Though it’s something that we all had to learn in elementary school, it is sometimes difficult to remember the two-letter abbreviation for a state.

And it’s no wonder that we have a hard time recalling it since there is no uniformity in the abbreviations.

Often, the state abbreviation is the first letter and last letter of the state’s name, such as MD for Maryland.

Also, the states that are made up of two words are easy to remember because they use the first letters of each word as the abbreviation, like NC for North Carolina

Those ones are easier to remember than others, like TN for Tennessee, that make no real sense as to why those are the letters for the abbreviation.

U. S. State Abbreviations In Alphabetical Order

If you have a hard time remember the abbreviations for the US states, then this list should help you out.

You can use it as an easy reference.

USA map state abbreviations

The states are listed below in alphabetical order with their abbreviation.

  1. AL – Alabama
  2. AK – Alaska
  3. AZ – Arizona
  4. AR – Arkansas
  5. CA – California
  6. CO – Colorado
  7. CT – Connecticut
  8. DE – Delaware
  9. FL – Florida
  10. GA – Georgia
  11. HI – Hawaii
  12. ID – Idaho
  13. IL – Illinois
  14. IN – Indiana
  15. IA – Iowa
  16. KS – Kansas
  17. KY – Kentucky
  18. LA – Louisiana
  19. ME – Maine
  20. MD – Maryland
  21. MA – Massachusetts
  22. MI – Michigan
  23. MN – Minnesota
  24. MS – Mississippi
  25. MO – Missouri
  26. MT – Montana
  27. NE – Nebraska
  28. NV – Nevada
  29. NH – New Hampshire
  30. NJ – New Jersey
  31. NM – New Mexico
  32. NY – New York
  33. NC – North Carolina
  34. ND – North Dakota
  35. OH – Ohio
  36. OK – Oklahoma
  37. OR – Oregon
  38. PA – Pennsylvania
  39. RI – Rhode Island
  40. SC – South Carolina
  41. SD – South Dakota
  42. TN – Tennessee
  43. TX – Texas
  44. UT – Utah
  45. VT – Vermont
  46. VA – Virginia
  47. WA – Washington
  48. WV – West Virginia
  49. WI – Wisconsin
  50. WY – Wyoming

List Of State Abbreviations In Excel

If it helps you to remember, then you may be interested in having a list of the U.S. stat abbreviations in an Excel file.

This is a great resource for you because you can easily sort the list to look for what you need.

Feel free to download this file and modify it as you need to.

Final Word

With our handy list of U.S. state abbreviations in alphabetical order, you no longer have to try to remember the abbreviation for any state.

You can also download our Excel file of US states with their abbreviations (also in alphabetical order) and use it however you need to do so.

And remember, while Washington, DC is not a state and it is not in these lists, the abbreviation for Washington DC is simply DC. Wasn’t that easy?

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