If you’re harvesting a lot of crops and cooking up a lot of meals with the recipes you’ve learned in Stardew Valley, then you might be wondering if there’s a shelf life to all that grub.

In fact, the more food you grow, forage, catch, and make, you might come up with some of the following questions.

Do picked crops spoil in Stardew?

When you make food with a recipe in Stardew, does it go bad?

When you catch fish and shellfish, like oysters, in Stardew, will it spoil if you don’t have a refrigerator in your home yet?

Here’s the answer – no, food and crops don’t go bad in Stardew Valley.

Charlie thought that doing a lot of fishing would result in the seafood going bad in his chest:

I have clams, oysters and fish but no fridge. Does it spoil and how long can i keep it in a chest before it does?

And someone on Reddit had a similar question after playing the game:

do crops spoil if I don’t put them in a fridge?

But you don’t have to worry! None of that seafood, or other food, will spoil sitting stored in your chest in Stardew.

You can even carry it around in your backpack for days and it won’t spoil at all.

Calust was doing more than fishing and wondering about all of the food he had going bad:

Can I keep fish, fruits and vegetables in storage for as long as I want?

Yes, you can keep food in storage for as long as you want in Stardew Valley without it spoiling or going bad.

But I think that Pico Riley asked the most important questions about food spoiling in the game, specifically about it rotting:

Has anyone noticed if food rots, especially across seasons?

This question about if food rots in Stardew is a great questions because crops you have planted do rot when the seasons change.

The answer is still, no – food does not rot when seasons change in Stardew Valley.

But if you’ve used a pumpkin to make a jack’o lantern when you might want to pay attention.

Jack O Lanterns DO in fact rot on day one of winter. So, there is at least one item that can rot.

Although it is not a food item, it will rot and display as a rotten item in your inventory.

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