If you’ve enjoyed playing the online multiplayer Town of Salem game, then you might be interested in other games like it. The game is all about selling your lies while being able to tell when other people are lying.

So, if you are a fan of the Town of Salem, then you love games that involve strategy. With that in mind, here are more games like the Town of Salem that I think you will enjoy playing.

1. Velvet Sundown

The best description of this game is that it involves secrets, tricks, and many conspiracies. So, similar to the Town of Salem, the player will require to strategize on how to best play the game.

velvet sundown game

Velvet Sundown involves eleven characters playing in a luxury yacht. The game aims to complete random goals.

All you need to do is take advantage of your social skills in communicating with the players to find all you need to complete your goals. Every player is focused on achieving their goals, and this makes the game a real competition full of conspiracies and lies.

2. SpyParty

This game focuses on human behavior by having a spy and a sniper character. You can choose to play as a spy or a sniper in SpyParty.

spyparty game

The game does not involve a lot of strategizing since it has a simple goal. The spy’s goal is to enter a cocktail party and trick the opponent into completing your mission without getting short.

As the sniper character, the goal is to watch over the party to ensure that you find the spy before completing their goals. The sniper is required to use their human knowledge to determine who the spy at the party is.

If you wish to have the best experience from the game, then you need to choose the character that interests you most between the sniper and the spy.

3. Detective Grimoire

The game requires a single player to solve a murder mystery. The Detective Grimoire will allow the gamer to play as the man investigating the murder of a tourist attraction owner.

detective grimoire

This game involves plenty of puzzles and interrogating suspects to uncover the secret of this amazing game. A mythical creature killed the tourist attraction site owner that his business is found on.

Therefore, you will have to strategize how to uncover the secrets to solve the murder mystery.

4. Status Report

This is a board game that requires three players to participate in a social deduction adventure. One of the players is a starship’s captain, while the two other players are captains of a ship that is onboard AI.

status report board game

There is only one operational AI. The rest of them have a virus that kills the crew.

It also fools the captain into thinking that they are part of the operational program so that it can kill as many crew members as possible. Therefore, the captain’s goal is to hurry so that he can save both the crew and himself.

5. One Night Werewolf

This is yet another board game that requires three to ten players (you can buy it at Amazon). It is best suitable for individuals who prefer a fast-paced game.

Bezier Games One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Every player has a role from the Werewolf. Each of the roles has special abilities that the player has to utilize.

Such would ensure that at the end of the game, the villagers kill the Werewolf. Considering that each player has plenty of roles, this gives an individual a wide range of selections for the player they wish to be.

Overall it’s a really fun game to play with friends.

6. Deceit

If you are looking for a game full of twisted strategies, then the Deceit is the right one for you. The game involves six players.

deceit game

Two of the players have been infected with a virus created by the Master. The two players are therefore seeking to kill the rest of the players.

Your goal is to fight your way to safety through three zones as the infected players take out the rest of the players. The secret of the uninfected players is to work with one another to use the items in the three zones for them to reach safety.

Thus, it is a fun game that will get your brain working to make it safe out of the three zones.

7. Camp Cadaver

This is yet another interesting murder game that involves two teams. One of the teams is the residents of the poor town, and the other is the killers.

camp cadaver game

Everyone in Camp Cadaver is a suspect, and therefore, it is up to you to use the abilities of your assigned role to help your team members. Otherwise, you risk being held a victim or suspect by your group members.

It is a game that requires the players to strategize a lot to ensure that they are on the right team. As a result, they would be able to achieve the goals of their assigned role.

The goal is to either kill the villagers or stay safe from the killers.

8. Trouble in Terrorist Town

The game involves a detective role and the roles of traitor terrorists. The traitor terrorists are required to kill the rest of the terrorists within a map.

TTT game

In TTT, The detectives are assigned different gadgets, making it easy for them to hunt down the traitors before they kill all the terrorists. As well, the traitors have a dangerous weapon that would make it easy for them to kill the terrorists.

For instance, they have suicide bombs and a one-hit knife. Additionally, the game has many weapons that the players can use to kill others or defend themselves.

Depending on the assigned role, each player has a goal to achieve hence making the game fun to play.

9. The Resistance

This is a board game, and that will require you to get IRL friends to play the game (you can buy the game at Amazon). The game involves two teams who are randomly assigned tasks at the beginning of the game.

the resistance game

There is a team of spies and another one for resistant members. The spies have a role of destroying three of the five missions that the resistant team is embarking on.

As well, the resistance has to win three of the five missions for them to overthrow the government. It is a game full of deception, secret identities, and finger-pointing.

It is definitely one of the games that you should be thinking about adding to your list next.

10. The Ship: Murder Party

This is the best game for gamers who like games where they hunt as they are being hunted too. It involves various players aboard Mr. X’s Luxury cruise.

the ship murder party

As soon as you are onboard the ship, you will be assigned a target to find and kill. The fun comes in that as you look for your target to murder, you should be very careful since you are anther player’s target.

Therefore, you must use knowledge to identify your target and make sure that you do not get killed before achieving your goal. It is a game that will offer you a night full of fun and should definitely be added on your list.

11. Throne of Lies

This is yet another multiplayer game full of lies. The game involves eight to sixteen players who use their social skills to identify the traitors.

throne of lies game

The Throne of Lies game has more than 100 abilities that a player can use in an attempt to safeguard the kingdom. There are neutral characters, a mysterious unseen faction, and cult members.

Now that you have known other games you can play, you do not have to get bored or tired of playing one game. You can get the best experience by playing each of the games in turns. All you need to do is give every game a chance, and you will be amazed by how fun it is to play the games.

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