Looking for cities that start with a ‘J’?

We’ve got you covered.

Use these ‘J’ cities for assignments, research projects, board games, whatever.

US Cities That Start With J

Here is a list of cities in the United States that start with the letter ‘J’, beginning with the top five cities by population:

  1. Jacksonville (Florida)
  2. Jersey City (New Jersey)
  3. Joliet (Illinois)
  4. Jackson (Mississippi)
  5. Jurupa Valley (California)

Other ‘J’ Cities In The U.S. (In Alphabetical Order)

  • Jamestown (New York / North Dakota)
  • Janesville (Wisconsin)
  • Jasper (Alabama)
  • Jeannette (Pennsylvania)
  • Jeffersonville (Indiana)
  • Jim Thorpe (Pennsylvania)
  • Johnson City (Tennessee / Texas)
  • Johnstown (New York / Pennsylvania)
  • Jonesboro (Arkansas)
  • Jonesborough (Tennessee)
  • Joplin (Missouri)
  • Junction City (Kansas / Missouri)
  • Juneau (Alaska)

World Cities That Start With J

These are the top 25 cities around the world (by population) that start with a ‘J’:

  1. Jakarta (Indonesia)
  2. Jinan (China)
  3. Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)
  4. Jaipur (India)
  5. Johannesburg (South Africa)
  6. Jieyang (China)
  7. Jilin (China)
  8. Jiangmen (China)
  9. Jiangyin (China)
  10. Jinhua (China)
  11. Jinjiang (China)
  12. Jamshedpur (India)
  13. Jining (China)
  14. Jinzhong (China)
  15. Jiaxing (China)
  16. Jiujiang (China)
  17. Jingzhou (China)
  18. Jabalpur (China)
  19. Jacksonville (United States)
  20. Jodhpur (India)
  21. Jiaozuo (China)
  22. Jos (Nigeria)
  23. Johor Bahru (Malasia)
  24. Jerusalem (Israel)
  25. Jalandhar (India)

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