We’re ranking all 65 episodes of Even Stevens.

If you missed our countdown from 65-50, see The Geeky Matters Ranking of Even Stevens Episodes (65-50).

And now, episodes 49-35.

The Even Stevens Episode Ranking

Starting at the bottom, heading toward #1.

49 – Little Mr. Sacktown (Even Stevens Season 3, Episode 6)

Beans is super cute in a little tux, while staying true to Beans.

Ren gets caught the middle between her two best friends.

There’s a moral and a happy ending in both stories. Overall, pretty fun.

48 – Movie Madness (Season 1, Episode 18)

The A story in which Louis gets a big head, is hard on his friends, and they have a temporary falling out is both funny and a quality life lesson.

Unfortunately, the writers don’t know what to do with Ren again and make “crushing on boy” her main personality trait, which drags the whole episode down to this position on the list.

47 – Broadcast Blues (Even Stevens Season 2, Episode 6)

An episode where most of the main characters interact with one another is always a good episode.

Louis and Twitty tricking Ren into thinking Beans is a genius is also one of their better pranks.

And the “never meet your heroes” lesson is well done.

It’s only this low on the list because this show is just this good.

46 – Deep Chocolate (Even Stevens Season 1, Episode 12)

In a series built on sibling conflict, there may be no better plot line than when Louis and Ren are forced to be nicer to each other.

Which is the core storyline of this episode.

Ren is put to the ultimate test when she must refrain from insulting Louis for a week.

It ain’t easy, and it’s fun watching her squirm.

But Tawny cementing her role as the show’s philosopher and mediator between Louis and Twitty is the real highlight.

45 – Secrets and Spies (Even Stevens Season 1, Episode 11)

At this point in the series (if you’re watching in order), you may start to wonder if Ren is a Stepford child.

This episode assures you she isn’t.

It also assures you these siblings don’t hate each other nearly as much as they act like they do, and Louis can be supportive when he gets the chance.

44 – All About Yvette (Even Stevens Season 1, Episode 5)

Jealousy over a friend is pretty well-trod territory, which makes the A story here get a little lost in the more original storylines of the Even Stevens universe.

But Louis and Tawny getting bested by a toddler is prime viewing.

And there’s enough 80s costumery (with Mom and Dad Stevens looking choice as 80s rock icons) to bring this one up a notch or two.

43 – Uncle Chuck (Even Stevens Season 2, Episode 17)

A lot of Even Stevens episodes are memorable because they’re particularly amusing.

This one is memorable because it’s particularly poignant, coming in with the lesson the people in our lives who are the most fun aren’t always the best for us and we should appreciate those who do right by us, even if they aren’t always a blast.

Also, any time Ren struggles with something, especially at school, it’s a good break in stereotype and a reminder no one can be perfect at everything.

42 – Boy on a Rock (Even Stevens Season 3, Episode 13)

As far as the comedy aspect of Even Stevens goes, this episode has some truly quality moments, including a hearty pratfall involving Louis, a cake, and a bunch of angry little girls.

But, don’t worry, the heartfelt lessons are still there too.

41 – What’ll Idol Do (Even Stevens Season 1, Episode 4)

Remember how we mentioned Louis could be bratty? Well, this is one of his brattier moments.

It’s also one of his creepier moments.

This is not the only episode of Even Stevens where one person (typically Louis) secretly videotapes others, but it gives us the willies each time.

This one does, however, come with some Louis and Ren bonding, and we’ll take that every time.

40 – My Best Friend’s Girlfriend (Even Stevens Season 3, Episode 3)

Girlfriend comes between best friends is pretty standard territory.

So is sibling rivalry. But this episode does both especially well.

First up, you’ve got Tawny once again being mature beyond her years and not falling for Louis’s guff.

Then, you’ve got Tom being… well, Tom.

There are the life lessons, some ridiculous costume choices, and everyone gets along in the end. It’s good times all around.

But the best part of this episode is the Donnie-Ren storyline.

Donnie learns a lesson, Ren does the teaching, and everything turns out exactly like it should.

39 – Stevens Genes (Even Stevens Season 1, Episode 2)

Only the second episode of the series, this is obviously an establishing episode meant to set up those important Stevens’ family dynamics.

But it also establishes something even more important, that, as goofy as he is, Louis has a bit of an inferiority complex when it comes to being the least successful member of such a successful family.

It’s an essential character insight that explains a lot of Louis’ antics throughout the series and leads to some truly standout episodes, like Snow Job and Heck of a Hanukah.

38 – A Weak First Week (Even Stevens Season 1, Episode 21)

Even Stevens is a show about Louis and Ren.

Though their storylines often diverge, it really is about the two of them as a unit and how hard it can be for them to relate to one another.

So, what makes more sense than a first-season ender that has them trapped together on a Ferris wheel where they have no choice but to have a heart-to-heart?

Nothing. It’s perfect.

37 – Close Encounters of the Beans Kind (Even Stevens Season 3, Episode 8)

Viewers might disagree with certain aspects of Even Stevens.

Louis is the best Stevens. Ren is the best Stevens.

That sort of thing.

But if there’s one thing I think all Even Stevens lovers can agree on, it’s that Beans is strange.

Like, honestly, it’s his whole deal.

That makes this episode in which Louis and Twitty, and eventually even Ren, believe Beans and his family are aliens almost too obvious in the best kind of way.

Plus, there’s a pitch-perfect ET homage that’s worthy of mention.

36 – Scrub Day (Even Stevens Season 1, Episode 9)

The only person who is supposed to scare Louis is Ren.

Even Ren would agree with that. But in this episode, Louis does have something to fear – upperclassmen.

The premise of this one, in which Louis learns not to fear the inevitable with the help of a humorously-inspired Donnie, is a good reminder of who this show was truly aimed at, junior high schoolers going through some stuff.

35 – Leavin’ Stevens (Even Stevens Season 3, Episode 22)

This being the series finale, I’m aware a lot of viewers really love this episode.

And it does hit all those perfect series finale beats.

But in a lot of ways this ep just feels like one long goodbye, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for the usual Even Stevens antics.

That makes it fine, but pretty middle of the road for us. Don’t be mad.

It’s a good series ender, but we’re here for the comedy.

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