The beginning of the school year marks new beginnings – a chance to make new friends, take up new and better study habits, and learn new things. To get you hyped for the new school year, here are some back-to-school craft ideas that will add color and efficiency to studying:

Duct Tape Notebook Covers and Binders

Notebooks and binders are school essentials. Unfortunately, they tend to be quite boring and plain-looking. While you can find ones that are colorful, sturdy and fun-looking, they usually do not come cheap. The solution? Instead of settling for boring school supplies or shelling out money for cool ones, opt to invest in sturdy supplies and spruce them up yourself. Better yet, spruce them up using only duct tape (which can now be purchased in different colors) and a cutter or a pair of scissors.

Start by wiping off the notebook and binder with a dry cloth to remove dust and/or moisture. Once the notebook flap or binder is clean and dry, cover it with duct tape, making sure to leave about a centimeter allowance on top and on the outermost side. The duct tape rows, meanwhile, should slightly overlap so as to make your notebook cover/binder waterproof. Make sure to run your finger over the duct tape as you go along to remove bubbles. Once you have completely covered the flaps with duct tape, fold the excess tape inwards. For a sleek finish, cover the inside flaps with duct tape as well, but this time making sure that the tape is perfectly aligned to the edges. You can also use the duct tape to create geometric patterns and other designs on your notebook cover or binder.

Elastic Pen Holder

If you’re the type who constantly forgets or loses pens and pencils, then this DIY idea is for you. Start by determining the supplies you want to attach to your notebook or binder. It could be anywhere from a couple of pens and pencils to markers and glue sticks. Lay them side by side on a 1-inch-wide strip of fabric, roughly a centimeter apart, and mark the position of each item. This will serve as your guide when sewing in the elastic. Cut off the excess fabric, making sure that there is a half-inch allowance on both sides.

Take an elastic band (about twice the length of your fabric) and start sewing it on the fabric strip, using the markings you’ve previously made as a guide. To make sure that the elastic band fits snugly around your pens and other office supplies, lay down the supplies on the strip of fabric, wrap the elastic band tightly around it, and secure the elastic to the fabric with a pin. Cut off the excess elastic. Glue or duct tape the finished elastic pen holder to your notebook or binder and say bye to the old days of frantically searching for pens.

Studying doesn’t have to be a chore. Motivate yourself to study smarter this school year by arming yourself with colorful and efficient school supplies – and save money by making the supplies yourself.

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