Terror. But that kind of damage is gonna cost you big.

Technological Terror is, by far, the most expensive ally in Bloons Adventure Time TD, costing $12,000 for initial placement and $4,000 for the first upgrade.

But it’s worth it. Aside from purple bloons, which this robot can’t touch, Tech Terror can destroy any bloon type on the board, including MOABs other than the Zeppelin of Mighty Gargantuaness (Z.O.M.B.) and the Big Airship of Doom (B.A.D.), all on its own.

Basically, it’s a beast of damage-dealing death rays.

Place the Tech Terror near Hunson Abadeer after you’ve upgraded all the main characters in your party so he can clean up M.O.A.B-class bloons that spawn from B.A.D.s.


When it comes down to it, Bloons allies should be just that – allies. They work best when they support and boost your main characters’ powerful abilities.

No ally provides more support to your main fighters in Adventure Time TD than little Lemonhope with his harp.

Despite being fairly inexpensive, just $800 for initial placement and another $2,600 to fully upgrade, Lemonhope boosts characters in a big way. By the second upgrade, a boosted character attacks twice as fast.

Assigned to a big damage-dealer like Super Monkey, this makes Lemonhope even more powerful than Technological Terror (for a fraction of the cost).

Runners Up

These five Bloons allies won’t change the game like the above five (with one exception), but will still make a big difference when equipped to a member of your main party and placed on the board.

Flame King

Best ability: causes all bloons set on fire anywhere on the track to take more damage

Upgraded to his most powerful, Flame King makes everyone’s firepower more powerful, including that of Flame Princess and upgraded C4 Charlie.


Best ability: full-board attack once fully upgraded

Combine with Flame King for seriously damaging results.


Best ability: stops even MOAB.-class bloons (up to, but not including, the B.A.D.) in their tracks, by turning them into animals

Place late in the board to help slow up MOABs spawned from the B.A.D.

Super Fans (only if Super Monkey in party)

Best ability: being good fans (needed for both of Super Monkey’s activated abilities)

Super Fans are low in fire power, but will make all the difference when upgrading Super Monkey. They are necessary for the most powerful upgrade in the game – Super Monkey’s Sun God.

Betty Grof

Best ability: can suck souls like Hunson Abadeer

Betty Grof is a good ally. Unfortunately, you don’t know quite what you’ll get from her, because she performs multiple magical spells at random. However, she can suck souls from D.D.T.s like Hunson Abadeer, which makes her good back-up on boards where you need allies to take down D.D.T.s.

If you don’t have all of these allies yet, don’t worry. Just start playing low-level boards. Once you earn enough shards, you’ll be able to build wish orbs and fully equip your party, making even impoppable Bloons adventures a snap.

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