If you’ve been casting about for knitting puns to weave a spell while you’re being grafty, we think these fly puns are totally off the chain.

These puns stem straight from the (woven) web and repre-cinch some of the best knit-wit around.

Seriously, they’re so tubular, they deserve pom-poms.

Hope we don’t run out of material or give you a backstitch.

But, remember, we’re just ribbing ya.

  • We’re a tight-knit bunch.
  • A day without knitting in pointless.
  • I always have a ball knitting.
  • Knitting’s a piece of cake.
  • Hooked on knitting.
  • I’m knot done with knitting yet.
  • Everything seams better when I’m knitting.
  • I knit to unwind.
  • I needle to knit today.
  • Knitting: so many purls of wisdom.
  • Knitting gets under my skein.
  • Halo. Do you like to knit?
  • I knit of my own I-cord.
  • I had knitting plans for later, but they unraveled.
  • Sometimes I knit too late. It makes me yarn.
  • Just pilling around with my fellow knitters.
  • Another mistake? Are you frogging knitting me?
  • Are you really new to knitting? Don’t rib me.

Punny Knitting Jokes

All of these knitting jokes come with punny punchlines.

Q: How did the knitter catch the yarn thief?

A: They followed the pattern.

Q: What did one knitter say when the other knitter refused to make the scarf bigger?

A: Don’t be so selvedge.

Q: Why are knitters bad drivers?

A: They do too much weaving.

Q: How do knitters get to Heaven?

A: Through the purly gates.

Q: How do knitters travel?

A: By cable car.

Q: Why wouldn’t the knitter watch the new TV show?

A: It wasn’t on cable.

Q: Why are Christmas trees the worst knitters?

A: They always drop their needles.

Q: What did they call the mobster who was a really good knitter.

A: Scarf-ace.

Q: Who’s a knitter’s favorite band?

A: Slipknot.

Q: What does a knitter get from sitting too long?

A: H-embroids.

Well, did we hook you with these puns or are we barred from further knitting jokes?

Didn’t mean to put you in a bind. We just get sew excited over knitting puns, we want to blanket the entire page with them.

But we’ll cast off and go look at the daisies.

Just don’t double cross us.

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