Board games provide a means to bond and have fun even if the weather doesn’t cooperate on your camping trip.

They also good when you’re looking for things to do at night on your camping trip.

The ideal camping board game is compact, durable, and easily played in various conditions, including outdoors and inside a tent.

Some board games are specifically designed for camping and travel, with durable, weather-resistant materials and minimal components.

Others are versatile classics that can be enjoyed just as easily at home or on a trip.

In either case, aiming for a game that appeals to various age groups and interests will ensure that everyone around the campfire or inside the tent can join in the fun.

Top Board Games for Campers

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Our expert picks for the best board games to enjoy while camping are compiled below.

These games are perfect for passing the time and bonding with friends and family in the great outdoors.

Yahtzee to Go Travel Game

Hasbro Yahtzee to Go Travel Game

Small, portable, and fun – this game is perfect for taking on camping trips.


  • Travel size design
  • Durable and compact container
  • Includes 100 score cards and game guide


  • Shaker cup is a bit noisy
  • Miniature writing utensils not included (need to purchase separately)
  • Risk of losing dice in the car or outdoors

We just took our Hasbro Yahtzee to Go Travel Game on a recent camping trip, and it was perfect entertainment by the campfire. This travel-sized game is smaller and more portable than the original version, making it easy to pack in a backpack or camping gear.

One thing we appreciated was the durable and compact container that holds all the game components, including the 100 score cards and game guide. The hard plastic container protected the game from any potential damage and made it extremely convenient to carry around.

However, we did find that the shaker cup used for rolling the dice was quite noisy. A simple solution we found was adding a bit of foam padding to the inside of the cup, which helped reduce the noise significantly.

The game does not include miniature writing utensils, so we had to purchase them separately – not a big deal, but something to keep in mind when packing for your trip. The only other issue to be mindful of is the risk of losing dice in the car or outdoors – but this can be avoided with a bit of extra care.

WHAT DO YOU MEME? Family Edition

WHAT DO YOU MEME? Family Edition

A must-have for creating memorable family game nights filled with laughter.


  • Suitable for ages 8 and up
  • Encourages inclusive fun for 3+ players
  • Easy to understand and play


  • Heavy reliance on the judge’s sense of humor
  • Some images may appear dated
  • Limited number of rounds with provided cards

We recently played WHAT DO YOU MEME? Family Edition during a camping trip, and it quickly became a hit among all ages. This creatively entertaining card game is perfect for families seeking some lighthearted fun outdoors, and it’s easy to pack up and bring along.

As we gathered around the campfire, we found the gameplay to be simple yet engaging. The objective is to use dealt caption cards to create the funniest memes with the provided photo cards. With 300 caption cards and 65 photo cards, there’s plenty of material for hilarious combinations. We especially enjoyed the suggestion of adding our own photos for a personalized touch.

The game is designed for 3+ players, making it ideal for camping trips or small gatherings. It’s inclusive and encourages interaction among players, fostering bonds and creating lasting memories. However, we noticed that the game’s enjoyment heavily relies on the judge’s sense of humor, so keep that in mind when choosing your caption card.

One downside we encountered was that some of the photo cards appeared dated or generic. While this didn’t majorly impact the overall fun we had with the game, it’s worth mentioning for those who might prefer more contemporary or unique images. Additionally, the game may become repetitive if played for an extended period, but this can easily be remedied by taking breaks or switching to a different activity.

Taboo Board Game for Camping

Taboo Board Game

Pack your camping trip full of laughter with the Taboo board game – ideal for families and kids aged 13 and up.


  • Great for language skills and creative thinking
  • Game-changer die adds variety to gameplay
  • Easy to transport for camping trips


  • Squeaker can be less satisfactory than the old buzzer
  • Box can be damaged in shipping
  • Best played with 4 or more players

We recently took the Taboo board game with us on a camping trip, and it was an absolute hit with both our family and friends. It is easy to transport, and the word-guessing aspect really gets your creative juices flowing as you try to describe the words without mentioning the forbidden ones.

The addition of a game-changer die is a nice twist that adds variety to each round, keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting. However, some of us felt the squeaker used when a forbidden word is said pales in comparison to the older buzzer system.

While playing with a smaller group is possible, we found that Taboo is best enjoyed with four or more players. As a downside, the box in which it arrived was slightly damaged due to being shipped without any extra protection. This is an issue if you like your board games to look pristine on your shelf.

Scrabble Deluxe Edition

Scrabble Game Deluxe Edition

Upgrade your camping trips with Scrabble Deluxe Edition – a fantastic game for all word enthusiasts!


  • Rotating gameboard for enhanced usability
  • Recessed letter spaces keep tiles in place
  • Convenient carrying case for easy transport


  • Tiles might feel a bit flimsy
  • Deluxe carrying case made of cardboard
  • Board fitting together can be improved

We recently brought the Scrabble Deluxe Edition with us on our camping trip, and it was a delightful addition to our family game nights. The rotating gameboard was a game-changer, allowing us to view the board from different angles with ease. No more craning our necks to see what’s on the other side of the board!

The recessed letter spaces were another excellent feature that made playing Scrabble much more enjoyable. Gone are the days of tiles sliding around or getting knocked out of place by accident. With this Deluxe Edition, the tiles stay right where they belong.

One of the drawbacks we encountered was that the letter tiles could feel a bit flimsy. While this didn’t hinder gameplay, it would be nice if they were a bit thicker for an overall more durable feel. Additionally, the carrying case’s practicality was disappointing. It’s advertised as a “Deluxe” carrying case, but it’s merely a cardboard box that doesn’t hold up well.

The fitting of the gameboard sections could be improved as well, as sometimes it doesn’t sit perfectly together. However, this wasn’t a major issue during our gameplay sessions.

Deluxe 10-in-1 Game Set

Matty's Toy Stop Exclusive Deluxe 10-in-1 Game Set

The Matty’s Toy Stop Game Set offers a diverse array of classic games for a fun camping experience.


  • Wide variety of ten classic games
  • Compact and durable wooden storage cabinet
  • Suitable for players of all ages and preferences


  • Some initial chemical smell due to the wood finish
  • Quality of individual game pieces varies
  • Painting on the board may be smudged

Upon using the Matty’s Toy Stop Exclusive Deluxe 10-in-1 Game Set, we found it to be a great source of entertainment for camping trips. The set includes multiple games like Chess, Checkers, Tic Tac Toe, Backgammon, Mill, Roll Em, Insanity, Chinese Checkers, Mancala, and Pick-Up Sticks, ensuring there’s a game for everyone.

The wooden storage cabinet not only adds a touch of elegance but also makes it very compact and convenient to take on camping trips. The sliding game board top effectively stores all the game pieces, so there won’t be any trouble locating the pieces when you’re ready to play.

However, we did notice a chemical smell upon opening the set initially, likely from the wood finish. We recommend airing out the set outdoors for a few days before using it. Additionally, while the storage cabinet is well-built, some of the individual game pieces felt a bit cheap and the painting on the board could be smudged in certain areas.


Hasbro Gaming Boggle Classic Game

This is the perfect compact game to challenge your word-finding skills while camping.


  • Engaging and fun for all ages
  • Compact and easy to store travel case
  • Quick rounds for busy campers


  • Requires players to provide their own writing materials
  • Not suitable for very young children
  • Timer may be difficult to see in low-light conditions

We recently brought the Hasbro Gaming Boggle Classic Game on our camping trip, and it was a hit with the whole family. The compact travel case made it easy to pack and store, saving precious space for other essentials.

The game itself is engaging and exciting, as we raced against the 90-second sand timer to spot words our friends didn’t find. With the easy-to-shake grid, we had a refreshed batch of letter cubes for each round, keeping the game fresh and interesting.

One thing we noticed is that you have to bring your own pen and paper for everyone to write their words down. Although this wasn’t a major issue, it’s something to keep in mind when packing for your trip. Additionally, as the game suggests a minimum age of 8 months and up, it may not be suitable for very young children who might struggle with word recognition.

Lastly, while the sand timer adds a fun challenge to the game, we found it a bit difficult to see in the dim lighting around the campfire. Make sure you have plenty of light available to make the most of your Boggle experience.

UNO Card Game

UNO Card Game

A fun and travel-friendly card game for camping trips that brings the whole family together.


  • Easy to learn and play for all ages
  • Comes in a sturdy tin for convenient storage and travel
  • Encourages social interaction and strategy


  • Not waterproof, so be cautious in wet environments
  • Card quality might not be long-lasting with heavy use
  • Can be repetitive if played excessively

During our recent camping trip, we brought along the Mattel Games UNO Card Game, and it quickly became the go-to activity during downtime. The game’s simplicity and easy-to-understand rules made it enjoyable for both kids and adults, making it the perfect campground entertainment.

One of the best features of this version of UNO is its durable tin storage box. It kept the cards neatly organized and protected throughout our trip and even endured a few accidental drops without damage. However, the cards themselves aren’t waterproof, so be cautious when playing near water sources or during sudden rain showers.

We found that UNO was the perfect mix of strategy and luck, keeping everyone engaged and competitive. The game did get a bit repetitive after several rounds, but that’s to be expected with any game played extensively. Also, we noticed the cards showing some wear after constant shuffling and usage. Though they didn’t fall apart during our trip, it’s something to keep in mind if you’re a frequent UNO player.

Splendor Board Game

Splendor Board Game

If you’re after a fun, strategic, and easy-to-learn game for camping, Splendor is an excellent choice.


  • Engaging strategy gameplay
  • Beautiful components and design
  • Easy to learn and quick playtime


  • Potential lack of variety in long-term replayability
  • Not suitable for more than four players
  • Requires a flat surface for gameplay

We recently took Splendor on a camping trip, and it quickly became the go-to game for our group. As a merchant in Renaissance Europe, you’ll collect gems, build your business, and create jewelry to appeal to the nobles. The goal is to earn the most prestige points.

While Splendor might seem simple on the surface, we found that its strategy elements truly shine through during gameplay. The decision-making process of acquiring different gems and development cards led to intense competition within our group, and it was the perfect balance of being challenging without being overly complicated.

The game components are top-notch which adds to the overall experience; the thick cardboard tiles and plastic tokens are not only visually appealing but also durable – perfect for the outdoor environment. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the game doesn’t support more than four players, so larger groups might need to take turns or split into smaller teams.

One downside we noticed is the potential for limited replayability over time. While the initial setup of the game can vary quite a bit, seasoned players might eventually grow tired of the strategies available. Nonetheless, with its quick playtime averaging 30 minutes per match, it’s still a great game for shorter camping game nights.

Although it might seem obvious, we do need to mention that Splendor requires a decent flat surface to play on. This can be tricky when camping, so make sure to pack a portable camping table or find a suitable rock or tree stump as a makeshift playing surface.

Smart Zone Games Hive- A Game Crawling With Possibilities

Hive Board Game

We believe Hive is a great addition to your camping game collection due to its quick gameplay and strategy elements.


  • High-quality, durable pieces
  • Portable and doesn’t require a board
  • Engaging and strategic gameplay


  • Limited to two players
  • Might be challenging for younger kids
  • No color options for standard version

As outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate a good board game, we found Hive to be a unique and captivating alternative to traditional games. Since there’s no physical board, setting up the game on a camping table or even on the ground was effortless. The high-quality, durable pieces held up well during our camping trip, making it a reliable game for different environments.

What we loved about Hive was its strategic gameplay that kept our minds engaged, reminiscent of chess or Go. Despite its seemingly simple rules, we found ourselves constantly trying to outsmart each other, which led to many exciting sessions. However, younger kids might find it challenging to grasp its strategy elements. Also, it’s worth noting that the game can only be played by two players, so it may not be suitable for larger groups.

While we enjoyed the monochromatic black and white pieces, some may prefer colors, which are currently not available in the standard version. The good news is that the game does come in a pocket version and a colored version if you prefer variety.

Exploding Kittens (Original Edition)

Exploding Kittens Original Edition

A perfect choice for camping fun with its exciting gameplay and humor.


  • Strategic and entertaining gameplay
  • Fun for all ages (above 7 years)
  • Easy to learn and carry on camping trips


  • May become repetitive with continuous play
  • Limited to 2-5 players, not suitable for large groups
  • Expansion packs needed for deeper gameplay

We recently had the chance to enjoy Exploding Kittens Original Edition on our family camping trip, and it quickly became a must-have for game night. This kitty-powered card game, made by Exploding Kittens LLC, is great for combining strategy, unpredictability, and laughter in a compact, easy-to-transport format that is perfect for camping adventures.

The game’s objective is to dodge and mitigate exploding kitten cards using a variety of action cards, including laser pointers, belly rubs, and catnip sandwiches. With our group of both kids and adults, we found that the game was entertaining for everybody, and the 56-card deck offers a myriad of creative ways to dodge the exploding kittens. Our family and friends laughed together, strategizing and conspiring against each other to avoid a feline explosion.

While it’s easy to learn and quick to play, we did notice that after several rounds of continuous gameplay, it became slightly repetitive. Since the game is designed for 2-5 players, it might not be the ideal choice for larger groups during your camping trip. However, the game can be expanded by purchasing additional expansion packs like Imploding Kittens, Streaking Kittens, or Barking Kittens, which add more variety and chaos to the gameplay.

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