Ever since Jackie Onassis started vacationing there back in the 1970s, people have been flocking to the gorgeous Greek Isle of Mykonos, making it one of the world’s premiere island destinations. A gay Mecca, Mykonos is hotter than ever in 2017. Whether it is the sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, stunning views of the Aegean, the men, the women, the partying, or the culture, Greece’s wild child isle is ready for you this summer. Xlsior, Mykonos’ gay pride, is an action packed week of gay circuit parties and fun in August. But Mykonos is a homo haven all summer long. Here is what you need to know when going to Mykonos:

Where to stay: Lots of cute little mediterranean Airbnbs dot the map of Mykonos, and you can find anything from a mansion for $50,000 a night to a cute studio nestled on top of a hill of $50. We definitely recommend staying in or near Mykonos town, as the majority of the nightlife and action takes place here. The two gay hotels in town, Geranium and Elysium, have excellent accommodations, pools, and a laid back, clothing optional attitude. Both are in Mykonos town and the area can be accessed totally on foot.

What to do: Explore the island. There are numerous beaches you can visit while there. Elia beach is the gayest, while Super Paradise cove has Jackie O’s and Super Paradise club. Both are gay friendly and play host to the most famous DJs in the world. Flora supermarket: Go and be amazed at the most visually stunning, most high tech, Paris Fashion Week-playing-on-flat-screen grocery store realness you have ever seen. Walk to the Windmills, the most famous landmark of the island. Go dancing all night at Jackie O’s club right on the water in old town. Eat at a restaurant over the sea to the point that you are worried a big wave might get you and your dinner soaked. Get lost in the heart of old Mykonos as the architecture is stunning. Swim in the Aegean. Stay up to watch the sunrise and catch a drag show at sunset at Elysium.

How to do it: You’re going to need some transportation on the island, so we recommend renting a moped or four-wheeler. They are very cheap to rent and there is nothing like blaring Kylie Minogue’s Aphrodite album while zipping through the mountains overlooking the Aegean. Go to Elysium or Geranium hotels for gay information, maps, and guides. Venture to Elysium for their pool-side bar open every day with a drag show to boot. Sing tunes at Montparnasse, the fabulous gay piano bar. Talk to strangers: Mykonos is a very friendly place visited by people from all over the planet looking to get away.

Who to see: Celebrities and the most beautiful people on the planet (literally) flock to Mykonos from all over the globe. Eye candy is everywhere. But the best people to know other than your hot new Italian trick are the people who work on the island. Most of the bartenders respond kindly to consistent tipping by pouring heavier. The cocktail servers are great at advice of what to do. Shopkeepers can help you when you get lost and the DJ of the grocery store is always a great person to see. The most important person on the island? Your hotel concierge. Brandon/Tasos at Geranium knew exactly where to go, what to do, and how to get it.

What to know: Book a ride to and from the airport: The taxis are outrageously expensive. The grocery store has a DJ. The wind is so strong it can slam doors and lock you out. The Aegean is cold. You’ll need to rent a moped, four-wheeler, or car. There are very few atms on the island. Because it is an island in economically strained Greece, go with an open mind: things may not be as up to par as one would expect for a five-star island.

Summer will be here before you know it. So pack your bags, practice your Greek, and get ready to say MykonYES to Mykonos!

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