Have you seen some pigs when you’re playing Minecraft and wondering how you can attract one and get it to follow you? You might be surprised to learn that taming a Minecraft pigs is a lot like taming a chicken in the game.

Once you find some pigs that you get to follow you and you get them penned up, you’re able to use the pig for making little piglets. And though it’s a bit morbid, you can also use the pig for making pork chops.

How To Tame & Attract A Minecraft Pig (8 Easy Steps)

Okay, so taming one of these little adorable farm animals is actually really easy. Here are the steps to do:

minecraft pig carrot

  1. Get some carrots by seeing if the villagers are growing some.
  2. Hoe the ground near some water and plant the carrot to make more carrots.
  3. Wait for the carrots to grow (it takes 1-2 days in Minecraft days).
  4. Equip your hoe once the carrots are grown and harvest them by clicking on them.
  5. Equip a carrot in your hotbar.
  6. Find and approach a pig with the carrot equipped and it will follow you.
  7. While it’s following you, lure the pig into an enclosed space like a pen or building.
  8. Close up the space and you’ve now got a tame pet pig.

You only need one carrot harvest to attract a pig in Minecraft.

The pig will follow you as long as you keep the carrot equipped in your hotbar.

Sounds simple enough, eh?

How To Breed Pigs In Minecraft (4 Easy Steps)

Now that you’ve got yourself a pet pig, you might be wondering how the heck you can get some pork chops from it. And how the heck do you get even more pigs for your own little breeding farm?

minecraft pig breeding

Well, it takes two pigs to make a baby piglet, so you need at least one other pig before you can start your own little pig breeding and pork chop farm in the game.

Here’s how to breed Minecraft pigs:

  1. Capture another pig using the steps above so that you now have two pigs.
  2. Stand in front of each pig and feed it carrots. You’ll know that you did this right when you see the hearts appear from them.
  3. Wait for the baby piglet to be born.
  4. Repeat the above three steps over and over to have a thriving herd of pigs on your farm.

Not sure how to feed your Minecraft pigs the carrots? All you have to do is stand in front of the sheep with the equipped carrot in your hotbar.

Then, you right-click on the carrot to feed them to the pig.

Keep in mind that in addition to breeding your pigs for more piglets, you can also breed them for meat.

minecraft pig farm

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