Digital photography and photo sharing sites (like Facebook and Instagram) have lessened the popularity of picture frames. Most people just don’t print photos anymore; instead, photos go straight to social networking sites and blogging platforms. So what do you do with your old picture frames? Why, repurpose them, of course!

Today we bring you two easy and fully-customizable DIY projects that you can make with old, unused picture frames.

Multi-purpose Wall Holder

Always losing your keys? Always getting your bracelets and necklaces tangled? Have nowhere to store your sunglasses? Fret no more because we have the perfect craft project for you.

Take an old picture frame and take off the glass and back cover. If the back cover is made of cork or wood, proceed to attaching hooks on it using screws and a screw driver. If the back cover is made of plastic, cut out a similarly-sized panel from a piece of wood or a corkboard and attach the hooks to the said board. Re-assemble the picture frame, but do not put back the glass. You can now use your frame as a necklace or key holder.

To make a sunglasses organizer, take a wooden frame and remove the glass as well as the back cover. Take pieces of twine and staple it to the back of the wooden frame. Lightly hammer the staple wire to help secure the twine. Hang your sunglasses on the twines.

Picture Frame Memo Board

There are two easy ways by which you can turn an old picture frame into a memo board. For the first memo board, make the picture frame-twine sunglasses organizer described in the previous paragraph. Instead of hanging sunglasses on the twine, however, take some clothespins and a few colorful pieces of cardboard or index card. Using the clothespins, hang the pieces of cardboard or index card on the twine. This is a great idea for creating to-do lists since you can easily remove the cardboards once you finish the tasks written on them. For better time management, color code your tasks so you know which ones are urgent.

Another way to turn your picture frame into a memo board is to make a chalkboard. Using the frame’s back cover as a size guide, cut out a piece of cardboard. Using a brush, apply a coat of chalkboard paint (which you can buy in any craft store) on the cardboard. Allow to dry. Once the initial coat has dried completely, apply a second coat of chalkboard paint. Let it dry, preferably overnight. Once dry, take a piece of chalk and rub it all over your chalkboard. Erase completely. Re-assemble your picture frame, excluding the glass. Your picture frame chalkboard is now ready!

Just because the art of photography has gone digital does not mean that you should start throwing away your old, unused picture frames. Put your old frames to good use by doing this easy DIY projects which will help you organize your home and schedule in the most artsy way possible.

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