Whether you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan or veg out to it whenever it comes on your TV provider’s weekend lineup, the movies are more than meets the eye.

Don’t forget that there’s also a Star Wars show.

And if you’ve never watched a single Star Wars movie or episode, this may just encourage you to do so.

You’ll notice that different characters have different colored lightsabers.

While this is quite appealing and draws people’s attention — some more than others — the visual attraction has nothing to do with the different lightsaber colors.

In fact, different characters and groups have different-colored lightsabers, and the lightsabers have meaning, many contributing to the plot line of the movie or show. 

lightsaber colors

Blue Lightsaber

Blue has been a popular lightsaber color throughout the years.

Various shades of blue have been featured throughout the years.

Blue Lightsaber Meaning 

Bluesabers represent the Jedi side, specifically denoting a Jedi guardian.

The user is typically using the Force on a physical level to protect.

While Jedis were typically thought of as “good,” they weren’t always that way.

They were peacekeepers, but that wasn’t always a good thing when you consider the plot lines of Star Wars. 

Who Wields It 

Obi-Wan Kenobi used three different blue lightsabers. His first one consisted of a blue plasma blade.

He used this one until his battle with Dark Maul, where Dark Maul kicked the weapon into a shaft on Naboo.

Next, he crafted a new one that had a similar construction.

He had this one until he made a third blue plasma blade saber when he became a Jedi Master.

Obi continued to use this saber until his life ended on the Death Star in a fight against Darth Vader, where he sacrificed his life for Luke Skywalker.  

Anakin Skywalker’s second lightsaber was blue and made from blue adegan crystals.

It was wielded to look similar to his first, but specifically for Form V lightsaber combat. 


Few red lightsabers have been featured throughout the years. 

Red Lightsaber Meaning 

Red lightsabers are far from being rare. They, however, have a great deal of symbolism.

Generally, a user of a red saber is thought to be vane and yearning for control.

The user is often thought to be hasty and difficult to tame, possibly thought of as wild or unstable. 

Who Wields It

The Sith were known for carrying red lightsabers to show solidarity and unity and their commitment to the Dark side.

Dark Sidious had a red-bladed saber that came from making kyber crystals “bleed.”

In other words, pain and anger were channeled to get the red hue of saber.  

Kylo Ren had a red lightsaber as well. What’s unique about his is that it used a cracked kyber crystal, which means he either broke it or had to steal it.  


Some of the most well-known purple lightsabers include a purple one as well as a violet one with a black core. 

Purple Lightsaber Meaning 

Purple is one of the more mysterious colors, and it tends to show that the user has ties with both the Light and Dark sides.

Generally, users of a purple saber have moral uncertainty. This color has also been associated with recovery and reconstruction. 

Who Wields It 

In Attack of the Clones, Jedi Champion, Mace Windu, beheaded the bounty hunter, Jango Fett, using a purple lightsaber.

In Revenge of the Sith, Windu deflected Force Lightning with it with a conflict with Darth Sidious, ultimately leaving Sidious disfigured.  


The following were all green sabers featured on Star Wars:

  • Green 
  • Emerald
  • Lime
  • Green with black core

Green Lightsaber Meaning 

Green lightsabers are symbolic of the Jedi side.

Green lightsabers represent keeping peace. 

Who Wields It 

Throughout the history of Star Wars, several infamous Jedi have used green lightsabers, including Luke Skywalker, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Master Yoda.

One prime example is in Return of the Jedi when Luke switched from his blue lightsaber to a green one.

It’s speculated that this represented him becoming a skilled Jedi warrior.  


Star Wars featured white lightsabers as well as a white one with a black core. 

White Lightsaber Meaning 

White is a basic, blank color, and in terms of Star Wars, it means a character doesn’t have affiliation with either the Sith or Jedi. 

Who Wields It 

Ahsoka Tano, a character who played a pivotal role in Clone Wars and makes an appearance in Rebels, uses a white lightsaber.

She was originally a Jedi.

She, however, left the Jedis when was wrongfully accused of bombing the Jedi Temple.

Although she was eventually proven not guilty and offered a full membership as a Jedi knight, she stepped out on her own instead and used a white lightsaber to signify she had no affiliation with either the Light or Dark side.


Few lightsabers were yellow, but this color is still worth mentioning. 

Yellow Lightsaber Meaning 

Yellow is for a Jedi. It means that the Jedi honed his/her skills in terms of combat. 

Who Wields It 

Jedi Sentinels most commonly use the yellow lightsaber.

Sentinels are part of the Jedi order and are in between Consulars and Guardians.

In terms of traits, the Sentinels tend to have abilities from both the Consulars and Guardians, which includes diplomacy and an unparalleled fighting ability.  


Orange is a color not commonly displayed in Star Wars. 

Orange Lightsaber Meaning 

Orange could mean a combination of the Dark and Light forces.

It’s also been speculated that orange means compassion and full allegiance to the Light side. 

Who Wields It

If you didn’t know, Star Wars has a video game called Dark Forces.

In the second Dark Forces, Kyle Katarn uses an orange lightsaber.

You’ll also notice orange sabers being used by the Mandalorian Knights in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game. 


The black lightsaber stands out because it was only used one time in the history of Star Wars. 

Black Lightsaber Meaning 

A black lightsaber symbolizes Mandalorian leadership.

Mandalorian is typically considered a Dark side power. 

Who Wields It 

Pre Vizsla uses the black saber. Specifically, this lightsaber was the Darksaber.

Pre Vizsla who led the Death Watch and House Vizsla used it when he had problems with the New Mandalorians.

He used it during Clone Wars, and it resulted in his takeover of the Mandalore. 


Gold is a color that stands out in jewelry and awards.

It also stands out in Star Wars, especially when you look at who carried a gold lightsaber. 

Gold Lightsaber Meaning 

A gold lightsaber represented a very skilled user, which obviously was a level that had to be earned. 

Who Wields It

During the First Order/Resistance War, Rey exposes a yellowish gold lightsaber.

This decked-out saber appears after she buries Leia and Luke’s lightsabers. 


Gray is more common than silver, although they both have similar meanings. 

Silver/Gray Lightsaber Meaning 

Silver and gray both represent calm and clear minded. 

Who Wields It 

In the Star Wars: Legacy comic series, the Imperial Knights used gray. 

Alema Rar was once associated with the Jedi. In fact, this character was a Twi’lek Jedi Knight in the New Jedi Order.

Before winding up on the Dark side, Alema makes and wields a silver lightsaber. 

Keiran Halcyon from Rise of the Empire is a Jedi Knight who used a silver saber, and his ancestor is Corran Horn who also uses a silver saber.

Keiran designed his lightsaber and used the Durindfire gem to give it its silver color.

This gem is both rare and valuable and found in the Star Wars Legends movie.

The gem originates on the planet Tatooine.  


Cyan is a greenish-blue color and has been used in Star Wars. 

Cyan Lightsaber Meaning 

Cyan is believed to be calming and peaceful. 

Who Wields It 

Cal Kestis used a cyan lightsaber in Star Wars Canon.

It made several appearances in Star Wars Legends, including with Nikko Tyris and Meetra Surrik.

Players can wield it in Star Wars: The Old Republic, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, and Star Wars Galaxies. 


A pink or magenta lightsaber is a rare lightsaber color.  

Pink/Magenta Lightsaber Meaning 

Pink and magenta typically have to do with femininity, charm, and compassion.

Often, the user of these lightsabers may be unconventional.

Who Wields It 

Obi-Wan Kenobi was depicted holding a pink lightsaber on the cover of a Star Wars comic.

At that time, aliens were surrounding him and Luke Skywalker. 

While weapons seem like they wouldn’t have a lot to do with the plot line of movies, these devices have played vital roles in helping each movie come together, especially when you consider who used what colored saber.

The same applies to the comics, games, and show. 

This is especially the case since different lightsabers have different meanings.

While a first-time watcher may easily miss the correlation between all the action and highs and lows of Star Wars, once a person watches more than once, it becomes apparent that the lightsabers have different meanings.

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