If you are a big fan of the Cartoon Network show “Adventure Time,” like me, then you probably have a list of your favorite songs from the show.

“Prisoners of Love” was the very first episode of Adventure Time that I ever saw and the song between Tree Trunks and Pig is really one of the things that immediately made AT one of my fave shows. But that is not the only song that I love from Adventure Time. In fact, it is not even my favorite!

And I always love when Finn sings and it sounds like an auto tuner.

Take a look below at my fave songs from Adventure Time and see if your favorite is listed.

My Top Favorite Songs From Adventure Time

1. The Baby Finn Song from the “Memory of a Memory” Episode – Season 3, Episode 3
This is hands down my all-time favorite song from Adventure Time. It is totes ridiculous and hysterical at the same time. It also briefly appears in the “Goliad” episode. I really wish this song was longer because it is so funny. If you missed this episode, the only place can you buy it online is Amazon –> Memory of a Memory / Hitman episode. Definitely worth a watch. You can find it on YouTube — here.

2.The “Dream of Love” Song from the “Dream of Love” Episode – Season 4, Episode 4

This song (and episode) is so many shades of awesome that I just don’t know where to begin. First, we have this completely ridiculous couple. Everyone in the land of Ooo is grossed out by their love so they have to hide it. Among their hiding places is in a sandwich and a book! How cray-cray is that? But funny, right? It ends with them going to each other to reunite and they get lifted up by a rainbow power stream as if you just finished a round on a video game. C’mon, how can you not love this song? The entire episode is awesome though, so I suggest you download it from Amazon –> Web Weirdos/Dream of Love episodes — Listen to it on YouTube — here.

3. The “I’m Just Your Problem” Song from the “What Was Missing” Episode – Season 3, Episode 10

What’s so great about this song is that you get Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, Finn and Jake all in one song. And really, that just does not happen nearly enough. Plus, it is always cool to hear voice actress Olivia Olson of “Love Actually” sing (she is the voice and song voice of Marceline). And if you slash Marceline and Princess Bubblegum, then this is likely one of your favorite episodes. If you have not seen it yet, be sure to check it out on Amazon –> Adventure Time With Fionna and Cake/What Was Missing? episodes – Hear it on YouTube — here.

4. The “Bacon Pancakes” Song from the “Burning Low” Episode – Season 4, Episode 16

The Bacon Pancakes song is another Adventure Time song that is just too freaking short! And it is SO catchy! I dare to you watch this before making something in the kitchen and see if you can resist sing-songing it yourself. It is catchy and addictive. Of course, any song that Jake sings by himself has got to be awesome, right? If you missed this episode, check it out on Amazon –> Sons of Mars / Burning Low episodes — listen to it on repeat on YouTube — here.

5. The “Daddy, Why Did You Eat My Fries” Song from The “It Came from the Nightosphere” Episode – Season 2, Episode 1

This may be one of the most well-known songs from Adventure Time. And it is from the popular “Adventure Time It Came From the Nightosphere” episode. If you like it when Finn and Marceline sing together, then you won’t want to miss Finn beatboxing on this tune. Hear it on YouTube — here.

6. The “Gunter, Why Did You Gunt My Fries?” Song from The “I Remember You” Episode – Season 4, Episode 25

This is certainly one of the funniest of all the Adventure Time songs out there. I mean, the Ice King singing to Gunter as Marceline? Too hysterical. If you did not see this the first time around, then you are certainly missing out. There is another great song in this episode between Marceline and the Ice King. Check out the full episode if you missed it –> I Remember You / The Lich episodes — hear it on YouTube — here.

Is Your Fave Song Listed?

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know which Adventure Time songs are YOUR favorites! Maybe you’ll have one that I forgot about!

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