If you’re looking for chess puns, release the tension, Queen.

We’ve got all the puns about chess to take you over the edge.

We’re just sharing them en passant. We’re really not trying to cross the line.

Feel free to adjust if you’re in a bind. Variants are always cool.

We don’t expect to capture your heart, but this blitz of puns is a gambit we’re betting on.

Sorry, we can’t cover everything. Fork-give us if we miss something.

Just put a pin in these puns and passer them around at your next match.

  • It’s a good knight for chess.
  • Just getting something off my chess.
  • Hot chess nuts!
  • I’m a pawn star.
  • Chess players are always ready to mate!
  • I’m a rookie.
  • Just checking.
  • Once up-pawn a time…
  • Don’t be a square.
  • I work knights.
  • Rook no further.
  • Rookie mistake.
  • I’ve got a strong right rook.
  • I like rooks. They’re straightforward.
  • Do you mind if I make a move on you?
  • Chess players have checkered pasts.
  • I’ll take you to the pawn shop.
  • I think I have time for a quick game of chess. Let me check.

Punny Chess Jokes

All these jokes have punny punchlines.

Q: What did the Australian water ask the chess player at the end of his meal?

A: Check, mate?

Q: Why wouldn’t the chess player eat the bread?

A: It was stale, mate.

Q: What do you call chess players bragging in a hallway?

A: Chess nuts boasting in an open foyer.

Q: What is a Catholic’s favorite chess piece?

A: The bishop.

Q: What was the dog doing at the chess match?

A: Just paw’n.

Well, are you out of battery or sending in a decoy? Just want to double check.

We swear we’re not trying to attack you. We’re sure we’ve sacrificed a lot of mates with this post.

Can we recapture your heart or did we royally fork up?

Maybe you think we’re bare-king mad for enjoying this trap.

Perhaps, we should adjourn and rethink our strategy. Hopefully, we’ll be back in a winning position soon.

Knock wood.


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