Did you catch the episode where the Ice King is on his computer and getting ready to do a search and then it starts to auto-populate with his recent search history?

Even if you did see it, you may have missed how funny all the searches were since they were only up there for a moment. Take a look at the image below to see how hysterical they are.

The Ice King's Web Search History

And the real question here is why does he want to rub mayo on the penguins? Poor Gunter!

But wait, it gets better! Check the next list of searches after he adds an “i” after that “w” …

Ice King's Web Search History

wiping my bum there? what?!? Ice King is so crazy!!

And finally, the “wiz” search history…

ice king web search autosuggest

apparently, Ice King likes him some skinny knees.

Oh Ice King! Dude is bananas!

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