Looking to level up your Civ 6 game play strategy?

Use our Civilization 6 tier list to form your playstyle with the best civilizations.

Remember, picking the right civilization plays a mega part in winning the game.

So, check out our lists of the best Civ 6 leaders with our ranked tier lists below.

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Civ 6 S-Tier

This tier is the best of the best right here. I’m talking about the games best civilizations.

CivilizationLeaderBonus (Leader)Kickass AbilityThe UnitThe Structure
JapanHojo TokimuneDivine WindMeiji RestorationSamuraiElectronics Factory
MacedoniaAlexander the GreatTo the World’s EndHellenistic FusionHypaspistBasilikoi Paides
RussiaPeter IThe Grand EmbassyMother RussiaCossackLavra
GermanyFrederick BarbarossaHoly Roman EmperorFree Imperial CitiesU-BoatHansa
Gran ColombiaSimon BolivarCampaña AdmirableEjercito PatriotaLlaneroHacienda

With these, it doesn’t matter what difficulty setting you use cause you’re gonna dominate the hell out of it on your way to victory.

Civ 6 A-Tier

These civilizations are really good, but not quite S-tier material. So, the path to victory won’t be quite as easy.

CivilizationThe LeaderBonus (leader)Kickass AbilityThe UnitThe Structure
RomeTrajanTrajan’s ColumnAll Roads Lead to RomeLegionBath
GreecePericlesSurrounded by GloryPlato’s RepublicHopliteAcropolis
GreeceGorgoThermopylaePlato’s RepublicHopliteAcropolis
MayaLady Six SkyIx Mutal AjawMayabHul’cheObservatory
Dutch/NetherlandsWilhelminaRadio OranjeGrote RivierenDe Zeven ProvincienPolder
KoreaSeondeokHwarangThree KingdomsHwachaSeowon
BrazilPedro IIMagnanimousAmazonMinas GeraesStreet Carnival, Copacabana
SumeriaGilgameshAdventures of EnkiduEpic QuestWar-CartZiggurat
CanadaWilfrid LaurierThe Last Best WestFour Faces of PeaceMountieIce Hockey Rink
MaoriKupeKupe’s VoyageManaToaMarae
AztecMontezumaGifts for the TlatoaniLegend of the Five SunsEagle WarriorTlachtli
OttomanSuleimanGrand VizierGreat Turkish BombardBarbary CorsairGrand Bazaar
NubiaAmanitoreKandake of MeroeTa-SetiPitati ArcherNubian Pyramid
ArabiaSaladinRighteousness of the FaithThe Last ProphetMamlukMadrasa
MongoliaGenghis KhanMongol HordeOrtooKeshigOrdu
HungaryMatthias CorvinusRaven KingPearl of the DanubeHuszarThermal Bath

With these, you can forge your way to victory on most any setting, but it will require a bit more work and skill from you.

Civ 6 B-Tier

As you already know, the B-tier is not quite as awesome as the tiers listed above, but overall they are good civilizations.

CivilizationLeaderBonus (Leader)Kickass AbilityThe UnitThe Structure
EgyptCleopatraMediterranean’s BrideIteruMaryannu Chariot ArcherSphinx
PhoeniciaDidoFounder of CarthageMediterranean ColoniesBiremeCothon
AmericaTeddy RooseveltRoosevelt CorollaryFounding FathersP-51 MustangFilm Studio
AustraliaJohn CurtinCitadel of CivilizationLand Down UnderDiggerOutback Station
PersiaCyrusFall of BabylonSatrapiesImmortalPairidaeza
FranceCatherine de MidiciCatherine’s Flying SquadronGrand TourGarde ImperialeChateau
FranceEleanor of AquitaneCourt of LoveGrand TourGarde ImperialeChateau

With these, keep in mind that they are really focused on a single victory path, which is nice, but at the same time you’ll notice they’re not as versatile as what you get with the tiers above.

Civ 6 C-Tier

As you already know, the C-tier is not quite as awesome as the tiers listed above, but overall they are decent enough civilizations.

CivilizationLeaderBonus (Leader)Kickass AbilityThe UnitThe Structure
MaliMansa MunsaSahel MerchantsSongs of the JeliMandekalu CavalrySuguba
SwedenKristinaMinerva of the NorthNobel PrizeCaroleanOpen-Air Museum
EnglandVictoriaPax BritannicaBritish Museum / Workshop of the WorldSea DogRoyal Navy Dockyard
IndonesiaGitarjaExalted Goddess of the Three WorldsGreat NusantaraJongKampung
PolandJadwigaLithuanian UnionGolden LibertyWinged HussarSukiennice
IncaPachacutiQhapaq NanMit’aWarak’aqTerrace Farm
ChinaQin Shi HuangThe First EmperorDynastic CycleCrouching TigerGreat Wall
KhmerJayavarman VIIMonasteries of the KingGrand BaraysDomreyPrasat

With these, keep in mind that the victory path isn’t the easiest.

Civ 6 D-Tier

As you already know, the D-tier is not quite as awesome as the tiers listed above. And some many even classify them as poor.

CivilizationLeaderBonus (Leader)Kickass AbilityThe UnitThe Structure
ScotlandRobert the BruceBannockburnScottish EnlightenmentHighlanderGolf Course
KongoMvemba a NzingaReligious ConvertNkisiNgao MbebaMbanza
ScythiaTomyrisKiller of CyrusPeople of the SteppeSaka Horse ArcherKurgan
SpainPhilip IIEl EscorialTreasure FleetConquistadorMission
MapucheLautaroSwift HawkToquiMalon RaiderChemamull

With these, keep in mind that the victory path is really going to be a challenge because they don’t perform well thanks to the lack of skills with the leaders.

Civ 6 F-Tier

Do you really want to be here? I don’t think so.

These are hands down the absolute worst civilizations.

CivilizationLeaderBonus (Leader)Kickass AbilityThe UnitThe Structure
GeorgiaTamarGlory of the World, Kingdom of FaithStrength in UnityKhevsurTsikhe
NorwayHarald HardradaThunderbolt of the NorthKnarrBerserkerStave Church
CreePoundmakerFavorable TermsNihithawOkihtcitawMekewap

With these, keep in mind that the victory path is, well, you’ll see how bad it is. Only choose off this list if you hate yourself.

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