The best thing about minecraft is the community built around it. Without this community the game couldn’t be as great as it’s grown today. What truly makes minecraft unique to me are mods. Mods allow you to add new things to the game which were never there before. This could be as simple as a new tree or as complex as electricity and airplanes. So, here’s my list of favorite minecraft modpacks that I think you’ll also really enjoy!

OhGaming Modpacks

I’m sure this isn’t a shocker right? I mean how you could you not expect me to think you’ll love our own custom modpacks! Just stick with me here and see what I have to say about these modpacks and some of the future content we’re planning ahead for.

Wild West: Our western themed modpack has been a real crowd favorite. We do our best to create a unique feel in the western times. The modpack provides guns, unique crops, and a style of blacksmith called tinkers construct. In the future we plan on creating a 1.7.10 version of this pack. We won’t be getting rid of 1.6.4 so if you’re already a player don’t worry about anything going away. We just want to update to what’s new and re-create the Wild West with a feel of it’s prior greatness in 1.5.2 initial release.

Organized Crime: This server is very different than others when you log into the multiplayer server. You’ll start off in jail and have to work your way out. Don’t get this confused with a prison server as it’s nothing like it. Once you’re a free person, you can run around the city which is a custom created map just for this server. You can own your very own property, customize it to your liking, create a business, and go around the outer city limits and perform drive by shootings. This minecraft modpack is exactly what anyone looking for a change needs.

Pixelmon: Yes! Pokemon in minecraft! Most of us grew up playing Pokemon and now you can relive it all over or for you younger folk you get to experience the greatness of Pokemon in minecraft. Honestly we couldn’t resist putting this one up because we love it ourselves. You can become a gym leader and operate a gym and give out badges. Catch all the Pokemon you want and search out hard to find legendary Pokemon.

Business & Bullets: Do you enjoy blowing things up? This modpack is for you then! It provides aircraft combat, hardcore pvp, and raiding.

Medieval Times: This modpack takes you back to the medieval era. You can become a knight, use thaumcraft like an alchemist, and dual wield weapons like a mad man! It’s a great feeling and experience playing this pack.

Harvestville: Do you enjoy a more relaxing experience. Somewhere you can casually build, craft, and farm. This is what this minecraft modpack is designed for. The idea behind this modpack is to allow you to have fun and get to relax without worrying about being killed, looted, and raided.

Steampunk: This theme is just awesome! If you don’t know what steam punk is please go Google it. It’s a mixture of new technology that uses steam as a main source of power. Things tend to look rustic but, are amazing mechanically. We believe this modpack is really going to grow into something much larger but, only time will tell.

Year 6015: This modpack places you into the future. You’ll get to fly around in laser shooting jets, a delorean, and have all kinds of crazy machines at your disposal.

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If you would like to try any of these modpacks all you have to do is click the linked names to be taken to their technic page which has additional information.

Where To Find More Minecraft Modpacks

You can find a lot of modpacks on the Technic Platform currently. A good place to start looking is through the modpack navigation menu at the top and select browse modpacks. They also have a section on their forums for modpacks and that’s honestly a better place to find newer and more active packs.

Another great place to look is on Planet Minecraft. They have listings just for servers and also a forums with additional listings you can look through. A third spot to look is minecraft forums on Curse.

Minecraft Modpacks

Creating Your Own Modpack

Some of you may be interested in creating your own modpack. Just keep in mind it isn’t always as easy as you think and 90% of modpacks fail. I know that may not be what you want to hear but, I just want to be honest with you. A good place to start looking for information is on Cauldron. You’ll learn a lot of what you need to know right on that website.

A good place to find mods are on the minecraft forums. There’s some other places as well, but MCF seems to be one of the best. If you just want to create single player modpacks this is all you’ll need. For those of you wanting to go online with a pack you’ll need to get hosting which costs money.

I’m not going to recommend any hosts here, but I recommend getting at least 6 Gigs of RAM for a custom modpack. These packs are going to require a lot more than plain vanilla.

Well that’s it for this article and I hope you were able to find some cool interesting things about minecraft modpacks. We welcome you to come and join our personal minecraft forums and become a member of our community. See you in game!


  1. I’m glad to still see Oaks is still around I’m glad to still see a familiar face I’m glad to see that I can read my past memories all these mod packs changed my life gaming growing up the amount of fun and friendships I made over the years playing these mod packs I would do anything to relive my childhood memories it’s just really sad to see everything go but I understand people want to do other things in their life and that’s perfectly normal 🙂 I just want you to know theirs a community still their waiting for something waiting to see that spark again i my self am waiting to playing that mod pack but will never experience it I’d do anything to play any of your mod packs atleast start a go fund me if you don’t believe me you’d get crazy media attention from tik tok

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