There is more to Halloween decorations that tying a sheet to a tree and piling pumpkins on top of hay bales.  Be creative with your decorations and place them inside and out for a true Halloween experience.  Many decorations can be made without buying expensive materials and you might just have some of them around the house. 


Line your driveway and walkway for Trick or Treat with luminaries.  Make them from gallon milk jugs that have been well cleaned and the labels peeled off.  Cut a wide hole about 6 inches from the bottom of the jug at the back using very sharp scissors or an X-acto knife.  On the front of the jug, draw a scary face with black marker. Make it look like a ghost, jack-o-lantern or draw the silhouette of a black cat.  Make sure the design is above the bottom by a few inches.  Place about 1 to 2 inches of sand in the bottom of the jug and put a votive candle in the sand.  Remove the lid when you light them up.  That is all there is to it.  Another way to make these luminaries is to just put battery operated twinkle lights inside through the hole. 

Ghosts in the Lawn

Use chicken wire to make some ghostly figures  Form the chicken wire into a form and either leave them the color they are or spray paint them white.  You can place one near your bushes to look like they crawling out of them or place one by the trunk of a tree.  Because they are made of chicken wire they look very ethereal. The ones that are left unpainted are very hard to see until you are right up on them.

Eyes are Everywhere

Save toilet and paper towel rolls.  Take a marker and draw a set of eyes on them.  Make big round eyes, cat eyes, slit like eyes.  Cut out the eyes with a sharp pair of scissors or an X-acto knife.  Get creative with your eyes by cutting out the pupils out leaving the iris in tact.   Place a snap stick or glow stick that has been activated inside the roll and place them in bushes around the house after dark.  It will look like eyes are everywhere. 

Floating Ghouls

Purchase some white balloons and glow sticks that snap to glow.  Snap the glow stick, insert it into the balloon and then fill with helium and tie it off attaching a string or ribbon.  Draw a ghoulish face on the balloon, turn off the lights and let them float around the room bobbing in their ghoulish ways. 

Covered with Bats

Cut black bats in all sizes from black card stock.  Use painters tape connected into a circle on the back of each bat and attach it to your wall.  You can start at one corner of your wall and go toward the alternate edge.  Make it look like a cloud of bats are flying from one side to another.  It is best to connect the bats to the wall by the center so the wings look like they are flying free.


Fill a glass jar with candy corn about ¾ of the way full.  Place some silk flowers in and use it as a vase.  The candy corn keeps the flowers standing nice and tall. Instead of silk flowers, place an empty toilet paper roll in the center of the jar before adding the candy to make a well.  Pick up a branch that has fallen from a tree and spray paint it black then stick it in the well.  You can make little ghosts from tissue paper or find little skeletons to hang from the tree to make a centerpiece. Another suggestion is to take plain Christmas ornament balls from the craft store and paint them with Halloween motifs.  Use a pale yellow ornament and paint a witch flying across on her broomstick or just paint black, green, orange and yellow stripes on the balls.  Fill a basket or glass bowl with these ornaments with the stems down.

The moon is the limit when it comes to making your own Halloween decorations. From painted Christmas ornaments to chicken wire, you can make your house and your yard the favorite place to go on Halloween.

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