Whenever someone starts playing darts whether it’s playing on a professional dart board, or just messing around on a simple dart board for the home, they can pick up the basics pretty quickly. Hold the dart with your thumb and fingers and throw it at the board.

Doesn’t sound hard does it? In the course of an evening you can learn to hit the board most of the time.

But then you might see the regular players who come in and can throw three darts in the 20 zone, all grouped together and the better players, regularly hit the treble 20. That clearly has taken some practice to get to that level, but how can you get to the point that you are throwing darts consistently?

5 Steps to Throwing Darts Consistently

We’ve come up with three of the top things to do in order to achieve this level proficiency. This isn’t something that can be accomplished overnight, but if you keep up at it you will soon find yourself consistently grouping your darts in the high scoring zones.

1. Think About Your Stance

While you are playing and while you are practicing make sure that you notice your stance. If you look at less experienced players you might find that they lean forward.

While people might think that the little bit closer you can get by leaning forward will make you more accurate, it ends up throwing off your balance. At the core of accuracy is a good balanced stance.

If you don’t throw from a stance that is well-balanced you might be able to randomly hit what you are going for, but you won’t be able to do it twice in a row.

While thinking about your stance balance isn’t the only thing that you need. Now that you are balanced you need to start from the bottom up.

The next thing is to have a comfortable base, you want to find a position that is easy to maintain. Then you need keep your body loose. If you are tight there is no way to get a good fluid flow.

2. Be Mindful Of Your Elbow

If you look at many of the best dart players in the world you will notice that their arm from their shoulder to their elbow is straight or horizontal to the floor, when throwing darts.

Plus, there is very little elbow movement up or down during the throwing motion.

If you find that during your follow through you are dropping your elbow you might need to work on keeping it up.

3. Follow Through Properly

With the arm in the horizontal position, bring the dart back to the eye of the same side of your throwing arm, aim and throw at the target, ensuring you follow through with your hand after releasing the dart.

This helps to ensure that as the dart is leaving your hand it doesn’t get bumped or otherwise thrown off course. During your practice, freeze you hand when you are done with your throw.

Where is your hand?

If it is hanging down, fingers to the ground that is a good sign, if not you might need some work. In your follow through analysis you should also look at your elbow finishing position.

4. Consistent Throwing Position

Professional darts players practice on boards that are set-up at the correct height and the Oche (throw line) is the correct distance from the board.

You will be a lot more consistent if you are always practicing from the same distance away from the board and aiming at numbers that are always in the same place.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

Hopefully, the these tips will help get better at darts. It might seem obvious, but perhaps the best thing that you can do to shoot darts consistently is to get plenty of practice in.

While just standing there chucking darts with your friends isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it isn’t really practice. When you are practicing it is best if you have some time on your own or with just a practice buddy.

With each throw you’ll want to take a few extra seconds think through the steps you are doing. You’ll need to visualize where you want the dart to end up and then each step of the process.

If you take your time and concentrate on each step of the process they will become muscle memory. This means that when you are actually playing all the basics will be second nature to you.

We hope this helps improve your dart game.

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