Take a nice trip down memory lane to the last time you played Minecraft on your favorite system and you go to enchant your favorite sword or the armor you’ve been using.

When you go, you can’t find out what you are going to get, because all of the enchantments are in some ancient-looking runes, and all you have to go off of are guesses that the game gives you on the enchantments in the table.

If only you could read what the table says, and maybe you could make the game way easier on yourself. You might be wondering, what’s the Minecraft enchantment alphabet?

Well, now you can read it; The Galactic Alphabet was found to be the language used on the table and it can be completely learned.

The Galactic Alphabet is used in the Commander Keen computer games, and the more noticed Minecraft, and is used as a futuristic lettering, which was then turned into an actual language.

How to Read Minecraft’s Enchanting Table Language

A sentence can be written in English unlike certain languages, specifically Old Hylian which is written in Japanese. An example of text in the Galactic Alphabet would be

Fꖎᔑᒲᒷ i, p????∴ᒷ∷ ii, iリ⎓╎リ╎ℸ ̣ || i

This translates into what everyone wants to see when enchanting a bow. “Flame I, Power II, Infinity I”

minecraft enchantment

The letters used in the Galactic Alphabet all have differences that are substantial in comparison to other letters, with very few letters being similar in how they look, with two exceptions being L and U, which are ꖎ, and ⚍ respectfully.

The alphabet here has very important spacing, because some of the letters compose of multiple lines, or a line and a couple of dots.

minecraft enchanting table

After learning everything, it’s very saddening to know that you can’t actually read the Galactic Alphabet on Minecraft, for the words are just jumbled with no context.

But still, it is interesting to know, especially since the internet has had plenty of fun making fun with this over the last few years especially.

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Apart from that, there is a history behind the language that is quite interesting.

Standard Galactic Alphabet Translator

What if I told you that there is something like a Google Translate, but for the Galactic Alphabet? That’s right, some awesome gamer out there made a website that is a Galactic Alphabet online translator.

You can find it here.

Pretty cool, huh? Use it for your Minecraft enchantments or to just send your friends some funny stuff.

I think you’ll have a lot of fun with this one. You can learn more about this cool language in the video below.

History of the Galactic Alphabet

The Galactic Alphabet did not appear in the game Minecraft as many people expected, but instead from an older game known as Commander Keen, made back in 1991, created by Tom Hall.

He created these letters to create signs in the game to make them look “futuristic or alien”. He followed through when he found that he could put messages into the letters and make his own written language.

commander keen

When Notch incorporated it into Minecraft, even Tom Hall said that he believed “The circle is now complete.” making it seem like everything is okay between them luckily. Various fans of the Commander Keen games loved seeing a little reference to their own game in such a game as Minecraft.

As for now, that is a lot of info for just wanting to begin learning the Galactic Alphabet, but who knows. Maybe sometime soon, some readers out there might start learning how to enchant their own items. Happy enchanting!

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