If you are thinking about every element of the party that will make it a success as well as having your guests in mind, then incorporating a few fun party games will surely make it a memorable event. Games can be the perfect icebreakers especially if you need people to go past being strangers and start mingling.

A great party is not just about good food and entertainment; it is all about having people interacting as they smile and laugh and share. As such your part games should at least have two of the stated elements, if not all three – food, entertainment, and interaction.

Above all, the games should be short and fun. They can be before or after meals. However, the best option is after guests have had their full with food and drinks and had a chance to mingle. If you are looking for some fun activities to incorporate into your upcoming party, then consider some of the following games.

Freeze Dance

The game is all about dancing but with a twist. You need to have some different genres of music. Everyone in the party should be involved in the game. They just need to dance until it is time to Freeze. Often, the freeze is when the music stops. But, you can opt to have a DJ to scratch or add something unique the music that should be the point at which everyone should freeze. Anyone who does not freeze is eliminated.

Cherry Pie Game

You will need several big plates that are slightly shallow. Place five cherries in the plate and have a few guest volunteer for the game. The object of the game is for each player to eat all the cherries, but not by hands rather using their mouths only. Just to make things interesting, add some whip cream over the cherries and ensure they are completely covered to make a cherry pie and let the player dig in, face first into the plates. You can also make it a couple’s thing. One person should do the picking and then feed his or her partner the cherries without using the hands, only the mouth.

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Tissue Box Bop

The tissue box bop is a fun game that will still ensure people are enjoying the music by dancing. You will need empty rectangle tissue boxes and several ping pong balls. Select several players and tie the boxes round their waist, but the boxes should be at the back. Fill the boxes with four ping pong balls and have the players shake their booties to the music. The first player to bop all the ball out of the boxes wins. Consider to have a balanced gender ratio (like three men and three women).

Shaving Game

The shaving game will be another excellent game to have cream over the faces of player and leaving others who are watching cracking. Team up two people together (man and woman) and then have one hold an air-filled balloon with the mouth. The balloons should be lathered with whip cream. The other partner should remove the cream off the balloon with a disposable razor. The quickest team to do so without popping their balloon wins.

Musical Chairs

This game never grows old. It involves dance to music but around chairs and sitting immediately the music stops. The only twist is that the chairs would be few than the participating players by one. The person left standing drops out, and a chair is also removed until it is only left to two people battling it out round one chair.

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