In Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, there is a variety of characters and stages to play on, giving endless fun to this game of brawling with your favorite Nintendo characters.

Within characters, there are moves that make you feel incredibly satisfied when they land, some more than others.

When those moves win the game though? It’s a true feeling of power as you hit something either so rare or feeling so powerful that you just want a crowd to yell in applause behind you.

These are the top ten most satisfying moves to hit in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

10. Incineroar Alolan Whip

Incineroar Alolan Whip

A move easy to start and feels incredible to hit when done right.

This move grabs opponents instead of just hitting them like normal, and throws them into the ropes of a wrestling ring where they bounce back and can be hit in one of three ways:

  • timing it too late and both players stagger slightly
  • timing it early sends the enemy upwards
  • and timing it perfect clotheslines the enemy as they pass you, making a satisfying crack of sound when it hits causing an astounding about of damage and knock-back.

This move is usable as an early kill move that has a lot of potential being strong and stylish.

9. Cloud Finishing Touch

Cloud Finishing Touch

A move slightly harder to hit than the latter, but still incredibly satisfying to hit on most enemies.

With Cloud, his Limit Break causes all his special moves to become more powerful by either increasing its knock-back, damage, or both.

The move that is most well-known is his down special, which normally is used to charge his limit.

When his limit is full, it turns into a full hurricane that sends straight up and being a decent kill move, this always does a dramatic hit close-up when it hits, adding to the look and feeling of such a beautiful swing.

8. Roy Flare Blade

Roy Flare Blade

A move simple to perform, but very difficult to hit due to the commitment.

Roy’s neutral special is Flare Blade, a long-winded charge attack that can be held up to around seven or 8 seconds that when fully charged, releases an explosion with an insane amount of killing power.

This attack is more commonly used as a punishment for a shield break, but even at that, it fries everything in its path.

All to suggest when facing this move, hope you have spirits to help against explosive damage, otherwise you’re looking to get burned.

7. Luigi Super Jump Punch

Luigi Super Jump Punch

The first of moves that are a large risk for reward system, with the reward being a jump capable of shooting the opponent straight into the sky.

While this move is incredibly fun to use, it doesn’t aid in Luigi’s recovery as much as people may hope but can be used as either damage dealing, or a kill move for beginners and experienced players alike.

6. Little Mac KO Punch

Little Mac KO Punch

Little Mac used to be a bit of a joke for Smash Bros 4 due to his very bad recovery and bad aerials.

In Ultimate, he might be the same in air but on the ground, he destroys, especially with his KO punch when he takes or gives damage, that becomes a kill move at very low damages, allowing him to be very good at comebacks.

He has the same mechanics with his games as he can have in Smash, being the underdog that can take every match he’s in.

5. Mr. Game & Watch Judge

Mr. Game & Watch Judge

The most controversial move in Smash, the move that can do so many things it is hard to categorize it as a good or bad move.

This move hits an opponent with a hammer listing a number from one to nine. The number on the hit determines the effect of the move on Game & Watch and the opponent.

The effects vary from taking damage yourself, to a super powerful hit that can kill very early.

The really satisfying hit in this would be number 9, which any person who has hit it can guarantee it is a 10/10.

4. Jigglypuff Rest

Jigglypuff Rest

A move from a character people make fun of, Rest is a move used to solely be rude to the opponent.

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The move has a tiny hitbox that when hit, will make a crack of hitting the enemy, launching them.

While this hit usually launches them off screen, if it doesn’t it adds insult to injury by adding a flower to the top of the opponents head that damages them a little bit for some time.

This move along with being satisfying to hit is such a mean move to hit, often changing the entire mood of the battle just from hitting this.

3. Ridley Skewer

Ridley Skewer

This move trades out its launching power for all the damage in the world.

This move requires the enemy to be an exact distance away, but when it hits, it SLAPS.

This move will knock the enemy down and do a whopping 40+ damage that can be followed up due to the enemy dropping to the floor.

This move may not have the kill power of the previous moves but with how strong Ridley is, most moves that he can follow up with are fatal.

2. Warlock/Falcon Punch

Warlock/Falcon Punch

This category contains two moves that are near identical in everything except for attack power.

These moves are known to be the moves with some of the most hype in the entire game.

These moves nearly lock you from moving left or right even when in midair, charging for about 2 seconds before shooting forwards with an incredible amount of knock-back and damage.

Warlock/Falcon Punch

Along with being incredibly powerful, these moves have a trick that can cause more damage along with possibly tricking enemies performed by trying to turn around as soon as you start up the punch.

For both characters, these moves will charge up and right before punching, will spin around, hopefully crossing up the enemy and getting a hit that is stronger than the normal form of the move.

Along with all these incredible moves, what could be more incredible feeling than hitting a Rest or Skewer or any form of Super Punch?

1. Luigi Down Taunt

Luigi Down Taunt

No other way to end a list like this except with one of the largest joke moves in this game.

Although this can barely be classified as a “move” and is closer to a taunt, it has a hitbox that can hurt enemies, or more impressively, spike them.

The true satisfying action behind this is stopping an enemy when they grab on the edge and either hitting them with it before, or right after their invincibility.

The stunning part of this move is that even at zero, if this move hits on most normal stages, it just kills the opponent.

Most people that play this game will agree on one thing with this move; if you hit this and it kills the enemy, there is no difference whether you win or lose the match, you win in the hearts of anyone who watched you slightly shuffle your feet and shoot someone into the abyss.

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