One of the things on the character creation list when you first start playing Stardew Valley is your favorite thing. You have a few different things to complete on the character creation list, but this one might be a bit confusing to you.

If you’re like me, then your first thought was, “what is the favorite thing all about in Stardew Valley?” Honestly, I wasn’t even sure what I was supposed to put in that field.

So, if you’re also wondering, “What does the Favorite Thing in Stardew Valley do?” then I can help you out. And hopefully I can prevent you from putting something ridiculous in that field like I did (I’ll tell you at the end of this article what I put there).

About SV Favorite Thing

So, when you first start up a game of Stardew Valley you have the character creation screen. On this screen you have a lot of options for the characteristics of preferences of your villager in the game.

stardew character creation screen

Players get to choose between:

  • 2 genders
  • 24 skin tones
  • 32 hairstyles
  • 112 shirts
  • 20 accessories
  • 2 animals for a pet
  • the name for your pet
  • your hair color
  • your eye color
  • your pants color
  • your name
  • your farm’s name
  • your Favorite Thing

As you can see, there are lot of options that you get to choose from and select when creating your villager for a game of Stardew Valley. And most of these things have no real effect on game play.

Note: gender doesn’t matter for in-game marriages as same-sex relationships are possible in the game.

The things that do have an effect on game play are the animal you select as a pet and your Favorite Thing. For the pet selection, what you pick determines which animal shows up at your farm.

As for your Favorite Thing. Well, whenever your player eats a stardrop in the game, the text that you have entered in the Favorite Thing field is referenced.

For example, if you put “Sunsets” as your favorite thing, then when you eat your first stardrop you’ll get the following message on the screen:

You found a stardrop! It’s strange, but the taste reminds you of Sunsets.  Your maximum energy level has increased.

Aw, that sounds nice, doesn’t it. But imagine that you didn’t type in something so pleasant and nice.

stardew valley favorite thing stardrop

So, either put in something nice or something that will give you a giggle each time it appears. One of our fellow contributors here at Geeky Matters actually put “boobies” in the Favorite Thing, so that’s a fun time.

If you look on Reddit or other gaming forums, then you can see tales of the other absurd and hilarious things people have in the Favorite Thing field. Some examples from the Stardew Valley subreddit are below.

reddit SV favorite thing

And here’s a cool fact, if you’re playing on Switch, then the message is slightly different (and not quite as funny).  Instead, it reads:

You found a stardrop! Your mind is filled with thoughts of Sunsets.  Your maximum energy level has increased.

Regardless of what you put in the Favorite Thing field, this is the only effect that it has on the game. So, in reality it’s not much of an effect at all since it’s basically nothing.

That’s right, your Favorite Thing has no other purpose other than being mentioned to you each time you eat a stardrop in the game.

The Special Favorite Thing Easter Egg

The creator of the game has filled it with some Easter Eggs, one of which is a special secret Favorite Thing. So, if you put ConcernedApe as your favorite thing, then you get a special message when eating a stardrop.

This is because ConcernedApe is the creator of the game! He actually made the entire game by himself, dialogue and all, over a period of four years.

concernedape favorite thing

As you can see, this is a fun way to show the creator a little support and enjoy this Easter egg that he put into the game.

But in the grand scheme of things, that Favorite Thing text in Stardew Valley really has no purpose other than to make you laugh or make you feel good. Or maybe even confused when you don’t remember what you put in that field to begin with!

So, what I did put in my Favorite Thing field when I first started a game of Stardew Valley? As embarrassing as it is to admit, I put ‘poop’ as my answer….though it was kinda funny the first few times of eating a stardrop and seeing that my mind is filled with thoughts of it tasting like poop.

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