New to playing For Honor and looking to discover the best For Honor characters to level up your game strategy?

We’ve played the game to come up with a ranking of the characters, from best to worst.

And, we’ve looked at all the game modes – Dominion, Duel, and Brawl – to come up with these tier lists.

Ready to pick the best heroes in For Honor in any game mode? Check out our For Honor tier lists below.

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For Honor S-Tier Characters

If you want to use the best possible heroes in the game, no matter the mode, then this is where you want to look.

HeroFactionHero TypeWhat You Should Know
ConquerorKnightHeavyHands down one of the hardest heroes anyone can go against in the game. Delivers a good amount of damage with attacks. In a fight, open with shield bashing. Got two of these heroes? Use their awesome zoning ability and you’ll have no issues locking down an area.
WarmongerKnightVanguardThis heroes corruption ability is no joke. You’ll find it’s good for both groups and isolated units. For now, no viable counter. Great for competitive matches and the zoning abilities make the warmonger top notch.
KyoshinSamuraiHybridThe best things about Kyoshin is good recovery and being awesome at ganking. You’ll notice some challenges when multiple enemies are being fought though. Tip: combine unblockables with fast, light attacks and you’ll deliver and epic combo.
Jiang JunWu LinHeavyWhat’s great about Jiang Jun is the massive stamina damage. This hero is also great to have when it comes to defense as well.

Keep in mind that the sooner you get these heroes, the easier your matches will be with them.

For Honor A-Tier Characters

Just one level down from S-tier heroes, these are still some great options.

HeroFactionHero TypeWhat You Should Know
Black PriorKnightHeavyWhat’s great about the Black Prior is that he’s good across the map and strong enough for holding locations when you’re an independent player. When tussling with enemies, the Black Prior is a powerhouse that can take down shields and delivers epic unblockable attacks. But don’t be fooled into thinking this hero means you’ll have it easy because it takes some practice to master this one.
BerserkerVikingAssassinIf you want an agile fighter, then Berserker is an excellent choice. You and put the pressure on your enemies with the darting around of the Berserker. Rest assured, they will be feeling the pressure.
NuxiaWu LinAssassinWhat’s great about Nuxia is that this hero is a great team player that you’ll be thankful for in fights. a great support. Probably the best thing about Nuxia is the traps that you can set in any lane. Overall a great addition to the team.
KenseiSamuraiVanguardThe Kensei is a great versatile addition to your team. This character excels in team fights and is just epic when dealing with ambushes from enemy squads.
ShaolinWu LinHybridThe Shaolin is not going to be the star in any fights, but it can heal and teleport. So that makes it a great supporting character for the rest of your team.
RaiderVikingVanguardWhen you’re going those 4-on-4 fights, then you gotta have a Raider.
The Raider is great for new players, but seasoned players will also enjoy the Raider for its zoning capabilities for defensive play and how it can initiate and break off fights.
NobushiSamuraiHybridNobushi is another one known for zoning capabilities and the ability to clear a crowd. Definitely perfect for an ambush squad. Why? Its damage output + inflicting bleed damage = hell yes.

One thing to note is that with practice, and a great team, you can sometimes perform better with A-tier characters than S-tier.

For Honor B-Tier Characters

Just one level down from A-tier heroes, these are still some great options, especially for newer players. Of course, players of all skill levels will find use for these characters.

HeroFactionHero TypeWhat You Should Know
WardenKnightVanguardThe Warden does have a limited range, note that this hero also has an excellent shield bash. This hero is great if you’re fighting in close quarters are if quick ambushes are being set up by your teammates.
GryphonKnightHybridWhat makes the Gryphon great is the unpredictability, which overwhelms your opponent. But those quick attacks are numerous, which gives you a lot of options mid-fight.
HitokiriSamuraiHeavyThe Hitokiri excels when you’re in a one-on-one fight. You’ll find that this hero is powerful and unblockable.
ZhanhuWu LinHybridThe Zhanhu is great for if you want to overwhelm your opponent with unpredictability.
ShamanVikingAssassinThe shaman is not great on its own as it is slow, but does work well with a coordinated team effort. You’ll find that this hero has the awesome fight qualities of anti-ambush, anti-chain, and chasing abilities.

We think that B-tier characters do well in pretty much any match.

For Honor C-Tier Characters

Just one level down from B-tier heroes, these are still some decent options, especially for newer players.

HeroFactionHero TypeWhat You Should Know
HighlanderVikingHybridHighlander is when focusing on defense thanks to the ability to reset fights and his dodges. For attacks, those spammable light attacks are great. So, focus on this hero for defense.
Warlord  Viking HeavyThe Warlord doesn’t have to give up too much power to survive an ambush, which is what makes this hero great.
OrochiSamuraiAssassinThe orochi isn’t really notable, but works well in team fights. Starting with its storm rush + the unblockable chains at its arsenal.
ValkyrieVikingHybridThe Valkyrie is good for both offense and defense. But she cannot carry a fight due to the lack of damage output.
ShugokiSamuraiHeavyShugoki is balanced for offense and defense, which is perfect for team fights. Plus, this hero has those awesome bearhugs, which is great for setting up an ambush. It really sets up your teammates to land a devastating attack against your enemies.
GladiatorKnightAssassinGladiator is great for one-on-one fights thanks to those unblockable attacks. But its team fights damage is also respectable.
LawbringerKnightHybridLawbringer doesn’t have many utility options in team fights, but overall it’s got good damage and mix-ups.
ShinobiSamuraiAssassinShinobi really only has its ranged attacks to boast about, but even those don’t do that much damage.

Of course, players of all skill levels will find these characters don’t really have anything to offer that makes them stand out.

For Honor D-Tier Characters

Just one level down from C-tier heroes, these characters are really only good when you’re trying to create a specific team composition.

HeroFactionHero TypeWhat You Should Know
TiandiWu LinVanguardTiandi has good survivability thanks to its extra lives and shields. And the good dodge animations give it the ability to escape from pressure situations. So, Tiandi is not terrible in a team scenario if you prefer to play it safe.
CenturionKnightHybridCenturion has a low skill cap, if you can time it just right, its moves are not punishable by your enemies.
JormungandrVikingHeavyThe Jormungandr has a decent combo of damage reduction, shield, and health that gives it good survivability. But there’s really nothing impressive here when it comes to Jormungandr’s offense.

Keep in mind that you definitely do not want any D-tier heroes when going solo.

For Honor F-Tier Characters

Just one level down from D-tier heroes, these characters are really not what you want. Like seriously, you do not want these.

HeroFactionHero TypeWhat You Should Know
PeacekeeperKnightAssassinThere’s really nothing worthwhile here for this hero. And Peacekeeper’s defensive options are even worse.
AramushaSamuraiHybridAramusha used to be a great hero, but these days its just clunky and slow. Sure, it has strong attacks, but it doesn’t matter if it can’t create openings for those attacks to land. Sad.

Again, there is really no reason for you to choose any of these F-tier characters.

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