The Hathaway Primo  is a premium grade foosball table for playing table soccer.  It will bring hours of fun for the family and friends.  The playing field has cross-supports to ensure accuracy, and it is encased in a wood cabinet with a beautiful espresso stained finish.

The table has a stylish design and feels very sturdy.  The butcher block design includes boxed leg cross support beams added for stability and large independent leg stabilizing levelers.  The cabinet panels show off the finished wood grain, and it includes four convenient built-in drink holders made of stainless steel.  The play action rods are chrome plated stainless steel with E-Z spin bearings.  The players are ABS counterbalanced to provide excellent ball control, and it has one goalie configuration.

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The design and construction of the Hathaway Primo provide for an accurate and fast action continuous play.  The structure and warm wood finish make it a beautiful home accent for hours of family foosball gaming.  Bringing loads of enjoyable playtime makes it a great addition to any home.


  • Hathaway Primo Soccer Table, Brown, 56-Inch, playing surfacePlaying Surface – The playing field measures 46-1/2 inch length by 26-1/2 inch width and 4-1/4 depth and has a wood grain melamine finish.
  • Structure – It has a solid 1-1/8 inch certified medium density fiberboard (MDF) cabinet that goes well with the playing surface wood gained finish. A butcher block table design with large independent stabilizing leg levelers.
  • Players – The players are ABS counterbalanced for ball control, and it has a 1 goalie configuration.
  • Rods – These are 5/8 inch stainless steel, chrome-plated rods with E-Z spin bearings for spin speed.  The rods have easy grip wooden handles for fast playing action.
  • Includes – 4 stainless steel drink holders built into the cabinet, dual slide score counters for easy manual score keeping, and 2 high-quality balls.
  • Assembly – There are instructions for full assembly, which requires a Phillips-head screwdriver.
  • Warranty – There is a 180-day limited manufacturer’s warranty.

What We Like

  • hathaway primo foosball table players and scoring Appearance – This foosball soccer game table is designed to be a great looking addition to any setting.  The well-finished wood cabinet and chrome rods will add warmth and a sense of fun to the room.
  • Durability – The Hathaway Primo is built for play.  The built-in cross-beam supports give the table stability, and the playing field made from thick MDF with a melamine finish provides durability.
  • Play – The carefully designed table creates accuracy and the playing field cross-support and the independent stabilizing leg levelers.  The rods, equipped with E-Z spin bearings, the wood-gripped handles, and the table’s finish make it constructed for speed.  It has counterbalanced players designed for more ball control.  These elements combine to create an action packed game.
  • Convenience – 4 stainless steel cup holders built into the cabinet for player comfort.  It also includes a couple of high-quality balls for active play after assembly.

What We Don’t Like

  • Corners – The exterior corners appear chrome, but they are actually chrome covered plastic that can easily break.
  • Assembly – The assembly can be somewhat complicated and takes 2 to 3 hours.  Some hardware may be missing, such as a screw, nut, or washer, and easily replaced.  When tightening the screws to the wood blocks, you need to be careful of the blocks pulling away from the mounts.
  • Players – The players are counterbalanced but will move to a head-down position on when left alone.
  • Score Counters – The abacus style score counters are plastic and easily crack or break.

Best Suited For

  • hathaway primo ball returnFamily – For family fun, the Hathaway Primo is a great value, and it stands up well to teenager’s rambunctious play.
  • Game Level – This foosball table is designed for a general fun level of gam play.
  • Expense – For those looking for a less expensive foosball soccer game table, this one is a great value for the money.

Not So Great For

  • Professional Play – The Hathaway Primo is not specifically designed for a professional level of game playing.

The Verdict

The Hathaway Primo foosball soccer game table is a good value for hours of fun.  Having a solid construction and designed for accuracy.  The majority of the materials are high quality that supports even the most active play, and the less quality parts do not affect the overall gameplay.  It does require a higher level of assembly, but it manageable with some patience and a review of the instructions.

Overall, the Hathaway Primo soccer game table is designed to look attractive and stands up to lots of family playtime.  This foosball soccer game table will provide heaps of fast action playing time.  It is designed for durability and built for game accuracy.

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