Getting the right mixed breed dog is not an easy feat. It begins with researching the best breeds, including loyalty, personality, temperament, trainability, feeding habits, and more, plus an expert breeder.

The Pitbull Mastiff Mix is a sought-after breed, which, just like Mastiffs and Pitbulls in general, are loyal pets.

Here’s an in-depth look at the Pitbull Mastiff mix if you’re considering owning one, or you’re maybe just curious.

What is a Pitbull Mastiff Mix?

The name already gave it away since it’s a mix between the Mastiff and Pitbull breeds.

They are mainly the Neapolitan Mastiff dog and the American Pitbull Terrier(although breeders can and have used other combinations).

They are hybrid, meaning their cross-breeding stems from purebred dogs. 

They have a life span of eight to twelve years and while the American Kennel Club embraces the Mastiff, they do not accept the Pitbull Mastiff mix as it’s a cross-breed.

pitbull mastiff mix
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Pitbull Mastiff Mix Appearance

This muscular mixed-breed dog has varying appearances, which depends on the genetic makeup of its parents.

What you can always guarantee is that you’ll acquire a large, muscular, and powerful dog. 

Their bodies are brawn, heads wide and nose on the square side.

If the Mastiff gene is more robust, they may have wrinkles across their face in the eye, nose, and mouth regions.

Height and Weight: 

Males: Up to 140lbs (because of the Mastiff being generally robust in comparison to the average 60 pounds Pitbulls.)

Females: Over 100lbs. They achieve full maturity between eighteen and twenty-four months. 

Color: Red, white, brown, black, and bi-colored.

Markings: A number of the breeds have marks on their faces, similar to a Pitbull’s, that runs from between their eyes to their nose tip.  

They can also have Mastiff-like characteristics, such as markings on their feet and chest and a dark mask on the face.

Coat: Although crossbreeds can be inconsistent in look and temperament, you can rest assured that your Pitbull Mastiff Mix will have a short and fine coat.


Brushing your dog once or twice a week can keep him looking his best – Mastiffs are known for their modest maintenance requirements.

Brushing helps to keep your coat healthy by dispersing natural oils.

Don’t bathe them too regularly, as this will get rid of their natural oils.

Cut their nails, clean their ears, and brush their teeth frequently. Keeping wipes handy for drooling is a plus.

Personality and Temperament  

As with your dog’s appearance, there is no way to forecast how this breed will behave because it is a hybrid, but the parent’s breed gives a clearer understanding of their temperament.

Pitbull Mastiff Mix breeds are loyal, just like any other Pitbull or Mastiff.

They are amiable, sweet-natured, and pleasant friends.

Because of their charming and caring demeanor, they make excellent companion dogs!

It’s no surprise that this combination will be affectionate and devoted, as both parent breeds are. They will build strong attachments to their owners.

However, because of their deep relationships, this mixed breed is susceptible to separation anxiety.

Since a result, it’s usually best not to leave your dog alone for lengthy periods (over three-hour intervals), as they’ll get destructive and chew on anything accessible.

Families utilize Pitbulls and Mastiffs for home security, making their mix ideal for that purpose too.

As a result, the Pitbull Mastiff Mix will shield them and seem aloof with outsiders.

Pitbulls have a reputation for being unfriendly to strange dogs.

As a result, you should make sure your Pitbull Mastiff Mix pup goes to a home without any more pets.

Get your puppy socialized as soon as possible by exposing them to a variety of dogs.

Does Pitbull Mastiff Mix Make Good Family Dogs?

Although this breed is unquestionably devoted and loving, they may be too large for tiny children to handle.

As a result, households with older children suit this mixed breed.

Make sure your children understand primary dog body language and when to give them space.

When your children are around these large dogs, monitor them.

He’ll appreciate the love that a large family can provide.

Training a Mastiff Pitbull Mix

Note: To prevent behavioral issues, avoid punishing your pet.

Having said that: start their training as soon as your pet gets home since they grow quickly, and it’s easier to train them when they’re still small.

Pitbull Mastiffs are clever dogs, but they also have aggressive personalities.

Because they can be challenging at times, it’s best to exercise patience and keep training sessions fun and constant.

This combination will have a powerful and forceful personality, necessitating the assistance of a self-assured trainer.

When training your dog, always utilize positive reinforcement.

It produces the best results while avoiding the negative consequences of forceful or aggressive tactics.

When your pet obeys your command, offer them praise and treats. 

Since Pitbull genes can cause aggression toward other dogs, ensure they socialize with dogs and people correctly and safely when they’re young.

Keep training sessions light and enjoyable since this mix can rapidly get bored and destructive.

Give them robust toys that won’t shatter easily beneath their powerful jaws to keep them from chewing your furniture.

To put their wits to the test, use puzzle feeders.

Caring For a Pitbull Mastiff Mix

This crossbreed is not for the faint of heart; he is large, energetic, and dislikes alone.

Larger home space and preferably a house suits the personality of a Pit ill Mastiff mix. 


When they start being fussy, it’s time for a walk(on a leash).

At least an hour of exercise in total will suffice to boost the cognitive skills of a Pitbull Mastiff mix dog.

Laying down during the walk indicates exhaustion.

Because of their gigantic breed status, you must ensure that you do not overexert your puppy during their growing phase, which lasts until they reach maturity.

They are prone to stomach torsion, so it’s important to avoid exercising right after they eat and to ensure that they do not eat too quickly.

Diet and Feeding

Balanced calcium and protein-rich diet are great for your big-breed pet. 

Proteins are vital in a dog’s diet because they provide amino acids that they cannot make on their own.

Dogs require nutritional lipids for energy, plus various vitamins and minerals to remain healthy. 

The expected mature weight determines how much food your dog gets.

Since a Pitbull Mastiff Mix is a large dog, it will require more food than the usual dog, approximately 41/2 cups per 100 pounds.

For a mature dog, distribute this out across 2-3 meals each day and always ask your vet if concerns arise.

Whether you feed your dog dry food, canned food, or raw meat is a personal choice.

It’s preferable to use high-quality products and avoid filler components like corn syrup, potentially toxic.

Health Issues Discovered

Pitbull Mastiff Mix breeds are usually healthy since they have more genetic diversity than pure breeds, reducing disease predispositions.

This mix, however, may inherit health concerns from their parents, such as:

  •  Hip dysplasia, which affects their joints and causes pain.
  • They may experience stomach torsion, which causes bloating.
  • Overeating and a lack of exercise cause kidney disease and obesity.

Bottom Line

The Pitbull Mastiff mix dogs are great for families with older children, friendly, and easy to groom.

However, they require a lot of attention.

Would you please make sure you only get them after eight weeks to ensure they get enough maternal care?

Ask the breeder if they’ve been screened for potential illnesses and ask to see the feeding underway.

Make a lot of time for your pet and enjoy!

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