When it comes to managing your Vizio TV with ease, an RCA Universal Remote can be a perfect choice. 

This univeral remote control is easy to program so you can control your TV and other devices. 

We’re here to show you how to do that and how to chech the compatibility of you’re devices.

Device Compatibility

How To Program RCA Universal Remote To Vizio TV

The RCA Universal Remote is designed to work with a wide range of electronic devices, including your Vizio TV.

This means you can ditch the clutter of multiple remotes and control your TV with just one handy gadget.

Your Vizio TV, whether it’s an LED or another model, should have no problem syncing up with the RCA Universal Remote.

The great thing about this remote is that it’s highly adaptable and works with various TV brands, including Vizio.

So you don’t gotta worry about whether or not your particular TV model is compatible.

Setting up the remote is pretty straightforward.

You just gotta enter the appropriate code for your Vizio TV, which can be found in the remote’s manual or online.

Once you’ve entered the correct code, your RCA Universal Remote should be ready to control your Vizio TV, along with any other compatible devices you may have.

Programming RCA Universal Remote Using Direct Code Entry

Here’s what you should know about using codes to program that RCA universal remote control.

Locating the Remote Codes

You’ll need to find the codes to program your RCA universal remote to your Vizio TV.

These codes can usually be found online by searching for “RCA remote codes for Vizio TVs” or in the RCA universal remote’s manual.

It’s essential to have several codes on hand, as some may work better than others.

Here’s a list of some of the most common RCA univeral remote codes for Vizio TVs: 004, 502, 079, 1758, 0885, 3145, 10120, 13758, and 10885.

Performing the Direct Code Entering Method

Once you’ve got your 5-digit codes, you’re ready to rock and roll with the Direct Code Entering Method.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn on your Vizio TV and grab your RCA universal remote.
  2. Press and hold the TV button on the remote until the red light turns on and stays solid.
  3. Find the 5-digit code you noted earlier and enter it on the remote’s keypad. The red light should turn off after you’ve entered the entire code.
  4. Now, point that RCA remote at your TV and press on the Power button. If the TV turns off, that means you’ve successfully paired your RCA remote with your Vizio TV! If it doesn’t, try the next code on the list until you find one that works.

Remember to test out other buttons like volume, channels, and input to make sure your RCA universal remote has full functionality with your Vizio TV.

If you run into any issues or none of the codes work, don’t stress – you can always try the Code Search button on the remote for a more automated pairing process.

Programming RCA Universal Remote Using Auto Code Search

If you don’t have a code to try, then this is gonna be the next best option for you.

Starting the Auto Code Search Method

To program your RCA universal remote to your Vizio TV without a code, follow these simple steps.

First, power on your Vizio TV. Then, grab your RCA remote and look for the “Code Search” button, usually located at the top.

Press and hold the “Code Search” button until the red light on the remote turns on, showing that it’s ready to scan the codes.

Also, make sure the remote is pointed towards the Vizio TV during this process.

It’s important to keep it in this position throughout the entire auto code search method so it can successfully link to your TV.

Pairing the Remote with Your Vizio TV

Now you can start the actual pairing process.

On your RCA remote, press and release the “TV” button, then press and hold the “Power” button.

The red light should begin flashing, indicating that the remote is searching for the code needed to sync with your Vizio TV.

Keep holding the “Power” button until your Vizio TV turns off.

This means that the remote has found the correct code for your TV.

Release the “Power” button, and the pairing process will be complete!

Now, your RCA universal remote is ready to control your Vizio TV.

You’ve successfully used the auto code search method to program your remote.

Controlling Multiple Devices with RCA Universal Remote

Did you know you can program the remote to work for more than just your television?

Configuring the RCA Remote for Additional Devices

Your RCA Universal Remote can work with more than just your Vizio TV.

It can also control devices like a DVD player, Blu-ray player, cable box, and soundbar.

Follow these steps to configure the remote for each device:

  1. Turn on the device (DVD, Blu-ray, cable box, etc.) you want to control.
  2. Press down and release the appropriate device button on the RCA remote. For example, press ‘DVD’ for a DVD player or ‘CBL’ for a cable box.
  3. Aim your remote at the device while pressing and holding the device button.
  4. Keep the device button pressed and simultaneously press and hold the ‘Power’ or ‘On/Off’ button until the light on the remote turns on again.
  5. Press down and hold the ‘Play’ or ‘Slow’ button for five seconds. The device should turn off.

Your remote is now programmed to control the additional device.

Switching Between Devices

Now that you’ve got your RCA remote working with multiple devices, let’s make switching between them a piece of cake.

Just follow these super-simple steps:

  1. Press and release the device button of the device you want to control (e.g., ‘TV’, ‘DVD’, ‘CBL’, etc.).
  2. The remote will automatically switch to control that device. Now, you can use the remote to change channels, adjust volume, and more.
  3. When you wannat to switch back to another device, press and release the relevant device button again.

Now you can control your Vizio TV, DVD player, Blu-ray player, cable box, and soundbar with just one RCA Universal Remote. 

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Resolving Ineffective Key Presses

Sometimes, when you’re using your RCA universal remote to control your Vizio TV, you might find that some buttons don’t seem to work properly.

Don’t worry; there are easy steps you can follow to resolve this.

First, ensure that your remote is pointing at the TV sensor and there are no obstacles blocking the signal.

Next, double-check the batteries in your remote, as low battery levels can cause buttons to be unresponsive.

If the problem persists, try locating the specific code for your Vizio TV model in the TV manual or manufacturer’s official website.

Once you have the code, reprogram your RCA remote using the provided guide.

Be sure to test each button after programming to ensure they function correctly.

Resetting the RCA Universal Remote

If your RCA universal remote is still not working after trying the above steps or starts behaving erratically, you might need to reset it.

Follow these simple steps to reset your remote:

  1. Remove the batteries from your RCA remote.
  2. Press and hold the Power button on your remote for approximately 20-30 seconds. This helps drain any residual power stored in the remote.
  3. Reinsert the batteries, ensuring they are properly positioned and you’re using fresh, non-rechargeable batteries.
  4. The LED light on your remote should flash, indicating that it’s ready for programming.
  5. Locate the specific Vizio TV code and follow the programming guide to reprogram your remote.

Now, your RCA universal remote should be reset and functioning properly with your Vizio TV.

Remember to point your remote directly at the TV sensor and keep it free of obstructions for the best results. 

Alternative Solutions

Sometimes, programming an RCA Universal Remote to your Vizio TV might not be the only solution at hand.

In that case, there are some alternative ways to control your Vizio Smart TV.

One of those options is the use of remote control apps. Let’s dive into that option and see how it can help you.

Vizio Smart TV Remote Control Apps

You can turn your smartphone into a Vizio Smart TV remote control by using various remote control apps available.

These apps are available on both iOS and Android platforms, and they provide you with the convenience of controlling your TV right from your phone.

Some popular Vizio Smart TV remote control apps include:

  • SmartCast Mobile: This app is designed by Vizio, specifically for their TVs. Through this app, not only can you control your TV but also stream content from your mobile device directly to your TV. You can download this one on both iOS and Android devices.
  • Remote for Vizio: This is a third-party app that you can use to control a Vizio Smart TV. It’s got a user-friendly interface and works on both iOS and Android devices.

To get started with these apps, simply download the one suitable for your needs and follow the on-screen instructions for pairing it with your Vizio Smart TV.

Once connected, you’ll have a handy alternative to your RCA Universal Remote, giving you more flexibility in how you control your TV.

Remember, these remote control apps rely on your phone’s Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to communicate with your Vizio Smart TV.

So, make sure you have a stable connection to ensure seamless control and the best possible experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Programming steps for Vizio TV?

To program your RCA universal remote to your Vizio TV, follow these steps: Turn on your Vizio TV.

Turn on your RCA universal remote and press and hold the device button (TV, DVD, Soundbar, etc) for 3 seconds.

Now point the remote at the device and press the CH+ and CH- buttons continuously until your device turns off.

Finding codes for Vizio TV?

To find the correct codes for your Vizio TV, refer to the code list provided with your RCA universal remote or check their online manual.

The codes can be 2-digit, 3-digit, 4-digit, or 5-digit, depending on the model of your Vizio TV.

Pairing RCA remote with TV?

To pair your RCA universal remote with your TV, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your TV.
  2. Press and release the TV button on the RCA universal remote. The red light on the remote will begin to flash.
  3. Now simultaneously press and hold the Power and TV buttons on the RCA universal remote. The on/off button will be illuminated and then turn off.

Resetting RCA universal remote?

To reset your RCA universal remote, press and hold the TV (or device) button for 5 seconds until the LED flashes twice.

Afterward, follow the programming steps to reprogram the remote for your specific device.

Function of code search button?

The code search button on your RCA universal remote allows the remote to search for the correct code for your device when you don’t have the code list or are unsure of the correct code.

This function makes it easier to find and enter the right code for your device, ensuring a successful pairing with your RCA universal remote.

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