Okay, so you’re playing Minecraft and you’ve got yourself some seeds that you want to use to start a nice little garden. You think you’ve found the perfect spot for the garden, so you plant those seeds.

But wait a minute, it looks like those planted seeds are popping up out of the dirt a bit.

They’re not supposed to do that! What’s going on, you wonder.

You might even think that this is a bug or a glitch in the game.

Well, if you’re having problems planting seeds in your garden in Minecraft, know that you’re not alone in this. Plenty of people have taken to forums with the same problem.

Wanna know why this keeps happening to you?

It’s not a glitch that’s causing the seeds to pop out in your Minecraft garden, but your lack of lighting. If the area you’ve chosen for planting your seeds is too dark, seeds will pop out.

minecraft garden seed popping out
ground won’t take the seed cause it’s too dark

You can at least try to increase the lighting and that should fix the problem.

How to fix planted seeds from popping out in Minecraft?

You just add a torch or glowstone above the dirt, and that will fix this issue with the popping out seeds.

By the way, to make a torch be in the center, you build a small tower, about 3 high, (depending on the ceiling) then 1-2 blocks to where the center of the dirt and crops are, then you place torches on the block(s) and remove the tower.

minecraft farm
well-lit, thriving Minecraft farm

Of course, the other option here is to just plant your seeds and start your garden somewhere else in the game. There are plenty of great locations for you to plant a garden in Minecraft that are well lit and where your seeds will thrive.

Summary: How To Fix Minecraft Seeds From Popping Out Of The Ground

If you’re more of a visual learner, then you can use the video below to learn how to fix those popping out of ground Minecraft seeds.

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