In the small town of South Park in Colorado, a new family moves into the town with your character, named the New Kid. Walking around and making friends, you stumble upon a war between the kids of the town.

Half of the kids being elves, and the other humans, they both work in a war for an ancient relic known as the Stick of Truth. The legend says that the Dragonborn, one born with unnatural power, will arrive and secure the stick once and for all; For whoever controls the Stick, controls the universe.

Will the Wizard King Cartman secure the stick for the good of humanity, or will the elves steal the stick, and the universe along with it? This game is absolutely not for the easily offended, but by lord, it is full to the brim with humor.


south park stick of truth game

The story of this game, I can only really describe as chaos. One of the most interesting things for this game is that the characters of the South Park world all join you in the game, either just around in the world, or joining in on the game with you.

The game revolves around the fight back and forth for the Stick of Truth, which can lead to conflicts, most likely swearing, insulting, or literally just beating each other up.

Notably, just like what would be expected from a South Park game, this game incorporates the bad humor into its story as well, including many voice clips of Hitler, various fart jokes, and aliens.

All of them are shown in very crude ways, although can be seen as humorous.

Game Mechanics

south park stick of truth game

The fights in The Stick of Truth are turn based fights where the characters have a variety of attacks and skills that make each enemy unique, such as immunities to magic, bows for long range, attacks that can hit all of your party, and various special attacks with either devastating or humorous outcomes.

The game allows you to pick one of four classes that can affect your play style, and what attacks you can use in fights: Warrior, Mage, Thief, and Jew.

Yes, you read that right.

south park stick of truth game

The Jew style is mainly composed of characteristics where you gain strength the more damage and affects you suffer. The other fields have various effects in the game, such as higher damages, and weapons with special effects that can life steal, or give elemental damage.

There is a large collection of weapons and armor in this game that can be used, usually for effects or power of your weapons.

Some of the funnier weapons include: Mongorian (Mongolian) Bow, the Basketball, ManBearPig Claw, Rod of Major Boobage, and the Canadian Halberd (which is only a hockey stick). All of the weapons have unique characteristics, such as stopping global warming, wide hits, and vengeance causing more damage when your health gets low.

Then there is magic in the game – your farts.

These farts can be used in the environment and in battle for various purposes, such as grossing out enemies or clearing hazards. Along with that, it’s funny to hear enemies and friends get upset or laugh when you fart near them.


south park stick of truth game

The world of South Park contains many different goods and people. Most of the people can be interacted with giving reasonable responses to various things (or sometimes unreasonable ones) and even more objects that can be used to add humor, give perks, give side quests, or find game collectibles.

The collectables in the game are chinpokomon, 30 various figures in the world that can be collected to flaunt your ability to get achievements, along with the ability to make friends in South Park.

As time continues in the game, you can make friends with various people throughout the town, up to 100 friends.

These friends are beneficial to the game, when you gain certain amounts of friends, you can pick certain perks in the game to do more damage or gain support abilities that can help keep the player alive.


The Stick of Truth is a very humorous game, with very hilarious attacks, funny characters, interesting side quests, and an absolutely outrageous story that can be a great experience to anyone that plays the game.

I recommend this game greatly to anyone who enjoys dark humor, South Park, and really goofy and weird armor and game mechanics.

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