When considering purchasing a foosball table to add to family or workplace excitement, it is best to review all aspects of the investment before laying down your hard earned cash.  This table is built to standard foosball dimensions at 56 inches long by 29 inches wide by 36 inches high.  It may require additional shipping costs as it is a sturdy 215 pounds and arrives ready for assembly.  Able to offer entertainment for one or two players, this table features 360 degree counterbalanced men that stay where the player positions them.

Whether you are looking for a fun gaming table for your school-aged children, the grown up kids in the house, or the ones at the office, explore all the pros and cons this foosball table offers.

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  • Stay In Play Field–The edge of the playing field is sculpted to roll balls back into the line of fire of the players.
  • Rigid Support for Field: The field is mounted into the goal and side walls such there is minimal flex during active play.
  • Adjustable Legs: The vinyl wrapped solid wood 3 1/4 inch legs have 3 inch threaded levelers for proper positioning of table on uneven surfaces.
  • Super Fast Play: Ball/man construction specially combined to allow shots up to 100 mph
  • Men Are Counterbalanced: Machined out of automotive grade ABS, the players are compression mounted on the rods so they stay in any 360 degree position, which allows for single play when properly position.
  • 3-man Goalie
  • Correctly Angled Foot on players provides best and most accurate attack on ball
  • Sturdy Cabinet Construction: 1 inch thick cabinet wall built out of hardened melamine, mahogany laminate exterior for the appearance of fine furniture, 12 inch deep cabinet apron height

What We Like:

  • Men Don’t Walk: With mounted with rubber compression fittings on the rods, no matter how exciting the game might be, the players stay positioned exactly where placed.
  • Adjustable Height: A flat surface is a must for fair play. The adjustable legs guarantee it can be placed in just about any room.
  • Built to Last:The 1 inch thick cabinet surround and sturdy legs means this table is designed to stand up to years of active abuse.
  • Attractive Finishes: The mahogany grained laminate adds a touch of class, ensuring the table blends in to an office or finely finished family room.
  • Easy to Assemble: Delivered in a flat-pack, the instructions are clearly explained.Except for positioning the table top, assembly can be achieved in a couple hours by a single person. A second person is needed to place the field in position.
  • Accurate Shots:The precisely machined men have angled feet that offer the best angle for shots on goal.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Stay-In-Play Surface: It doesn’t always keep the ball rolling. Whether it gets caught between rows of players or even in the corners, it is still necessary to replay the ball from time to time.
  • Appearance of Legs: While the upper cabinet is nicely detailed, the sturdy wood legs lack any aesthetic appeal and just black block construction.More attention to design in this area would have been appreciated.
  • Visible Mounting Screws:A simple black cap to cover the large metallic screw tops found on all corners of the cabinet would have improved appearance considerably with minimal added cost to production.

Best Suited For:

  • Family Rooms:Whether adding another game table to a well-appointed family room or as the first investment in family entertainment, the Shelt-Foos 200 table is designed to last through years of play.
  • College Dorm Entertainment: The precisely machined men and level playing surface guarantee durability through campus tournaments.Sturdy construction will stand up to abuse while still providing fast and accurate play.
  • Bonus Fun at the Office:Mahogany appearance on the cabinet ensure the table will blend in with even the most professional environment, while offering a fun way to shed some stress during lunch breaks.

Not So Great:

  • While the table does almost everything it is designed for, small details in the construction detract from its overall appeal.Block leg construction and having the ball roll out of play could be improved with a little more attention to detail.

The Verdict

Shelti Foos 200 Foosball Table is a solid investment for the family entertainment room, able to outlast eager young players or determined veterans. With precisely machined and positioned men on the playing field, it provides hours of play able to satisfy the most demanding competitor while appearing as a nice piece of furniture in the owner’s home or office.

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