Minecraft Dungeons is not a traditional Minecraft game (i.e. It is not an “edition” of Minecraft).

Instead, Dungeons is a dungeon-crawler game set in the Minecraft universe that features multiple mobs and bosses not found in the original game.

These are the mob additions to Minecraft Dungeons, categorized by behavior:

Passive/Friendly Mobs in Minecraft Dungeons

Passive mobs in Minecraft Dungeons are just like the passive mobs found in the original Minecraft.

They are always harmless and friendly toward players, even when attacked.

These are the passive mobs that have been added to and only appear in Minecraft Dungeons:

  • Baby Ghast: a mini version of the Ghast, a classic Minecraft mob
  • Key Golem: small, stone-like creature that carries a key players need to unlock doors or gates
  • Piggy Bank: a pig wearing a treasure chest
  • Target Dummy: a wooden figure used for testing weapons and abilities

Note: Many passive mobs from Minecraft also appear in Minecraft Dungeons, including chickens, cows, wolves, and pigs.

Hostile Mobs in Minecraft Dungeons

Hostile mobs in Minecraft Dungeons are just like the hostile mobs found in the original Minecraft.

They attack on sight and do damage to players.

These are the hostile mobs that have been added to and only appear in Minecraft Dungeons:

  • Ancient Guardian (BOSS): guardian with long-range and melee attacks and a powerful shield
  • Arch-Illager (BOSS): main antagonist of the game
  • Blastling: small, explosive creature that detonates when close to players
  • Corrupted Cauldron (BOSS): giant cauldron that spawns slimes  and shoots fireballs
  • Enchanted Mobs: regular mobs that have been enchanted to be stronger and more dangerous
  • Endersent: mob with Ender-like qualities
  • Frozen Zombie: zombie variant with ice-based attacks
  • Fungus Thrower: throwers of dangerous fungi that contaminate the ground
  • Geomancer: spell-casting mob that create obstacles and traps
  • Heart of Ender (BOSS): the Arch-Illager’s final form (similar to the Ender Dragon in Minecraft)
  • Iceologer: mob that casts ice spells
  • Icy Creeper: creeper variant with cold attributes
  • Jungle Abomination (BOSS): massive, plant-covered golem
  • Jungle Zombie: zombies adapted to jungle environments
  • Leapleaf: plant-based mob that jumps and attacks players from above
  • Mooshroom Monstrosity (BOSS): gigantic Mooshroom with enhanced powers
  • Mossy Skeleton: skeleton variant covered in moss
  • Mountaineer: high-altitude combat mob found in mountainous regions
  • Nameless One (BOSS): powerful necromancer who summons hordes of undead
  • Necromancer: spell-caster that  summons undead mobs
  • Pink Slime: resilient slime variant that splits into smaller slimes
  • Poison-Quill Vine: plant-like mob that shoots poisonous quills
  • Quick-Growing Vine: plant-like mob that rapidly grows and entangles players
  • Rampart Captain: heavily-armored mob that leads groups of other hostile mobs
  • Redstone Cube (BOSS): a smaller, quicker version of the Redstone Monstrosity)
  • Redstone Golem: stronger variant of the golem
  • Redstone Monstrosity (BOSS): colossal golem-like creature that can summon smaller minions
  • Royal Guard: elite defenders found in fortresses or castles
  • Skeleton Vanguard: skeleton equipped with a shield and melee weapon
  • Snareling: mob that uses snares or traps
  • Sunken Skeleton: skeletons found underwater with aquatic weapons
  • Tempest Golem: golem with elemental wind powers
  • Watchling: surveillance mob that alerts other mobs to player’s presence
  • Whisperer: a sly, ranged mob that specializes in stealth and long-range attacks
  • Wind Caller: spell-casting mob with wind-based attacks
  • Wraith: ghostly figure with dark magic
  • Wretched Wraith (BOSS): more powerful version of the standard wraith
  • Zombified Fungus Thrower: zombie version of the fungus thrower

Neutral Mobs in Minecraft Dungeons

Some neutral mobs in Minecraft Dungeons are just like the neutral mobs found in the original Minecraft.

They only attack when provoked.

The other mobs we are considering neutral in Minecraft Dungeons technically DO attack upon sight, but have no power to damage a player.

Instead, these mobs enhance the powers of other mobs or create more mobs to foil the player.

These are the neutral mobs that have been added to and only appear in Minecraft Dungeons:

  • Enchanter: mob that casts spells to enhance other mobs, increasing their threat levels
  • Mob Spawner: a stationary mob that continually spawns other hostile mobs
  • Squall Golem: a golem variant with wind powers that only attacks when activated by a resonance crystal

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