Disney+ may be just another streaming service among many, but, when it hit the market, it had a few advantages over others.

Namely a backlist of shows that some people (Me!) have been waiting to be available for quality viewing for years.

Even Stevens is one of the best of those shows. (Obviously, just an opinion, but I stand by it.)

Featuring a young Shia LaBeouf, along with Christy Carlson Romano and an equally-talented cast, it was a super fun show to watch and gave its young cast plenty to sink their acting chops into.

In honor of its continued availability on Disney+, we’re ranking all the episodes of Even Stevens.

We’ll preface it by saying there are no bad episodes of Even Stevens.

There are just some episodes that are better than others and a handful that are downright brilliant.

The Even Stevens Episode Ranking

Starting at the bottom, heading toward #1.

65 – Head Games (Even Stevens Season 2, Episode 8)

If you like junior high dating drama and cliched “sports star loses his mojo” storylines, this episode is just right for you.

Just not for us.

Though Louis and Tawny working together to try to pull Twitty out of his funk redeems it somewhat.

64 – Beans on the Brain (Even Stevens Season 3, Episode 16)

There are a lot of really funny moments in this low-ranking Even Stevens episode.

Which is saying something.

Because this episode, in which Louis uses Beans as a prop, is about as humdrum as the show gets.

There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just nothing special.

63 – Get a Job (Even Stevens Season 1, Episode 17)

Like most ensemble shows, Even Stevens is at its best when the show uses its entire cast and that cast works together.

In this ep, Louis gets a job as a dog-sitter, which doesn’t give him a whole lot of interaction with other characters.

If you love Louis alone, you’ll probably love it. We’re indifferent.

Big props for the gag scene of him playing poker with dogs though.

62 – Swap.com (Even Stevens Season 1, Episode 1)

Starting off a series with one of its weakest episodes could doom a show.

It could. But there are no truly awful episodes of Even Stevens.

The premise of this one, however, is pretty ick.

Ren deserved a much better introduction.

But it’s definitely a good nod to the Louis-Ren dynamic the show is built on.

If only it didn’t have so much skeeve factor.

61 – Love and Basketball (Even Stevens Season 2, Episode 9)

Even Stevens has no terrible episodes, but it does have one major flaw. (A lot of Disney shows from the early 2000s suffer the same fault.)

There are too many episodes where Ren rises to little more than “girl looking for boyfriend” status instead of leading lady.

When that happens, it brings down the entire episode.

This episode is a perfect example of that.

60 – Devil Mountain (Even Stevens Season 2, Episode 10)

Louis and Twitty learn to be better friends to Tom.

It’s pretty pure and heartfelt.

On the Ren side, though… was anyone else just super glad when Ren and Bobby finally broke up?

59 – Louis in the Middle (Even Stevens Season 1, Episode 6)

Louis gets some popular new friends and loses himself.

It’s fun, but certainly nothing new.

But this episode does provide a good introduction to Ren and Larry’s rivalry.

58 – Hutch Boy (Even Stevens Season 3, Episode 10)

When Louis gets bullied, it turns out there’s much more to Tom than meets the eye.

When Ren goes blonde by accident, it forces her blonde friends and fellow students to stage an intervention.

It’s pretty darn good fun all around.

57 – Thin Ice (Even Stevens Season 2, Episode 7)

Nelson and Ren’s friendship was just so freakin’ adorable.

And a Louis freak-out dream is always a good time.

Downside: Bobby.

56 – The King Sloppy (Even Stevens Season 3, Episode 12)

Even Stevens did a lot of silliness. Some of it was somewhat grounded.

Some of it was straight-up absurdity.

This episode in which Louis and Twitty wear the same disguise to eat a ridiculously huge burger called the King Sloppy at a restaurant and end up involving the foreign exchange student Ren is hosting is definitely the latter.

Absurdity to the max to hilarious results.

55 – Wild Child (Even Stevens Season 2, Episode 11)

As a general rule on Even Stevens, Louis can be pretty bratty and annoying, but this is the only episode in which he acts like an actual toddler.

It’s pretty cringe to watch.

The B story where Donnie teaches Nelson how to “fight” redeems the episode somewhat. Just not enough.

54 – Your Toast (Even Stevens Season 3, Episode 4)

Ren gets her first job. Louis takes drum lessons.

Both storylines are funny. Everyone learns a lesson.

Even Mom and Dad get a little moment that’s not expressly about the kids.

Just an all-around good time.

53 – Surf’s Up (Even Stevens Season 3, Episode 20)

It’s a beach day. There’s some surfing stuff, some friendly jealousy, and way too much obsession with Ren’s potential merman love interest.

Tawny and Tom *trying* to build a sandcastle together and Beans “finding” a tip jar with his metal detector are pretty classic, though.

Plus, bonus music video.

52 – Starstruck (Even Stevens Season 2, Episode 1)

Lucky penny meets boy band, that should be the logline of this ep.

It’s mostly forgettable, but many of the major players interact in the second half, which gives it a slight boost.

And, again, bonus music video.

51 – Tight End in Traction (Even Stevens Season 2, Episode 20)

That straight-up absurdity Even Stevens only does sometimes? Here it comes again.

This ep mixes just the right amount of absurdity with its broader storyline that sees everyone’s pranks getting out of hand.

There’s a lot of chasing, and its always fun to be reminded the Stevens parents are chill AF about all the craziness that takes place in their household.

50 – Quest for Coolness (Even Stevens Season 2, Episode 4)

Louis and Twitty are desperate for some new kicks. Ren ends up in a fashion show.

Separately, the storylines are fine enough. But it all kicks up a notch when the two collide.

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Ready to start your countdown watch of Even Stevens? Even Stevens currently streams only on Disney+.

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